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Page "hobbies" ¶ 173
from Brown Corpus
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Today and recreational
Today, most traffic on the river is recreational.
Today, the majority of the use of all types of glider aircraft is recreational.
Today, the majority of the use of manned balloons is recreational, whereas unmanned balloons are widely used for meteorological measurement.
Today, the vapor absorption cycle is used mainly where fuel for heating is available but electricity is not, such as in recreational vehicles that carry LP gas.
Today, the islands that hosted the world exhibition are mainly used as parkland and for recreational use, with only a few remaining structures from Expo 67 to show that the event was held there.
Today the Erie Canal and its lock system is used primarily for recreational boat use among locals and tourists.
Today, since it has mostly been replaced as a medical anaesthetic by synthetic analogues such as procaine, cocaine is best known as an illegal recreational drug.
Today, reproduction percussion firearms are popular for recreational shooters and percussion caps are still available, though most now use non-corrosive compounds such as lead styphnate.
Today, these rivers are chiefly used in local recreational activities — including canoeing and fishing.
Today with Channahon's central location between the industrial complex of the Joliet and Morris region at the cross roads of America, combined with the recreational potential of the I & M Canal area and the close proximity to interstate highways 55 and 80 sets the stage for prosperous growth and recognition.
Today, Moline's downtown again serves as one of the civic and recreational hubs of the Quad Cities ; many events take place at the 12, 000-seat i wireless Center ( formerly known as The MARK of the Quad Cities ) and at John Deere Commons.
Today, Otisfield is largely a recreational area, with camps and summer cottages lining the shores of Pleasant Lake, Thompson Lake, Saturday Pond and Moose Pond.
Today, both the city and township governments cooperate to provide services for the community, including parks and recreational facilities, senior citizens ' services, the Grand Blanc Heritage Museum, McFarlen Public Library.
Today, the track east of M-24 has been removed, and the line now serves as the recreational Paint Creek Trail.
Today the River is a major recreational asset, with exceptional fishing opportunities, especially with the annual Spring Rockfish ( striped bass ) and shad runs.
Today, Oakridge is popular with outdoor enthusiasts for its many recreational opportunities.
Today, it is mainly a stopping point for recreational access to the surrounding mountains, including skiing at nearby Stevens Pass.
Today the site is the location of many residential homes and the Pleasant Prairie Ball Park where many children play recreational softball and soccer.
Today Fort 5 is open to the public and it functions as a recreational domain.
Today ’ s campers have a range of comforts available to them, whether their shelter is a tent or a recreational vehicle.
Today, Oxford is a recreational area with fine architecture remaining from its prosperous mill town past.
Today the Royal Aero Club continues to be the national governing and coordinating body of air sport and recreational flying.
Today the park is a popular recreational spot, annually visited by 500 000 visitors.
Today, the town is used as a staging point for recreational walking.

Today and boating
Today the River Chet is one of the focal points for boating tourism within the southern Broads area and is the only such centre within South Norfolk District.
Today the community of Astor is largely reliant upon tourism, and is a popular spot for winter visitors from the north and fishing, hunting, and boating enthusiasts.
Today, the greater Neches River Basin is an international attraction for " experiential " tourism ; whether that might be fishing, hunting, birding, boating or many other out-door experiences that are abundant and readily available.
Today the system is open to navigation throughout the main line, the Stainforth and Keadby and New Junction canals, and is mostly used for leisure boating.
Today these rights underpin opportunities for outdoor recreation in several of the Nordic countries, providing the opportunity to hike across or camp on another's land ( e. g. in Sweden for one or two nights ), boating on someone else's waters, and picking wildflowers, mushrooms and berries.
Today the reservoirs remain and are populated with fish ; recreational activities, including boating and picnicking, are enjoyed by many people.
Today travelers still enjoy stopping at Castaic for their needs but also enjoy nearby amenities including Castaic Lake and Pyramid Lake, where boating and swimming are favorite pastimes.
Today, aside from minor leisure boating and the steamship Skibladner, there is no water traffic on the lake.
Today the Patrol works closely with all government agencies in search and rescue and education to the boating public.
Today, they are threatened by loss of habitat, poaching, entanglement with fishing gear, and increased boating activity.
Today, the slag heaps have been removed or landscaped with trees, the factories are closed or converted to housing and the canal is only used for recreational boating and fishing.
Today these air chamber vests are commonly referred to as " inflatable lifejackets or vests " and are available not only for commercial applications but also for recreational boating, fishing, sailing, as well as kayaking and canoeing.
Today, Downriver overall is largely known as a suburban Detroit region with middle-class residential neighborhoods and recreational opportunities focused on boating, fishing, bird watching and waterfowl hunting areas around the Detroit River.
Today it is a popular recreation site, for both boating and swimming.
Today, the area provides hiking, swimming, boating ( no motors ), and fishing.

