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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 332
from Brown Corpus
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Today and private
Today, however, many work within private corporations, financial industry, and government bodies.
Today, there are many private and public, non-profit and for-profit institutions worldwide offering distance education courses from the most basic instruction through to the highest levels of degree and doctoral programs.
Today, landscape architects and garden designers continue to produce artistically creative designs for private garden spaces.
Today, according to the UN, any kind of private organization that is independent from government control can be termed an " NGO ", provided it is not-profit, non-criminal and not simply an opposition political party.
Today, most private interconnections occur at carrier hotels or carrier neutral colocation facilities, where a direct crossconnect can be provisioned between participants within the same building, usually for a much lower cost than telco circuits.
Today, these uniforms have disappeared in private schools, who have preferred to use a customized one.
Today, school uniforms are almost universal in the public and private school systems.
Today, school uniforms are almost universal in the public and private school systems.
Today, school uniforms are common in many of the Japanese public and private school systems.
Today Bermuda has a large number of private cars, almost one for every two inhabitants ; however, only residents are allowed to drive them.
Today, many mansions continue in private use.
Today the organization is the liaison among cultural organizations, all levels of government and the private sector in encouraging and promoting the arts throughout Monroe County.
Today, Chandler's creation, private eye Philip Marlowe — who appears, for example, in his novels The Big Sleep ( 1939 ) and Farewell, My Lovely ( 1940 ) — has achieved cult status and has also been made the topic of literary seminars at universities round the world, whereas on first publication Chandler's novels were seen as little more than cheap entertainment for the uneducated masses.
Today, two of the former Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Company loft buildings located at 540 and 578 Nepperhan Avenue have been repurposed to house the YoHo Artist Community, a collective group of talented artists that works out of private studios there.
Today, Zukor's estate is a private country club known as Paramount Country Club.
Today ( 2009 ) the theater is undergoing reconstruction, using private donations of money, supplies and labor.
Today it is publicly owned and administered by the Minter Field Airport District and serves as an industrial center and airport for crop dusters and private aircraft.
Today the mansion is a private residence.
Today there are no functioning businesses left in the town itself ( the cafe, mislabeled as " The 7-Up Cafe " in the accompanying photo, has closed its doors ), though a fellow who goes by the name " Pete " can hook visitors up with a cold, refreshing beverage from his private stock.
Today, the Fountain Inn is a private residence.
Today land use in Millcreek is dedicated to retail, commercial and service-oriented businesses, to light industry, fine public and private schools, and residential areas.
Today, even poor prefer to send their child in these private schools but because of high fee structure many aspirants are unable to part this Education System.
Today the Board's work is repudiated by people across the political, scientific and private spectrum.
Today the Mole is navigable for the 400 m from the confluence with the River Thames to Molember Weir at East Molesey where there is a private mooring facility.

Today and detective
Today considered cult television, Der Kommissar had many of the ingredients of the whodunnit: a murder victim, often unidentified at first ; a group of suspects who gradually emerge as the police gather all the evidence available to them ; and a police detective who, by sheer reasoning, figures out all by himself who the murderer is, while he has his assistants do all the legwork.
Committed now to a weekly time slot on Friday nights, the Players put on The Sign of the Four on November 9, starring Edward Smith as Sherlock Holmes ,< ref > Hartford Courant, “ Radio Radiations, Radio Interests Japanese Public ,” November 9, 1922, p. 14 ; Poughkeepsie Eagle-News, “ In the Air Today ,” November 9, 1928, Case Six ; McLeod, Elizabeth, The WGY Players and the Birth of Radio Drama < www. midcoast. com /~ lizmcl / wgy. html >; King, R. R., The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes and the 1920s Radio Drama, Radio Recall, June 2008 < www. mwotrc. com / rr2008_06 / holmes. htm >.</ ref > and the world ’ s only consulting detective joined the growing number of “ disembodied voices floating through electromagnetic heaven .” The WGY Players did forty-three dramatizations that first season and the series gained national attention.
Today, with Chesterton, who is remembered for other reasons, he is one of the very few Edwardian detective story writers who are still read.
* Robert Bianco, USA Today ( April 12, 2002 ) — For reasons I can't explain, A & E is dedicated to preserving Nero Wolfe, its thuddingly mediocre series starring Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin as Rex Stout's famed detective team.
Today, Shelby Storck is primarily known for the political films he produced in the 1960s, as well as for his role as a hard-nosed, wise-to-the-world police detective in the 1958 Kansas City-produced feature-length film The Cool and the Crazy ( where his wife Jackie also makes a cameo appearance ).

