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Tolek and from
Two systems of writing based on the Latin alphabet have been developed: ' Totham ' in the Xishuangbanna and ' Tolek ' from Dehong and Lincang.

Tolek and .
The Tolek is a cycling taxi (" Toleka " means " Time " in Lingala ), that emerged as the primary means of transportation around Kisangani during the mid 1990s.
* General Tolek – A Tyran who led his kind to evade Earth.

Alterman and had
Up until the late 1960s, the magazine had a certain " cachet as the voice of re-invigorated liberalism ", in the opinion of Eric Alterman, a commentator who has criticized the magazine's politics from the left.
That cachet, Alterman wrote, " was perhaps best illustrated when the dashing, young President Kennedy had been photographed boarding Air Force One holding a copy ".
" One of the reasons segregation had been a success, Alterman explains, is "... the way newspapers had neglected it.

Alterman and from
Especially celebrated are works from the 1950s and the 1960s, when art in modern Hebrew was created, in contrast to the poetry written previously, like that of Nathan Alterman, Avraham Shlonsky, and Leah Goldberg, or the literary style of one of the greatest Hebrew authors, S. Y. Agnon.
Guests included presidential candidate John Edwards, author Eric Alterman, reporters from The Nation magazine and commentators from The Center for American Progress.
" In 1943, Alterman wrote the maqama " The Swedish Tongue ", in which he praised Sweden's willingness to welcome Jewish refugees from Denmark.

Alterman and Palestine
In 1942, when the first news about the Holocaust reached the Zionist Jewish community in British Mandate Palestine, Alterman wrote a poem, which can be described as a sarcastic paraphrase on the Jewish prayer, " Praised are You ... who has chosen us out of all the nations ".

Alterman and before
Alterman played on two early demos that were later included on the album Paying for the Summer of Love, before joining another band.
Nathan Alterman (, August 14, 1910, Warsaw – March 28, 1970, Tel Aviv ) was an Israeli poet, playwright, journalist, and translator who – though never holding any elected office – was highly influential in Socialist Zionist politics, both before and after the establishment of the State of Israel.

Alterman and national
I did not find in Gold's book an explanation to the concept ' national poet ' but in the first place, this concept appears in her book she is pointing to my article ( 1997 ) that says: " of all the poets who began to at the time of Amichai, or in later years, since Alterman there was not a poet more popular than Amichai.

Alterman and .
* Alterman, Hyman.
In the same web-article, Alterman also noticed, analyzing the game Count Bruehl – Philidor, F, 0 – 1, London 1783, that Philidor understood very well modern concepts like: power of passed pawns ; bad and good pieces ; space advantage ; open files ; pawn structure ; importance of center.
" In support of this, he referred to " the paradox of Rush Limbaugh, ensconced in a Palm Beach mansion massaging the resentments across the country of white-knuckled wage earners, who are barely making ends meet in no small part because of the corporate and ideological forces for whom Rush has been a hero .... As Eric Alterman reports in his recent book — a book that I'm proud to have helped make happen — part of the red meat strategy is to attack mainstream media relentlessly, knowing that if the press is effectively intimidated, either by the accusation of liberal bias or by a reporter's own mistaken belief in the charge's validity, the institutions that conservatives revere — corporate America, the military, organized religion, and their own ideological bastions of influence — will be able to escape scrutiny and increase their influence over American public life with relatively no challenge.
Grandmaster Boris Alterman assisted, in particular with the opening book.
" According to CUNY journalism professor Eric Alterman, “ Nothing has been as consistent about the past 34 years of TNR as the magazine's devotion to Peretz's own understanding of what is good for Israel … It is really not too much to say that almost all of Peretz's political beliefs are subordinate to his commitment to Israel's best interests, and these interests as Peretz defines them almost always involve more war.
Alterman calls the hire " probably [...] Peretz's single most significant positive achievement " in running the magazine.
Under him the section has been " simultaneously erudite and zestful ", according to Alterman, who adds, " Amazingly, a full generation later, it still sings.
* Contempt for the mainstream establishment, in particular for public figures who, in his view, gain mainstream respectability by criticizing those to their left ; targets have included The New York Times, President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, the late academic Irving Howe, and some of his colleagues at The Nation, including Marc Cooper, David Corn and Eric Alterman.
Israeli grandmasters such as Boris Alterman play for Rishon.
Eric Alterman ( b. January 14, 1960
Also in 2008, Alterman published a lengthy essay in the New Yorker on the decline of American newspapers and the future role of new media news sites.
In contrast to conservative media commentators, Alterman argues that the press is biased against liberals rather than biased in their favor.
In 2008, Alterman also became a regular columnist to the Jewish magazine Moment, where he writes regularly about Jewish issues.
Alterman also writes a regular media column for the Center for American Progress, where he has also been a fellow.
Alterman was and remains a critic of Ralph Nader for Nader's actions in the 2000 U. S. Presidential Election, arguing that Nader is to blame for the election of George W. Bush because of vote splitting.
Alterman has also criticized Steve Jobs for his avarice and for never giving any of his wealth to poor people.
* Eric Alterman and Neera Tanden discuss Kabuki Democracy at the Center for American Progress, February 1, 2011.

