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trace and starting
Once you have marked the destination as visited ( as is the case with any visited intersection ) you have determined the shortest path to it, from the starting point, and can trace your way back, following the arrows in reverse.
Since the beam moves at a steady speed, the distance to the object can be determined simply by measuring the blip's distance from the starting point of the trace.
Since rock climbing became an activity distinct from mountaineering in the 20th century, it is usually possible to trace the entire history of an area, generally starting with a few local climbers using the area as " practice rocks " in preparation for mountaineering expeditions.
* Track and trace concerns a process starting with determining the current and past locations and other status of property in transit.
Form criticism began as an attempt to trace the history of the biblical material before it was written down, and may thus be seen as starting when textual criticism ends.
The origins of the airline trace back to 1946, when South West Air Transport was established, starting operations in 1948.
While tracing an edge, we apply the lower threshold, allowing us to trace faint sections of edges as long as we find a starting point.
Foucault tries to trace the ' government of things ' ( as he refers to it ) with its direct collaboration and correlation to modern society as it is today ; starting from Niccolo Machiavelli with The Prince in 1513, where Foucault noticed that there wasn't unanimous reception over the prince.

trace and arbitrarily
" What we do mean by the word ' proximate ' is, that because of convenience, of public policy, of a rough sense of justice, the law arbitrarily declines to trace a series of events beyond a certain point.

trace and at
It is also important to realize that many girls are born without a hymen or at most only a tiny trace of one ; ;
Continuity allows for the inverse of to trace backwards where the particle currently located at was located in the initial or referenced configuration.
The field of computer music can trace its roots back to the origin of electronic music, and the very first experiments and innovations with electronic instruments at the turn of the 20th century.
Pure carnivores such as ferets lack β-carotene 15, 15 '- monooxygenase and cannot convert any carotenoids to retinals at all ( resulting in carotenes not being a form of vitamin A for this species ); while cats can convert a trace of β-carotene to retinol, although the amount is totally insufficient for meeting their daily retinol needs.
Polar unit vectors at two times t and t + dt for a particle with trajectory r ( t ); on the left the unit vectors u < sub > ρ </ sub > and u < sub > θ </ sub > at the two times are moved so their tails all meet, and are shown to trace an arc of a unit radius circle.
By moving the unit vectors so their tails coincide, as seen in the circle at the left of the image above, it is seen that u < sub > ρ </ sub > and u < sub > θ </ sub > form a right-angled pair with tips on the unit circle that trace back and forth on the perimeter of this circle with the same angle θ ( t ) as r ( t ).
* 1900 – A relief crew arrives at the lighthouse on the Flannan Isles of Scotland, only to find the previous crew has disappeared without a trace.
It is proposed that DMT and other endogenous hallucinogens mediate their neurological abilities by acting as neurotransmitters at a sub class of the trace amine receptors ; a group of receptors found in the CNS where DMT and other hallucinogens have been shown to have activity.
Today, over 100 million Americans-one third of the population-can trace their ancestry to the immigrants who first arrived in America at Ellis Island before dispersing to points all over the country.
Her daughter Imogen has been quoted as saying " The truth is Enid Blyton was arrogant, insecure, pretentious, very skilled at putting difficult or unpleasant things out of her mind, and without a trace of maternal instinct.
The boundary is set at the first appearance of a complex trace fossil Treptichnus pedum that is found worldwide.
But at least it was confined to the Irish abroad and those foreigners desperate to find some trace of green in their blood.
A breathable atmosphere of at least 35 kPa ( 5psi ) must be maintained, with adequate amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, and controlled levels of carbon dioxide, trace gases and water vapor.
Maple syrup also contains trace amounts of amino acids, which may contribute to the " buddy " flavour of syrup produced late in the season, as the amino acid content of sap increases at this time.
In the first episodes, we trace Telemachus ' efforts to assert control of the household, and then, at Athena ’ s advice, to search for news of his long-lost father.
With Earth held stationary at the center of a nonrotating frame, the successive inferior conjunction s of Venus over eight Earth years trace a pentagram mic pattern ( reflecting the difference between the numbers in the ratio ).
This means that the planet moves faster near its perihelion than near its aphelion, because at the smaller distance it needs to trace a greater arc to cover the same area.
Nor is there any evidence of a monument to Oxford in Stratford, London, or anywhere else ; his widow provided for the creation of one at Hackney in her 1613 will, but no trace of it exists.
The display presented to the public the most accurate pterosaur models constructed at the time, taking into account anatomical and footprint evidence based on skeletal and trace fossils from related pterosaurs.
The early Waffen-SS can trace its origins to 1934 in the SS-Verfügungstruppe: two Standarten ( regiments ) under retired general Paul Hausser armed and trained to Army standards, and held ready at the personal disposal of the Führer in peace or war.
In a speech delivered at Salem, Mass., on January 6, 1860, to raise money for the families of the executed abolitionist John Brown and his followers, Ralph Waldo Emerson calls Brown an example of true chivalry, which consists not in noble birth but in helping the weak and defenseless and declares that " Walter Scott would have delighted to draw his picture and trace his adventurous career ".
In a wider historical context, Stockholm can be thought of as the capital of the Lake Mälaren Region, and as such can trace its origin back to at least two much older cities: Birka ( c. 790 – 975 ) and Sigtuna, which still exists but dominated the region c. 1000 – 1240 — a capital which has simply been relocated at a number of occasions.