Today and scene
Today, the goth music scene thrives in Western Europe, with large annual festivals in Germany such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig and M ' era Luna in Hildesheim.
Today, the hobbyists focus on commercial computer and video games, software cracking and exceptional computer programming ( demo scene ).
Today, house music remains popular in both clubs and in the mainstream pop scene.
Today, the beauty of a wall mural has become much more widely available with a technique whereby a painting or photographic image is transferred to poster paper or canvas which is then pasted to a wall surface ( see wallpaper, Frescography ) to give the effect of either a hand-painted mural or realistic scene.
Today, the city has a lively cultural scene, with annual events including the Kilkenny Arts Week Festival in the last two weeks of August, and the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival at the beginning of June.
Today, the original city of Bisbee is known as " Old Bisbee ", and is home to a thriving downtown cultural scene.
In the pageant's tenth scene, " American and Plymouth Today ", the Diamond Jubilee Queen, Catherine Oldfield ( in later years a Plymouth school teacher known as Catherine Bogdon ), delivered her address of welcome " attended by boys and girls, young men and women of Plymouth and vicinity.
Today, Boogie-Woogie is being taken forward by such pianists as Michael Kaeshammer, Rob Rio, Silvan Zingg and particularly Axel Zwingenberger, whose records and performances have a great influence on the contemporary scene.
Today in the Lindy Hop scene, once the Shim Sham choreography is over, dancers typically grab a partner and break into lindy hop for the remainder of the song.
Today the RSCDS numbers some 20. 000 members all over the world, served from the headquarters in Edinburgh, and the continuous well-being of the Scottish country dance scene is largely due to the efforts of the Society.
MTV host Kurt Loder described the scene in the July 27, 1999 issue of USA Today:
A scene at McMurdo Station Today, McMurdo Station is Antarctica's largest community and a functional, modern day science station, which includes a harbour, three airfields ( two seasonal ), a heliport and more than 100 buildings, including the Albert P. Crary Science and Engineering Center.
Today Dominica's music scene boasts of a variety of genres including all the popular genres of the world.
Today, the Flatiron Building is frequently used on television commercials and documentaries as an easily recognizable symbol of the city, shown, for instance, in the opening credits of the Late Show with David Letterman or in scenes of New York City that are shown during scene transitions in the TV sitcoms Friends, Spin City, and Veronica's Closet.
Today, the Cornell Box is often used to show off renderers in a similar way as the Stanford Bunny, the Utah teapot, and Lenna: computer scientists often use the scene just for its visual properties without comparing it to test data from a physical model.
By 1985, the New York hardcore scene had become inhabited by straight edgers and skinheads, including bands such as Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Heart Attack, Youth of Today, Warzone and Murphy's Law.
The 1980s also saw the development of a local New Wave scene led by the bands Ebeneezer & the Bludgeons, Null Set, and Here Today ( later Vigil ( band )).
Today, there is still a thriving country music scene, however there are other genres developing, such as indie, rock, and metalcore.
Today, major corporations like Sony, BMG, and EMI have appeared on the South African scene to produce and distribute Kwaito music.
Today, no such standardized scene graph exists, and SGI has all but exited the API world.
Today, Hereford cattle dominate the world scene from Australasia to the Russian steppes.
* Vieira appeared in the 2010 film Get Him to the Greek as herself in a scene where the main characters appear on The Today Show.
Today, Pegasus Bridge and the nearby Gondrée Café are known worldwide and are the scene of many pilgrimages and commemoration ceremonies, particularly around June 6.
Today fans of the 80s Garage Rock Revival acknowledge the band as being part of that scene.

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