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:" and day
:" When the day for the assembly which was held in the town of Birka drew near, in accordance with their national custom the king caused a proclamation to be made to the people by the voice of a herald, in order that they might be informed concerning the object of their mission.
:" The Beaver is an amphibious creature: by day it lives hidden in rivers, but at night it roams the land, feeding itself with anything that it can find.
:" If a period fixed by weeks, months, and years does not commence from the beginning of a week, month, or year, it ends with the ending of the day which proceeds the day of the last week, month, or year which corresponds to that on which it began to commence.
:" I am foremost of all the Trojan warriors to stave the day of bondage from off them ; as for you, vultures shall devour you here.
:" We worship ," replied Hengist, " our country gods, Saturn and Jupiter, and the other deities that govern the world, but especially Mercury, whom in our language we call Woden and to whom our ancestors consecrated the fourth day of the week, still called after his name Wodensday.
:" And when Jesus came to the Jordan, and being supposed to be the son of Joseph the carpenter ..., the Holy Spirit, and for man's sake, as I said before, fluttered down upon Him, and a voice came at the time out of the heavens-which was spoken also by David, when he said, impersonating Christ, what the Father was going to say to Him-' You are My Son, this day I have begotten you '.
:" Many will say to me on that day, ' Lord, Lord, did we not in your name eat and drink and prophecy and drive out demons?
:" Some subset of these elements form individual minds: the subset of just the experiences that you have for the day, which are accordingly just so many neutral elements that follow upon one another, is your mind as it exists for that day.
* February 25 – The Communist Party seizes control of Czechoslovakia, a day celebrated by that regime as " Victorious February " ( Czech :" Vítězný únor "; Slovak :" Víťazný Február ") until November 1989.
:" As the great day drew nearer, there was more singing in the slave quarters than usual.
:" Novels are all so full of nonsense and stuff ; there has not been a tolerably decent one come out since Tom Jones, except The Monk ; I read that t ' other day ; but as for all the others, they are the stupidest things in creation.
:" On the 23rd 1834 Mr Telford was taken seriously ill of a bilious derangement to which he had been liable … he grew worse and worse … attended him twice a day, but it was to no avail for he died on the 2nd September, very peacefully at about 5pm.
:" Each day the traders are kidnapping our people — children of this country, sons of our nobles and vassals, even people of our own family.
:" The Persians ruled for a thousand years and did not need us Arabs even for a day.
:" Though Friday has always been held an unlucky day in many Christian countries, still in the Hebrides it is supposed that it is a lucky day for sowing the seed.
:" To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.
:" This disturbance continued from day to day ; and sometimes a dismal hollow whistling would be heard, and sometimes the trotting and snorting of a horse, but nothing to be seen .... A man was much hurt by some of the stones.
:" One day for the march I received this heavy old gun.
:" Soon after, relieved by the death of Theodotus uses a erroneous version of the name, Arsaces made peace and concluded an alliance with his son, also by the name of Theodotus ; some time later he fought against Seleucus who came to punish the rebels, and he prevailed: the Parthians celebrated this day as the one that marked the beginning of their freedom " ( Justin, XLI, 4 )

:" and Harold
In Respect for Acting, Hagen credited director Harold Clurman with a turn-around in her perspective on acting :" In 1947, I worked in a play under the direction of Harold Clurman.
from: 1035 till: 1040 color: d text :" Harold Harefoot "
from: 1066 till: 1066 color: eon text :" Harold Godwinson "
:" Ubi Harold Dux Anglorum et sui milites equitant ad Bosham ecclesia "
:" Dorril spent a week reading highly classified documents about what is now known as ' Operation Clockwork Orange ' ( the plot by disaffected members of MI5 to discredit, among others, Edward Heath and Harold Wilson ).

:" and is
:" A choice function exists in constructive mathematics, because a choice is implied by the very meaning of existence.
:" It is this villainous sea that troubles me!
:" It is the misfortune of small, precise men always to hanker after large and flamboyant women.
:" The proudest possession of Lord Darnley is an earthenware urn containing the ashes which were presented to him by Melbourne residents when he captained the Englishmen in 1882.
:" His name is Ananda, great king.
:" What a joy he is!
:" It is sensible to avoid drinking alcohol when taking medication.
:" There is naught on earth to compare with the future life.
Norman Steenrod characterized Lefschetz ' impact as editor as follows :" The importance to American mathematicians of a first-class journal is that it sets high standards for them to aim at.
:" The first part of our arithmetic organ ... should be a parallel storage organ which can receive a number and add it to the one already in it, which is also able to clear its contents and which can store what it contains.
Aristotle knew of this tradition when he began his Metaphysics, and had already drawn his own conclusion, which he presented under the guise of asking what being is :" And indeed the question which was raised of old is raised now and always, and is always the subject of doubt, viz., what being is, is just the question, what is substance?
Hobbes said :" The Latines called Accounts of mony Rationes ... and thence it seems to proceed that they extended the word Ratio, to the faculty of Reckoning in all other things .... When a man reasoneth hee does nothing else but conceive a summe totall ... For Reason ... is nothing but Reckoning ... of the consequences of generall names agreed upon, for the marking and signifying of our thoughts ...."
Where being, the noun, is readily accessible to experience and classifiable, being, the participle, is not :" In short ... philosophy may perhaps be able to tell us everything about that which reality is, but nothing at all concerning this not unimportant detail: the actual existence, or non-existence, of what we call reality ....
:" Then there is also in that place the abode called Breidablik, and there is not in heaven a fairer dwelling.
:" He dwells in the place called Breidablik, which is in heaven ; in that place may nothing unclean be, even as is said here:

