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support and upcoming
EUROPA II was used to support the Phoenix Mars Lander and will support the upcoming Mars Science Laboratory.
Growing interest in the upcoming Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia led Laboulaye to decide it was time to seek public support.
Marshall saw recognizing the Jewish state as a political move to gain Jewish support in the upcoming election, in which Truman was expected to lose to Dewey.
* Race2Space. org-Advancing the Privatization of Space Travel 2006, Race2Space, in partnership with the X Prize foundation, is seeking sponsorship in order to support the privatization of space travel, research, and exploration for the upcoming Lunar Landing Challenge Contestants October 2006.
Translation memory tools from majority of the companies do not support many upcoming languages.
* Less risk of entering an incorrect patient ID for a study – modalities that support DICOM worklists can retrieve identifying patient information ( patient name, patient number, accession number ) for upcoming cases and present that to the technologist, preventing data entry errors during acquisition.
In May 1999 Oliver Wagner of VaporWare gave details of the upcoming Voyager 3 to Amiga Format, with planned new features including support for Javascript, DOM ( based on Internet Explorer's model ), and CSS.
While in France, Emmet garnered the support of Napoleon who had promised to lend support when the upcoming revolution started.
The former defended their decision not to be included on the grounds that their performance was ' sub-standard ', but to lend their support, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have pledged to donate proceeds from an upcoming DVD release of Led Zeppelin to the campaign, and John Paul Jones has pledged proceeds from his current American tour with Mutual Admiration Society.
He is currently performing live with some LEDs in support of his upcoming album Ufabulum.
The band went into a frantic search to find a replacement for their upcoming tour to support Equinox.
Steven Schorer, DynCorp ’ s president, expects the training and support logistics for the military and intelligence community to grow significantly in the upcoming years.
In early 2004, a tour to support the Ladies Night album and the upcoming release of their Greatest Hits album was planned.
Chandler believed that he had enough support at the 1944 Democratic National Convention to be nominated as President Roosevelt's running mate for the upcoming presidential election.
T. A. R. Nelson, then a local attorney, suggested Brownlow publish a newspaper to support the Whigs in the upcoming elections.
In 2010, the Harper government in Canada announced a maternal health development aid plan for the upcoming G8 summit which did not include financial support for abortion or contraception, drawing comparisons to the Mexico City Policy.
Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Windows Live Messenger 9. 0 would support specialized features to combat messaging spam.
Apple also announced support for third-party development for the then upcoming iPhone via online web applications running in Safari on iPhone.
The mission was also scheduled to carry out a series of tests with the TDRS-1 satellite which had been deployed by STS-6, to ensure the system was fully operational before it was used to support the Spacelab 1 program on the upcoming STS-9 flight.
* Race2Space. org-Advancing the Privatization of Space Travel July 2006, Race2Space, in partnership with the X PRIZE foundation, is seeking sponsorship in order to support the privatization of space travel, research, and exploration for the upcoming Lunar Landing Challenge Contestants October 2006.
Smith was also angry that neither Brownlee or Brash ( who appeared now to support Brownlee ) had given any indication of the upcoming challenge.
" However, Chavez ultimately withdrew from the race on December 7 saying, " While I deeply appreciate all the support I have received, it has become very clear to me that Democrats should not be divided in the upcoming election.

support and live
She was the first Roman woman of the Roman Empire to have traveled with her husband to Roman military campaigns ; to support and live with the Roman Legions.
On December 6 the Pope issued a statement to further emphasize that the Church continued to support its traditional stance that salvation was available to believers of other faiths: " The gospel teaches us that those who live in accordance with the Beatitudes -- the poor in spirit, the pure of heart, those who bear lovingly the sufferings of life -- will enter God's kingdom.
According to David Vine, " Today, at any given time, 3, 000 to 5, 000 U. S. troops and civilian support staff live on the island.
With very strong national support, he made war on Japan and Germany after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, calling it a " date which will live in infamy ".
It uses a variety of psycho-educational methods, including live support group meetings, E-mail list-serv groups, networking, therapy referrals, experiential weekend programs.
Although it debuted at No. 4, and in spite of a live performance at the American Music Awards, the album was a commercial failure, due in part to the band's label's lack of support.
In return for the support of the laity, bhikkhus and bhikkhunis are expected to live an austere life focused on the study of Buddhist doctrine, the practice of meditation, and the observance of good moral character.
NDTV organised India's first 24-hour live telethon — a fund-raising event that brings in people to donate money to support TERI's initiative — Lighting a Billion Lives which aims at providing solar power to villages without electricity.
Most outers target those who support decisions and further policy, both religious and secular, which discriminate against gay people while they themselves live a clandestine gay existence.
* Phytoplankton ( from Greek phyton, or plant ), autotrophic, prokaryotic or eukaryotic algae that live near the water surface where there is sufficient light to support photosynthesis.
Many city and suburban pubs gained renown for their support of live music, and many prominent Australian bands — including AC / DC, Cold Chisel, The Angels and The Dingoes — cut their teeth at these venues in the early days of their careers.
King responded later that day, saying, " That a right-wing-blog would impugn my patriotism because I said children should learn to read, and could get better jobs by doing so, is beneath contempt ... I live in a national guard town, and I support our troops, but I don ’ t support either the war or educational policies that limit the options of young men and women to any one career — military or otherwise.
Most people with schizophrenia live independently with community support.
The Wizard has only been able to live out his radically new conceptual life style because of the trust and financial support of his longtime love, Alice Flett.
Whether this is the team they support, or rather where they live, is unknown.
The album was not a commercial success, despite the live shows that Nicks and Buckingham performed together to support it, and Polydor dropped the pair from the label.
Each Boer commando unit was sent to the district from which its members had been recruited, which meant that they could rely on local support and personal knowledge of the terrain and the towns within the district thereby enabling them to live off the land.
Warriors was the last album Numan recorded for Beggars Banquet Records, and was supported by a 40-date UK tour ( again with support from robotic mime and music duo Tik and Tok ) – Numan's first live tour in the UK since his Wembley appearances in 1981.
Nuns in a few places gained permission to live out their lives in nunneries, though without governmental financial support.
The term " family values " has been used as a buzzword by right-wing parties such as the Republican Party in the United States, the Family First Party in Australia, the Conservative party in the United Kingdom and the Bharatiya Janata Party in India to describe support for traditional families, and opposition to the changes the modern world has made in how families live.
The Cure toured to support the compilation and released a live concert VHS of the show, filmed in the south of France called The Cure in Orange.
Testing analyzes characteristics such as flammability, maximum operating temperature, electrical tracking, heat deflection, and direct support of live electrical parts.
The band was formed in 1995, and quickly developed an enviable live reputation, securing support slots for the likes of Everclear, The Foo Fighters and Soundgarden ( after a Wellington Town Hall show, Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd presented Clinton Tokona with his Music Man bass guitar after falling out with it on stage ).
Since this faction is difficult to distinguish from the heterosexual majority, it is common for people to assume all LGBT people support LGBT liberation and the visibility of LGBT people in society, including the right to live one's life in a different way from the majority.

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