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strengthen and ties
* As part of his actions to strengthen his political ties to Caesar's former soldiers, in 42 BC, following the deification of Caesar, Octavian added Divi Filius ( Son of the Divine ) to his name, becoming Gaius Julius Caesar Divi Filius.
Brazilian foreign policy has recently aimed to strengthen ties with other South American countries, engage in multilateral diplomacy through the United Nations and the Organization of American States, and act at times as a countervailing force to U. S. political and economic influence in Latin America.
Nikolai Leonov, the KGB chief in Mexico City, was one of the first Soviet officials to recognize Fidel Castro's potential as a revolutionary, and urged the Soviet Union to strengthen ties with the new Cuban leader.
The objective is reportedly to protect another parts of US National Missile Defense from long-range missile strikes from Iran and North Korea, but Czech PM Mirek Topolánek said the main reason is to avoid Russian influence and strengthen ties to US.
Over the last few years the post has been held by people from outside the university, chosen from industry top levels, in order to strengthen the ties between the university and industrial partners.
During the reign of his elder brother, Emperor Tenji, Temmu was forced to marry several of Tenji's daughters because Tenji thought those marriages would help to strengthen political ties between the two brothers.
The country now seeks to strengthen its diplomatic and economic ties with the United States, the People's Republic of China, the European Union, Japan, Israel, Mexico, and Brazil.
In Corinth, Jason became engaged to marry Creusa ( sometimes referred to as Glauce ), a daughter of the King of Corinth, to strengthen his political ties.
To this end, Ribbentrop often worked closely with General Hiroshi Ōshima, who served first as the Japanese military attaché, and then as Ambassador in Berlin, to strengthen German-Japanese ties despite furious opposition from the Wehrmacht and the Foreign Office, which preferred closer Sino-German ties.
Rammell said: " I will today sign four bilateral agreements with my Libyan counterpart, Abdulatti al-Obidi, which will strengthen our judicial ties, as agreed during Tony Blair's visit to Libya in May last year.
As bilateral trade had more than tripled from USD 66. 6 million in 2003 to USD 228. 3 million in 2006, time had come to strengthen the ties between the two countries, energy and finance being the key areas of cooperation between Russia and Luxembourg.
The United Methodist Church has also taken steps to strengthen ties with its fellow Methodist churches, as well as other Protestant denominations in the United States.
In recent years, both China and India have attempted to strengthen ties with the government for economic benefit.
Russia offered to strengthen ties with Nicaragua and to provide aid to Nicaragua to help rebuild areas damaged by hurricanes.
In recent years, the country has sought to strengthen ties especially with the People's Republic of China by signing the Treaty of Friendship as well as building the Trans-Siberian oil pipeline geared toward growing Chinese energy needs.
The administration has also pursued to improve diplomatic relations with active summit talks: the United States ; Korea-China-Japan Summits ; and the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit to strengthen ties with other Asian countries.
Krum implemented law reform intending to reduce poverty and strengthen social ties in his vastly enlarged state.
The purposes of the society are to encourage and help Rugbeians in interacting with each other and to strengthen the ties between ORs and the school.
Under Putin, Russia has sought to strengthen ties with the People's Republic of China by signing the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation as well building the Trans-Siberian oil pipeline geared toward growing Chinese energy needs.
Claudius probably married her to strengthen ties within the imperial family.
While hosting the NAM summit on July 2, 2008, Bangladesh and Venezuela agreed to strengthen diplomatic ties.
In order to strengthen its potential for economic and political development Belize has sought to build closer ties with the Spanish-speaking countries of Central America to complement its historical ties to the English-speaking Caribbean states.
More recently, in 2004, the School of Architecture was relocated to downtown Cambridge in an effort to enhance the school's facilities and strengthen its community ties.

