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from Brown Corpus
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Weston and house
Victor's book on John Lloyd Stephens was largely written in my study in the house at Weston.
This friend of many years came once to visit us in the house at Weston.
His Annals of an Old Manor House: Sutton Place, Guildford, first published in London in 1893 as a quarto work, re-issued in a small abridged form in 1899, is a valuable and detailed study of the Weston family and the architecturally important manor house Sutton Place built by Sir Richard Weston c. 1525.
A party of horse was sent to arrest him: he was taken before two justices of the peace at Weston, refused to take the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, and was imprisoned for some months at Oxford in the house of the city marshal, a linendraper in High Street named Galloway.
He was also coming under attack from his creditors for in July 1600 some supporters of Sir Richard Weston broke into his father's house at Blackfriars and threatened the Shirleys, father and son, demanding payment.
At Weston Lullingfields the canal company built a wharf, four lime kilns, a public house, stables, a clerk's house and weighing machine.
The manor house Weston Hall, which dates to the 16th century, still stands in Weston-in Arden.
At Weston Lullingfields the canal company built a wharf, four lime kilns, a public house, stables, a clerk's house and weighing machine.
The set of the Corliss house was exactly the same as the one that later became the Weston residence, and they also had an annoying neighbor played by David Leisure ( although named Oliver ).
Two victims survived the melee — William Weston and draftsman Herb Fritz — and the elder Weston helped to put out the fire that almost completely consumed the residential wing of the house.
Featuring images of Weston Manor in Totland, Isle of Wight in 1999, Richie and Eddie ( Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson ) run the worst guest house in the United Kingdom, neighbouring a poorly maintained nuclear power station.
The house and estate are separated from the Renishaw baronetcy for the first time in the family's history ; Sir George Sitwell lives at Weston Hall.
A portrait of John W. Eppes hangs in the dining room of Weston Manor house in Hopewell, Virginia.
A power house on Weston Road is now a lumber store and a power house on James Street in Guelph has been converted to residential use.
Weston Hall is the Sitwell family house in Northamptonshire.
Weston Park is a country house in Weston-under-Lizard, Staffordshire, England, set in more than of park landscaped by Capability Brown.
More recently the house has been home to Galen Weston, the Canadian owner of Selfridges PLC ( and whose wife Hilary was Lieutenant Governor of Ontario 1996-2001 ).
The Federal style house, completed in 1809, was built for Ezra Weston II ( 1772 – 1842 ) and his wife, Jerusha Bradford Weston ( 1770 – 1833 ).

Weston and came
Miriam was stopped at the Taliesin gate, and William Weston, now the estate foreman, came out to parley.
Two or three times, C. C. Burlingham came to lunch with us in Weston, that wonderful man who lived to be more than a hundred years old and whose birthplace had been my Wall Street suburb.
Mr. Burlingham, -- `` C.C.B. '' -- wrote to me once about an old friend of mine, S. K. Ratcliffe, whom I had first met in London in 1914 and who also came out for a week-end in Weston.
Most scholars today accept that both Christian and Celtic traditions contributed to the legend's development, though many of the early Celtic-based arguments are largely discredited ( Loomis himself came to reject much of Weston and Nutt's work ).
It finally came to Dansville, where Daniel T. Weston was the first postmaster in 1855.
This same year, Ray Weston ( formerly of Wishbone Ash ) came in to sub on drums for Ron Bushy after he was sidelined by health issues.
The museum is on the site of a former theatre and art gallery in the centre of Bradford and came about as the result of discussions between Dame Margaret Weston and Bradford city.
The need to rename the town came about due to confusion of the name " Western " with the town of Weston, Massachusetts.
Through this marriage Weston Park in Shropshire came into the Newport family.
In 1997 Sgro's first attempt at Federal politics came up short when she tried to get elected in the riding of York South — Weston.
Theatre actress Celia Weston then joined the cast as the good-natured, boisterous truck driver Jolene Hunnicutt, who came from Myrtle Point, South Carolina.
In Stoke it came fourth place with 606 votes in the Longton North ward, fifth place with 117 votes in the Weston and Meir ward and sixth place in the Fenton ward with 236 votes in the Stoke-on-Trent local elections.
Other manors that came to form part of Thames Ditton were those of Weston, Imworth ( or Imber ), and for a while, Claigate ( Claygate ).
The Radial railway from Weston came in along the west side of the river, north of Humber Summit, after descending from its route along Albion Road and Kipling Avenue.
Baldwin's application to Weston was successful: Weston came to Massachusetts and spent nine days in July and August 1794 surveying and identifying two possible routes, accompanied by Baldwin and several of the latter's sons.
Westonia came into existence with the discovery in 1910 of gold in the area, by a sandalwood cutter named Alfred Weston ( May 17, 1876-September 26, 1924 ).
Weston replied, " came more to her chamber for her than for Madge.
Weston passed on the song and when Martha Reeves came to Motown's Hitsville USA studios, the duo presented the song to Reeves.
More recently, critic Robert Weston said, " This was the first and the nastiest of the noirs directed by Robert Wise ... Wise came to genre with a background in the Val Lewton horror team and the expressionistic films of Orson Welles, so he was the right tool for the job when it came to film noir ... As the title suggests, Born to Kill is a film about the grimmest corners of the human condition, the wicked place where sex, corruption and violence join hands and rumba round in darkness.
The Bon Echo region-after enterprising lumbering companies came and went, along with the farming communities that accompanied them-was purchased in 1889 by Dr. Weston A.
However, when spring came, only a small group gathered at Sapling Grove near Weston, Missouri, to actually make the trip.

Weston and once
In 2012, Weston moved up ten slots to the 63rd best place to live in America, once again topping the list in the state of Florida.
Under president Weston Joseph McConnell, the college grew tremendously ; the first master's degrees were awarded in 1936 and the school was given its own Board of Regents in 1949, changing its name once again to North Texas State College.
" Recent plans to merge with the Weston Jesuit School of Theology were followed by an article in The New York Times claiming " such a merger would further Boston College's quest to become the nation's Catholic intellectual powerhouse " and that, once approved by the Vatican and Jesuit authorities in Rome, BC " would become the center for the study of Roman Catholic theology in the United States.
In the riding of York South — Weston, adjacent to Parkdale — High Park and once the seat of former leaders Bob Rae, Donald C. MacDonald and Ted Jolliffe, the NDP continued its string of recent by-election successes by taking away another Liberal strong-hold.
The rafts or floating islands are indeed Paradise, not only in the sense that they provide a pleasant and care-free life ( until the arrival of Weston ) but also in the sense that Ransom is for weeks and months naked in the presence of a beautiful naked woman without once lusting after her or being tempted to seduce her.
From Exit 1, in West Stockbridge, to Exit 14 / 15 ( Route 128 / I-95 ), in Weston, the Massachusetts Turnpike is a closed-system toll road, using long-distance tickets obtained once by a motorist on entrance, and surrendered on exit, at toll gates.
The upper Green River valley forms the western approach to Stampede Pass, and was once home to many small railroad and logging towns such as Weston, Lester, Green River Hot Springs, Nagrom, Maywood, Humphreys, Eagle Gorge, Lemolo, and Kanaskat.
During the course of these three days it took to film this fight Weston fractured a finger, and Wisniewski knocked him out once.
Though he did not provide the names of the programs, Weston once said conductors on live television shows, " should also receive a stuntman's check!
The Weston Creek grant was once held by Captain Edward Weston the Superintendent of the Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney.
Weston ’ s sudden appearance on Perelandra is a great surprise to Ransom, who is, once again, the accidental hero of the piece.

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