:" and quite
:" Furthermore we have been told that there are many more islands in that sea, one of which is called the Great Estland ( Aestland ) -- And this island is told to be quite close to the Woman Land ( terrae feminarum ), which is not far ( non longe ) away from Birka of the Swedes.
:" I call your own kind self to witness [...] the last pages of Heart of Darkness where the interview of the man and the girl locks in — as it were — the whole 30000 words of narrative description into one suggestive view of a whole phase of life and makes of that story something quite on another plane than an anecdote of a man who went mad in the Centre of Africa.
:" If Chief Justice Warren and his associates had known God's word and had desired to do the Lord's will, I am quite confident that the 1954 decision would never had been made.
Miles described Milligan as :" a man of quite extraordinary talents ... a visionary who is out there alone, denied the usual contacts simply because he is so different he can't always communicate with his own species ...".
:" Themistocles was a man who exhibited the most indubitable signs of genius ; indeed, in this particular he has a claim on our admiration quite extraordinary and unparalleled.
:" Yes, quite sure ; for a particular friend of mine, a Miss Andrews, a sweet girl, one of the sweetest creatures in the world, has read every one of them ..."
:" We quite sympathise with the determination ... of these colonies ... that there should not be an influx of people alien in civilisation, alien in religion, alien in customs, whose influx, moreover, would seriously interfere with the legitimate rights of the existing labouring population.
:" The view that God does not have foreknowledge of moral decisions which was advanced by ibn Daud and Gersonides ( Levi ben Gershom ) is not quite as isolated as Rabbi Bleich indicates, and it enjoys the support of two highly respected Achronim, Rabbi Yeshayahu Horowitz ( Shelah haKadosh ) and Rabbi Chaim ibn Attar ( Or haHayim haKadosh ).
:" It was perfectly clear to me that being dead is quite unlike being very ill or very weak or helpless.
:" It is quite astonishing how they seem to defy the British in their fortifications.
:" In Stage Fright, I have been told that my performance is quite juicy.
:" Lero, lero, that's quite sincere-o,
:" The Lieutenant-Governor having set apart for each of the gentlemen who came out from Scotland in the Surprise a brick hut, in a row on the east side of the cove, they took possession of their new habitations, and soon declared that they found sufficient reason for thinking " the bleak and desolate shores of New Holland " not quite so terrible as in England they had been led to expect.
:" If there is anything in my philosophy that I should hope might last, it is the quite unoriginal but none the less important thesis that the rational life is at once the worthiest of lives and the most valuable.
:" While I respect Bob as a businessman, I quite honestly never thought I'd see my money again.
:" Electroacupuncture is quite similar to traditional acupuncture in that the same points are stimulated during treatment.
:" He regarded humans ( including savages and apes ) as quite distinct from the rest of the animal kingdom.
:" I remember quite well my excitement on going through the turnstile to be let at large in a big, quiet, nice smelling place with a lot of pictures hanging on the walls and here and there students sitting on high stools copying at easels.
:" there is very good reason to believe that the bird is no longer to be found on the island, and, as it is not known to exist anywhere else, it has apparently become quite extinct.
:" so attractive and original was the personality revealed in his abundant output — for he was a wonderfully hard worker — that no other journalist has ever occupied quite the same place in the affections not only of the great public but also of people of more discriminating taste .... Sims was indeed a born journalist, with the essential flair added to shrewd common sense, imagination, wide sympathies, a vivid interest in every side of life, and the most ardent patriotism ....
:" We often hear, do we not, a particular locality or city is held in high honour because of one single martyr who died there, and quite rightly, because in each case the saint gave his precious soul to the most high God.
:" yeoman build and shaggy auburn beard, did not quite look the part of a Scottish laird, until one spoke to him, and heard his rich, resonant voice and his short ejaculatory sentences.
:" In and after 1560, Grafton's son-in-law Richard Tottel used quite a lot of Grafton's old ornament stock.
:" We changed the arrangement quite a lot from Robert Johnson's.

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