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Together and they
Together they also developed a new form of voltaic cell in which the wooden trough was replaced by one of copper, thereby producing stronger currents.
Together they had probably done more than any other men to help push Laos toward the 20th century -- constructively.
Together these two principles influenced all things, and in varying combinations they were present in everything.
Together, they became the ancestors of the family of the Perseidae through the line of their son Perses.
Together, they are in the best position to properly weigh the impact his decision, and the resulting conviction, will have upon himself and his family ," writes Walburn.
Together they form a structural totality of the differentiating abstraction process.
Together they learned to act in local theater productions and circus arts at Union Settlement, one of the city's oldest settlement houses.
)" Together they produced the films Apache ( 1954 ), Vera Cruz ( 1954 ), Marty ( 1955 ) ( which won both the Academy Award for Best Picture and the Palme d ' Or award at the Cannes Film Festival ), The Kentuckian ( 1955 ), Trapeze ( 1956 ), The Bachelor Party ( 1956 ), Sweet Smell of Success ( 1957 ), Run Silent, Run Deep ( 1958 ), Separate Tables ( 1958 ), ( 1959 ), Take a Giant Step ( 1959 ), Summer of the Seventeenth Doll ( 1960 ), and ( 1960 ).
Together they illustrate every aspect of the cultures of the Nile Valley ( including Nubia ), from the Predynastic Neolithic period ( c. 10, 000 BC ) through to the Coptic ( Christian ) times ( 12th century AD ), a time-span over 11, 000 years.
Together, they are called ' The Union '.
Together with my dead body, they will arise.
Together they shared new approaches to art, painting the effects of light en plein air with broken color and rapid brushstrokes, in what later came to be known as Impressionism.
Together with the Tories, they were the conservatives in the late 18th century United Kingdom.
Art historian and the artist's great-grandson Joachim Pissarro notes that they professed a passionate disdain for the Salons and refused to exhibit at them .” Together they shared an almost militant resolution against the Salon, and through their later correspondences it is clear that their mutual admiration was based on a kinship of ethical as well as aesthetic concerns ”.
Together, they create a forum to speak on issues of consequence to all women.
Together they solve dilemmas, engage in battles and gather treasure and knowledge.
Together they are referred to as the " Standard Works ".
Together they had had five sons ( Eugene being the youngest ) and three daughters, but neither parent spent much time with the children: his father, a brave, unglamorous French soldier spent much of his time away campaigning, while Olympia's passion for court intrigue meant the children received little attention from their mother.
Together they are ranked by many scientists as the second largest of the five major extinctions in Earth's history in terms of percentage of genera that went extinct.
David Bebbington has termed these four distinctive aspects conversionism, biblicism, crucicentrism, and activism, noting, " Together they form a quadrilateral of priorities that is the basis of Evangelicalism.
Together they determine which sequences are to be shot as live action elements, which would work well in miniature, and which ( if any ) should be computer generated.
Together with Loyola and five others, he founded the Society of Jesus: on 15 August 1534, in a small chapel in Montmartre, they made vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and also vowed to convert the Muslims in the Middle East ( or, failing this, carry out the wishes of the Pope ).
Together, they control over 80 percent of the market, with Xilinx alone representing over 50 percent.
" Together, they opened up the musical form, taking the film musical out of the studio and into real locations, with Donen taking responsibility for the staging and Kelly handling the choreography.

Together and have
Together, Levy, Guest and a small band of other actors have formed a loose repertory group, which appear across several films.
Carlos Berrios and producer Frankie Cutlass appeared to have saved the style's demise by creating a new sound that was used on " Temptation " by Corina and " Together Forever " by Lisette Melendez.
Together with papal primacy, differences over this doctrine have been and remain the primary causes of schism between the Western and Eastern Orthodox churches.
Together they have three sons.
Together with this intensely positive feeling state, people who have near death experiences also report that consciousness or a heightened state of awareness seems as if it is at the heart of experiencing a taste of ' Heaven '.
Together, they have two children, son Cameron and daughter Ashley.
Together with the rhotics, which have similar behavior in many languages, these form a class of consonant called liquids.
Together they have three children.
Together with his colleague, Roger Brown, Lenneberg proposed that in order to prove such a causality one would have to be able to directly correlate linguistic phenomena with behavior.
Together European Green Party / EFA have 50 seats and they are the fourth largest party in the European Parliament.
Together they have become the White Phoenix of the Crown.
Together with exiled Lancastrians and freebooters from several countries, his army may have numbered 16, 000 or even 17, 000 in total.
Together with a mastodon jaw, tusks, and teeth, and assorted animal bones, researchers have found a variety of manmade tools, ceramics, metal, and leather, indicating long occupation of the site.
Together with the similar decorator pattern, they have slightly different usage:
Together, the men formulated a law which would have fined those who held more of their allotted land and require them to forfeit illegal possessions to the ager publicus, for which they would be compensated.
Together, the books have sold nearly a quarter of a million copies in Japan alone, and have been translated into most of the major world languages.
Together with Father Torque and Maureen, he would have thwarted the unnamed villain's plan and protected " the freedom of the open road ".
Together with her sons, Cystennin and Peblig ( Publicus, named in the calendar of the Church in Wales ), she is said to have introduced into Wales the Celtic form of monasticism from Gaul.
" Together with the inscriptions that have been found on Angkorian stelas, temples and other monuments, and with the bas-reliefs at the Bayon and Angkor Wat, Zhou's journal is the most important source of information about everyday life at Angkor.
Together with the historical descriptions of Werowocomoco, researchers believe these discoveries have established the site of the capital.
Together they have four children: Jonathan, Natalie, Chloe and Jay.
Together these extensions would have created a traditional cruciform shape to the building.
Together Young and Zazeela have realized a long series of semi-permanent " Dream House " installations, which combine Young's just-intuned sine waves in elaborate, symmetrical configurations and Zazeela's quasi-calligraphic light sculptures.

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