had and returned
Morgan returned to the kitchen, built a fire, and carried in several buckets of water from the spring which he poured into the copper boiler that he had placed on the stove.
The fact that Jess's horse had not been returned to its stall could indicate that Diane's information had been wrong, but Curt didn't interpret it this way.
He had returned to the pension a week ago.
He had talked one other member of the group to stay with him, but that friend had tired of not eating regularly and returned to Savannah.
I managed to do this by the time the great A.B. returned to the place where he last had seen the fierce nihilist.
It was not until we had returned to the city to live, while I was still at Brown and Sharpe's, that I felt the full impact of evangelical Christianity.
On May 6th, Morgan, who had returned, received from Washington orders to `` send out patrols under vigilant officers '' to keep near the enemy.
I saw Sedgwick often before his death at ninety-five, -- he had remarried at the age of ninety, -- and he asked me, when once I returned from Rome, if I knew the Cavallinis in the church of St. Cecilia in Trastevere.
Lewis's remarks about his marriage were suggestive enough to induce American reporters to invade the offices of Harcourt, Brace & Company for information, to pursue Mrs. Lewis to Cromwell Hall, and, after she had returned to New York, to ferret her out at the Stanhope on upper Fifth Avenue where she had taken an apartment.
He had been at lessons in the schoolhouse since they returned from Harpers Ferry.
When Claire returned to Bishopsgate she longed to tell them she had become Byron's mistress.
The night after reading her letter about her surgeon uncle -- it must have been late in September -- I had a vision of myself returned in ragged uniform from The Front, nearly dying, my head bandaged and blooded, and Jessica bending over me, the power of her love bringing me back to life.
Letch had returned from his debacle unrepentant and more badly behaved than before.
When he returned home, the station wagon loaded with tools, Jinny had gone with a friend to some meeting in the village, using the recently purchased second car.
Ten days after the questionnaires were mailed, follow-up airmail postcards were sent urging those companies which had not yet returned their questionnaires to do so at once.
Unfortunately she returned later, just as I had taken advantage of the friendlier atmosphere in the room by stating that perhaps an unexpected result of the Cultural Exchange Program would be the re-emergence of Abstract Art in Russia, with Social Realism regaining dominance in the U.S..
Richardson had returned their departing grins with the noncommittal nod that is the security officer's stock in trade.
Morse's knowledge of what Mrs. Borden told Bridget could indicate that he had returned secretly to the house and was hidden there.
Morse could have returned openly while Bridget was sick in the back yard and gone up to the room he had occupied.
This officer had asked Lizzie if she suspected her Uncle Morse, and she replied she didn't think he did it because he left the house before the murders and returned after them.
He had just returned my change when the doorman came in off the street to page me.

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