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understand and past
Many of my friends at the time thought that I had received a well-deserved condemnation when Lincoln Steffens denounced me in a review of one of my books as a perfect example of the obsolete man who could understand and sympathize only with the dead past.
`` You see '', she said, looking past him into the room, where the highball glasses sparkled dully in the bright light, `` you and I can't understand the many hardships they have to undergo ''.
Non-Aboriginal Australians have made various attempts to understand and explain the origins of the bunyip as a physical entity over the past 150 years.
For his part, Kennedy thought that Adenauer was a relic of the past, stating " The real trouble is that he is too old and I am too young for us to understand each other.
The material cultural remains that are discovered by maritime archaeologists along former trade routes can be combined with historic documents and material cultural remains found on land to understand the economic, social and political environment of the past.
Yet without named periods, however clumsy or imprecise, past time would be nothing more than scattered events without a framework to help us understand them.
It attempts to combine the insights of psychotherapy with the research methodology of the social sciences to understand the emotional origin of the social and political behavior of groups and nations, past and present.
For more serious and scholarly attempts to understand the psychological dimension of the past, see The Psychohistory Review.
This understanding of the dynamics of the stress field can be linked to important events in the regional geologic past ; a common goal is to understand the structural evolution of a particular area with respect to regionally widespread patterns of rock deformation ( e. g., mountain building, rifting ) due to plate tectonics.
In addition to helping us understand the past, zooarchaeology can also help us to improve the present and the future.
Illustrations of scenes from " deep time " ( now known as paleoart ), such as Henry De la Beche's ground-breaking painting Duria Antiquior, helped convince people that it was possible to understand life in the distant past.
Bari is known throughout Italy for its unique, often crude, spoken dialect, particularly in the Old Town, parts of which originated from a pidgin between Italian and Greek fishermen in the past, and which fishermen in Greece can still understand today.
Scientists actively work to understand past and future climate by using observations and theoretical models.
Both in the past and in the modern world magical belief systems can provide explanations for otherwise difficult or impossible to understand phenomena while providing a spiritual and metaphysical grounding for the individual.
Intellectual history aims to understand ideas from the past by understanding them in context.
Palynology is used by geologists to help date rocks for petroleum, mining and water exploration and to help unravel the history of plants on Earth ; by geographers to investigate climatic and environmental change: by botanists for plant taxonomy and phylogeny ; by immunologist to investigate allergenic pollen ; by archaeologists to study the customs, rituals and agricultural practices of ancient peoples ; by zoologists and environmental scientists to understand foraging habits of insects, birds and mammals and to investigate past native vegetation and habitats in order to preserve the present and protect endangered species.
Past events are presented from the view point of the main protagonist, the aging Stevens ; elements of the past are presented as fragments, apparently subconsciously censored by Stevens in order to present ( explicitly ) a description of past occurrences as he would have the reader understand them and ( implicitly ) in order to relay the fact that the information supplied is subjective.
It is from this perspective that they believe they can understand past cultural systems through the remains they left behind.
The film ends on a hopeful note when Mathieu looks up Pierre, another former boyfriend of Cedric's living in the seaside town, and they overcome past tensions to discover that they understand each other.
" Dawn Prince-Hughes has written that great apes meet all the standards set out for personhood: " self-awareness ; comprehension of past, present, and future ; the ability to understand complex rules and their consequences on emotional levels ; the ability to choose to risk those consequences, a capacity for empathy, and the ability to think abstractly.
One can intuitively understand overfitting from the fact that information from all past experience can be divided into two groups: information that is relevant for the future and irrelevant information (“ noise ”).
Anxious to understand present as well as past events, he was above all a student.
It's important to understand that though the Zulu Nation website for the American branch states that these beliefs represent the Zulu Nation of the " past millennium ," many Zulu Nation members and branches ( old and new ) still follow the 15 Beliefs as factual.

understand and history
What that spirit and attitude were we can best understand if we see more precisely how it contrasts with the communist tradition with the longest continuous history, the one which reached Christianity by the way of Stoicism through the Church Fathers of Late Antiquity.
Ceawlin clearly is part of the West Saxon expansion, but the military history of the period is difficult to understand.
Geologists use a number of field, laboratory, and numerical modeling methods to decipher Earth history and understand the processes that occur on and in the Earth.
They also plot and combine measurements of geological structures in order to better understand the orientations of faults and folds in order to reconstruct the history of rock deformation in the area.
By comparing the genome compositions between genomes, scientists can better understand the evolutionary history of a given genome.
To better understand this thermal history one needs to study the entropy of the gas because entropy is the quantity most directly changed by increasing or decreasing the thermal energy of intracluster gas.
To understand why a person is the way he is, you must put that person in a society: and to understand that society, you must understand its history, and the forces that shaped it.
Their children, the first Irish Australians in the sense we understand the term, played a definitive role in shaping Australian history, society and culture.
Modern readers are cautioned to understand that Scott's aim was to create a compelling novel set in a historical period, not to provide a book of history.
The November 1935 issue of the Annales contains Febvre's introduction that defines three essential approaches to a history of technology: to investigate technology, to understand the progress of technology, and to understand the relationship of technology to other human activities.
Geomorphology seeks to understand landform history and dynamics, and predict future changes through a combination of field observation, physical experiment, and numerical modeling ( Geomorphometry ).
Few of the records of transactions outside Rome that could help us understand the history of this Papacy survive from Benedict's reign, and because of the disruptions caused by the Lombards in Italy, perhaps few ever existed.
Instead, there is much more of a focus on the home and the family unit — something that the Romans, including Plautus, could easily understand and adopt for themselves later in history.
2 .- Psychobiography-which seeks to understand individual historical people and their motivations in history.
3 .- Group Psychohistory-which seeks to understand the motivations of large groups, including nations, in history and current affairs.
" There is a significant difference, however, between the well-meaning and serious, if perhaps simplistic and reductionistic, attempt to understand the psychological in history and the psychohistorical expose that can at times verge on historical pornography.
The primary goal of structural geology is to use measurements of present-day rock geometries to uncover information about the history of deformation ( strain ) in the rocks, and ultimately, to understand the stress field that resulted in the observed strain and geometries.
Systematics, in other words, is used to understand the evolutionary history of life on Earth.
Cook believes that both contemporary Jews and contemporary Christians need to reexamine the history of early Christianity, and the transformation of Christianity from a Jewish sect consisting of followers of a Jewish Jesus, to a separate religion often dependent on the tolerance of Rome while proselytizing among Gentiles loyal to the Roman empire, to understand how the story of Jesus came to be recast in an anti-Jewish form as the Gospels took their final form.
We were planted here before the Prophet Abraham came, but it looks like they don't understand history or geography.
Some software packages provide the ability to edit parametric and non-parametric geometry without the need to understand or undo the design intent history of the geometry by use of direct modeling functionality.

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