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Today and according
Today, it is still made according to the original recipe and is one of Italy's oldest cheeses.
Today the Czech Republic is a highly industrialized country and belongs to the 30 most developed countries ( according to the world bank ).
Today, according to the UN, any kind of private organization that is independent from government control can be termed an " NGO ", provided it is not-profit, non-criminal and not simply an opposition political party.
Today the mince pie remains a popular Christmas treat, although as the modern recipe is no longer the same list of 13 ingredients once used ( representative of Christ and his 12 Apostles according to author Margaret Baker ), it lacks the religious meaning contained therein.
Today Glastonbury Abbey presents itself as " traditionally the oldest above-ground Christian church in the world ," which according to the legend was built at Joseph's behest to house the Holy Grail, 65 or so years after the death of Jesus.
Today, according to the Turkish law, he is subject to the authority of the Republic of Turkey and must be a citizen of Turkey to be elected Patriarch.
Today Berlin has the most gay bars and gay clubs in the world according to Spartacus International Gay Guide.
Today kohanim retain a lesser though somewhat distinct status within Judaism, and are bound by additional restrictions according to Orthodox Judaism.
Today, according to the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission Report of 2009, Lane County crime rates are bad and continuing to worsen, but county law enforcement programs and services, from investigation to jail capacity, have been reduced to as little as 15 % of state and national average capacity for a jurisdiction of similar size.
, its average weekday circulation was 582, 844, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, making it the fifth largest newspaper in the country by circulation, behind USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times.
Despite originally being selected as the site for both the University of Idaho and Ricks College ( now BYU-Idaho ), according to a USA Today article, Idaho Falls is now the largest city in the United States without a traditional college.
Today, Poco Bueno is buried, according to E. Paul Waggoner's wishes, standing on the corner of the ranch near the headquarters main entrance.
Today, beech is widely planted for hedging and in deciduous woodlands, and mature, regenerating stands occur throughout mainland Britain below about 650 m. The tallest and longest hedge in the world ( according to the Guinness World Records ) is the Meikleour Beech Hedge in Meikleour, Perth and Kinross, Scotland.
Today there are an estimated 32, 000 people of Japanese descent in Argentina according to Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad.
Today, it has 16, 000 animals of 270 species, separated into four sections according to habitat: tropical forest, temperate forest, desert and grassland.
Today, Newgrange is a popular tourist site, and according to the archaeologist Colin Renfrew, is " unhesitatingly regarded by the prehistorian as the great national monument of Ireland " and is also widely recognised as one of the most important megalithic structures in Europe.
Today, according to the ranch's website, it “ is owned and operated by Matador Cattle Company, a division of Koch Agriculture Company, which is an indirect, owned subsidiary of Koch Industries .”
Today, a design team, no matter the scale of the equipment, is usually composed by a master designer ( the head of the team ) that will have the responsibility to take decisions about the way the creative process should evolve, and a number of technical designers ( the hands of the team ) specialized in diverse areas according to the product proposed.
Today, according to Leslie Scott, over 50 million Jenga games, equivalent to more than 2. 7 billion Jenga blocks, have been sold worldwide.
Also, in most of the sections ' front pages, on the lower left hand corner, are " USA Today Snapshots ", which give statistics of various lifestyle interests according to the section it is in ( for example, a snapshot in " Life " could show how many people tend to watch a certain genre of television show based upon the type of mood they are in at the time ).
In May 2006, USA Today reported that the National Security Agency had been working with AT & T, Verizon, and BellSouth to compile " the largest database in the world ," according to the anonymous sources inside the agency that went public.
Today, Gigante ’ s relatives earn nearly $ 2 million a year as gainful employees of companies on the New Jersey waterfront, according to a report by Jerry Capeci.
The largest circulated newspapers from the United States are the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, the latter having eclipsed the former for a period of years ; but according to its own press kit, the circulation of USA Today declined by 3 million in 2009 alone, leaving WSJ on top again.

Today and land
Today, a marine is actually an infantry regiment that sometimes fights solely on land and is no longer tied to the navy.
Today, direct engagements between aircraft are rare-the most modern fighter-interceptors carry much more extensive bombing payloads, and are used to bomb precision land targets, rather than to fight other aircraft.
Today about 60 crofters work the land on the island.
Today the spirits of the Vazimba are revered as tompontany ( ancestral masters of the land ) by many traditional Malagasy communities.
Today, disputes continue among other things, over the pricing of deliveries of raw untreated water to Singapore, Singapore's land reclamation causing a negative environmental impact in Malaysian waters, a new bridge to replace the Johor-Singapore Causeway which Singapore does not want to pay for, maritime boundaries, the redevelopment of Malayan Railway lands in Singapore and Pulau Batu Putih.
Today, skyscrapers are an increasingly common sight where land is expensive, as in the centres of big cities, because they provide such a high ratio of rentable floor space per unit area of land.
Today, the Northern Cheyenne Nation is one of the few American Indian nations to have control over the majority of its land base, currently 98 %.
Today, the Main Campus is housed on of land with 86 buildings including 22 apartment buildings for the University Park Apartments on the north part of the campus.
Today, while a number of the original stones are missing or buried, many are still visible, resting on public land and protected by iron cages.
Today the city has morphed from land of emigration to immigration.
Today most fires in the park are lit following land management patterns traditionally practiced by Anangu ( Aboriginal people ).
Today the traditional owners retain a strong and continuing interest, through their traditional rights to, and responsibilities for, the land, in the protection and management of the area.
Today, only a city, Bell Gardens maintains only a small portion of the original Lugo land grant, which is located at the site of the Casa Mobile home Park at 7000 Gage Ave.
Today most farms in the valley have disappeared, opening the land for luxurious residences overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway.
Today, Wheeler Army Airfield comprises approximately 1, 389 acres ( 5. 6 km² ) of land returned to the Department of the Army on 1 November 1991.
Today the former mining land has been converted into camping and for off road sports
Today almost all the surrounding land is farmed, and fishing still plays a role, albeit less prominent, in the coastal settlements.
Today the Noordwijk bulb area covers 311 hectares of land.
Today, about 1 / 3 of the city's land area is devoted to city and regional parks, playgrounds, and open space.
Today it is not uncommon to find archeologists scouring the land in search of Native American relics.
Today, the percentage is reversed ; with 98 % of the land area occupied by homes, and less than 2 % remains undeveloped.

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