trace and South
" The United States Census uses the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino to refer to " persons who trace their origin or descent to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spanish speaking Central and South America countries, and other Spanish cultures.
Once in South America, a new far more ambitious goal was added: to find the headwaters of the Rio da Duvida, the River of Doubt, and trace it north to the Madeira and thence to the Amazon River.
The roots of Australian marsupials are thought to trace back tens of millions of years to when much of the current southern hemisphere was part of the supercontinent of Gondwana ; marsupials are believed to have originated in what is now South America and migrated across Antarctica, which had a temperate climate at the time.
The 101st Engineer Battalion, the 101st Field Artillery Regiment, the 181st Infantry Regiment, and the 182nd Infantry Regiment trace their lineage to the North, South and East Regiments which were formed by legislative act of the Massachusetts Bay General Court on that date.
* Kulfi: believed to have been introduced to South Asia by the Mughal conquest in the 16th century ; its origins trace back to the cold snacks and desserts of Arab and Mediterranean cultures.
Mainstream anthropologists determine that the Andamanese and others are part of a network of Proto-Australoid and Paleo Mediterranean ethnic groups present in South Asia that trace their genetic ancestry to a migratory sequence that culminated in the Australian aboriginals rather than from African peoples directly ( though indirectly, they did originate from prehistoric groups out of Africa as did all human beings on this planet ).
There are millions of people around the world who can trace their family background to Clare ; these are mostly present in North America, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and New Zealand.
Its origins trace back to the railroad completed from Williams, Arizona, to the canyon's South Rim by the Santa Fe Railroad in 1901.
A number of genealogies of known Lumad leaders in South Central Mindanao trace their roots to Mt.
" Desaparecidos " means literally " disappeared ones " in Spanish and Portuguese, and is a reference to leftists who were arrested by various South American military governments and then vanished without a trace.
The " Raga " can trace its origin from Malacca Sultanate, and was popular in South Sulawesi since 19th century.
By the early 20th century, the fossils of Permian synapsids from South Africa had become well known, allowing palaeontologists to trace synapsid evolution in much greater detail.
Queen Victoria School can trace its history back to the turn of the century when the idea was first mooted of a school to commemorate those Scottish soldiers and sailors who fell in South Africa during the Boer Wars.
For instance, in the Highlands, the valiha and more subdued vocal styles are emblematic of the Merina, the predominantly Austronesian ethnic group that has inhabited the area since at least the 15th century, whereas among the southern Bara people, who trace their ancestry back to the African mainland, their a cappella vocal traditions bear close resemblance to the polyharmonic singing style common to South Africa.
They reported finding trace amounts of gold in the South Platte and its tributaries as they passed along the mountains.
The political unification of the region into the state called Kievan Rus ', from which modern Belarus, Russia and Ukraine trace their origins, occurred approximately a century before the adoption of Christianity in 988 and the establishment of the South Slavic Old Church Slavonic as the liturgical and literary language.
Memons (; ; ; ) are a caste who trace their roots largely to Sindh, Kutch and Kathiawar in South Asia, and are sometimes seen as transitional between the three regions.
* January 30 – British South American Airways Avro Tudor IV Star Tiger ( G-AHNP ) en route from Santa Maria in the Azores to Bermuda disappears without trace with the loss of all 31 people on board.
* January 17 – The British South American Airways Avro Tudor IV Star Ariel ( G-AGRE ) disappears without trace on a flight from Bermuda to Kingston, Jamaica, with the loss of all 20 people on board.
* October 26 – Snowy Mountains Project worker Tom Sonter accidentally discovers the wreckage of the Australian National Airways Avro 618 Ten Southern Cloud, which had disappeared without trace in bad weather over the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, with the loss of all eight people on board on March 21, 1931, in Australias first airline disaster.
A few weeks later, New South Wales Planning Minister Frank Sartor announced that sonar scans conducted by the New South Wales Heritage Office at the location specified had found no trace of the lost submarine.

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