Today and will
Today it is estimated that a tank gun will have to achieve muzzle energies on the level of 18 MJ — which is double the muzzle energy of current solid propellant tank propulsion systems — to be able to successfully perforate future enemy armour plating.
Today, typical uplift rates are of the order of 1 cm / year or less, and studies suggest that rebound will continue for about another 10, 000 years.
" The Messiah replied, " Scripture says, ' Today, ' if you will but hearken to His voice.
Today he can publish them himself on his website and other media will then report that he has done so.
In May 2011, Twain confirmed in an interview with Perez Hilton that she will release her first new single in six years, " Today Is Your Day ", after the finale of Why Not?
" USA Today gave the film three out of four stars and felt that the Dude was " too passive a hero to sustain interest ", but that there was " enough startling brilliance here to suggest that, just like the Dude, those smarty-pants Coens will abide.
Larry King wrote in the May 22, 1995, edition of USA Today, " My interview with Eastwood will air on ' Larry King Weekend ' ...
Today we live in the period of grace where living up to the teachings of the sermon is impossible, but in the future, the Millennium will see a period where it is possible to live up to the teachings of the sermon, and where following them will be a prerequisite to salvation.
Today, Greenland, Antarctica, and the northern portions of Europe, Asia, and North America are situated such that a minor change in solar energy will tip the balance between year-round snow / ice preservation and complete summer melting.
Today, Badalona is in the middle of a process of major urban change which will provide one of the challenges for the 21st century.
On September 26, Ecko revealed on NBC's Today show that the ball will be branded with an asterisk and donated to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Today, tourists to the area will find many of his paintings on post cards, one of which is his very popular 1936 painting entitled, Montmartre Street Corner or Lapin Agile.
Today, most congregations will receive members by reaffirmation of faith or by letter of transfer from another congregation or denomination.
Speaking at Stormont to an invited international audience he said, " Today at long last we are starting upon the road — I emphasise starting — which I believe will take us to lasting peace in our province.
Today the well will be fracked and returned to its original production rate.
" The reality is that with £ 26, 000 a year, it ’ s very difficult to believe that families will be plunged into poverty – children or adults ," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
Today, the institute has remains funded through the ongoing contributions of Walt Disney, who provided funding for the ongoing operation of this school in his will, and also by his family.
Today, a great complex of attractions, activities and museums will reflect the municipals long history and many of them have become important businesses for economic growth, also keeping the cultural heritage intact.
A resident of neighbouring Essen was quoted on April 23, 1945 as saying, " Today, I used up my last potato ... it will be a difficult time till the new potatoes are ready to be picked – if they're not stolen.
Today when you go to Lake Bonneville you will find that the center of the former lake is about higher than the distant edges.
Today there are many operators throughout the African continent offering different levels of safari service, from lodge based tours, where clients travel between lodges or tented camps often by air, fly in safaris where clients will meet the camps and staff after travel by plane or helicopter, to the true Mobile Safari operation where the clients travel with the Guides, staff and equipment from site to site.
Today, a truly secure remote support solution will allow organizations to centrally control who can do what and where safe in the knowledge that when each remote session has finished it should be able to document what actually took place.
Today, Purim spiels can revolve around anything relating to Jews and Judaism that will bring cheer and comic relief to an audience celebrating the day.

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