strengthen and between
In October 2007, Nauruan Foreign Minister and Trade Minister David Adeang travelled to Cuba to strengthen relations between the two island nations.
When in 1981 François Mitterrand was elected president Denard lost the support of the French intelligence service, but he managed to strengthen the link between SA and the Comoros.
The aim of the meeting was to " strengthen cooperation " between Micronesia and Cuba, notably on addressing the impact of climate change.
Bilateral relations between the countries have recently increased, as a result of Brazil's new South-South foreign policy aimed to strengthen South American integration.
This period of time is called the Bourbon Restoration and was marked by conflicts between reactionary Ultra-royalists, who wanted to restore the pre-1789 system of absolute monarchy, and liberals, who wanted to strengthen constitutional monarchy.
In particular, the summit could strengthen the relationships between the Western and Central Asian countries and support the integration process between various actors.
Unfortunately, the young King's kingdom was usually in turmoil between nobles who were trying to strengthen their own position in the kingdom by using the Regency in their favour.
The engagement serves to strengthen the alliance between the Western Roman Empire and the Vandal Kingdom.
The conversion strengthen the bonds between his Gallo-Roman subjects, led by their Catholic bishops.
As a result of this, she was used to strengthen the alliance between her father and Margaret of Anjou during the dynastic civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses fought between the houses of York and Lancaster.
This to strengthen the relationship and end the hostilities between the Eastern and Western Empire.
This procurement is the latest in a series of projects, which further strengthen the longstanding relationship between the US Coast Guard and the Yemen Coast Guard.
The union was used to strengthen relations between Madrid and Turin having fought on opposing sides in the War of the Austrian Succession.
He attempts to walk the route of neutrality to avoid choosing sides, but ends up being tricked into taking sides twice-firstly by having a Chaos dagger planted on him as he sleeps before attempting to take the middle path in a three-way choice between the extremes of Order and Chaos ( this is rather appropriate: he would rather aid neither side, but his chosen method is usually the magic of Chaos ), and secondly he is coerced into aiding the Pattern to strengthen its position in Shadows, while rescuing Coral from her imprisonment.
Chamberlain also made a number of speeches to reassure the public, and worked to strengthen bonds between Britain and the self-governing colonies, gratefully receiving imperial contingents from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
In an attempt to increase remittances from Peruvians abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Toledo sought to strengthen the link between Peruvian migrants and their homeland through the creation of advisory councils.
In modern times, members of the Church of Body Modification believe that by manipulating and modifying their bodies ( by painful processes ) they can strengthen the bond between their bodies and spirits, and become more spiritually aware.

strengthen and emperor
To strengthen his bonds with the young emperor, Stilicho married his daughter Maria to him.
The self-proclaimed emperor tried to strengthen his grasp on the territories previously controlled by Constans, moving towards the Danube.
Similarly, in Italy the effect of the investiture controversy was to weaken the authority of the emperor and to strengthen all those local forces making for separatism.
The five kings of Wa ( 倭の五王 ) are kings of ancient Japan who sent envoys to China during the 5th century to strengthen the legitimacy of their claims to power by gaining the recognition of the Chinese emperor.
The local population, facing the threat of the Sarmatians, elected Regalianus emperor, who raised his wife, Sulpicia Dryantilla, who was of noble lineage, to the rank of Augusta to strengthen his position.
Otto of Bamberg returned in 1128, this time invited by duke Wartislaw I himself, aided by the emperor Holy Roman Emperor Lothar II, to convert the ( Lutician ) Slavs of Western Pomerania just incorporated into the Pomeranian duchy, and to strengthen the Christian faith of the inhabitants of Stettin and Wollin, who fell back into heathen practices and idolatry.
The regents of Ivan II were unable to strengthen their position, and abandoned Tărnovo to Chaka, who installed himself as emperor in 1299.
When Ivan Asen III became emperor at Tărnovo in 1279 during the Uprising of Ivaylo, he sought to strengthen his position by allying himself with George Terter.
In 84 BC, as a ploy to further strengthen his powers, Shangguan Jie gave his granddaughter ( also Huo's granddaughter ), then age five, in marriage to the emperor, then age 11, and she was made empress in 83 BC.

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