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Tom and Shippey
Tolkien's conviction that the poem dates to the 8th century is defended by Tom Shippey ( 2007 ).
As Tom Shippey points out: " Giles's blunderbuss ... defies the definition and works just the same.
* includes a new Introduction by Tom Shippey ;
* Shippey, Tom.
The scholar Tom Shippey asks a perennial question of science fiction: " What is its relationship to fantasy fiction, is its readership still dominated by male adolescents, is it a taste which will appeal to the mature but non-eccentric literary mind?
Tom Shippey in his essay does not dispute this answer but identifies and discusses the essential differences that exists between a science fiction novel and one written outside the field.
At Rivendell he, using what critic Tom Shippey describes as " slightly wooden magniloquence ", sets forth Gondor's claim to primacy in the War of the Ring.
Richard Utz and Tom Shippey ( Turnhout: Brepols, 1998 ), pp. 263 – 86.
All these words may derive from a shared Indo-European mythological concept ( as Tolkien himself speculated, as cited by Tom Shippey, The Road to Middle-earth, 45 ).
* Shippey, Tom.
Readers have debated at length the extent and meaning of the seemingly racist imagery in Tolkien's writings, including Michael D. C. Drout, Tom Shippey, Stephen Shapiro.
Richard Utz and Tom Shippey ( Turnhout: Brepols, 1998 ), ISBN 2-503-50166-4.
* Tom Shippey page at Saint Louis University
es: Tom Shippey
it: Tom Shippey
pl: Tom Shippey
Tom Shippey has identified the concept of Tolkien's " Light elves " and " Dark elves " as being inspired by the medieval Icelandic Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson which distinguishes between ljósálfar ( light-elves ) and dökkálfar ( dark-elves ).
Tom Shippey cites this 1923 poem and its mate, " The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon " ( also from 1923, also subsequently included in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil ) as typical examples of Tolkien's working strategy for reconstructing philological information about sources now lost.
by George E. Slusser & Tom Shippey.
by George E. Slusser & Tom Shippey.
* 2001-J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of the Century by Tom Shippey
* 2008-The Shadow-Walkers: Jacob Grimm's Mythology of the Monstrous by Tom Shippey
Scholar Tom Shippey believed that Shea was too familiar to those who had read The Lord of the Rings: he found that Shea and Flick were " analogues " for the hobbits of Tolkien's stories.

Tom and Road
Tom Jones wrote or co-wrote the following songs: " And I Tell The Sea ", " Looking Out My Window ", " Feel The Rain ", " Jezebel ", " The Letter ", " Younger Days ", " Tom Jones International ", " Holiday ", " The Road ", " 24 Hours ", " Seasons ", " We Got Love ", " Seen That Face ", " Give A Little Love ", " If He Should Ever Leave You ", " Whatever It Takes " and " Didn't It Rain ".
His last screen appearance was as a conflicted mob boss in the 2002 film Road to Perdition opposite Tom Hanks, although he continued to provide voice work for films.
* Tom Boonen, professional cyclist, 2005 World Road Race Champion.
* Tom Hood 1835-1874, author, playwright and editor of " Fun " lived at 12 Queen Adelaide Road.
Winslow was named for either Edward F. Winslow, president of St. Louis and San Francisco Rail Road, which owned one half of the old Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, or Tom Winslow, a prospector who lived in the area.
Ferncliff Cemetery is located on Secor Road in Hartsdale, famous as the burial grounds for many celebrities including Aaliyah, Malcolm X, Heavy D, Judy Garland, Jerome Kern, Joan Crawford, Basil Rathbone, Ed Sullivan, Jam-Master Jay, James Baldwin, Michel Fokine, Tom Carvel, Oscar Hammerstein, Thelonious Monk, Paul Robeson, Minnesota Timberwolves Guard Malik Sealy and others.
It features a 6-mile drive along Ferguson Road, which leads to the Long Tom Grange, where visitors can purchase daffodil bulbs and other goods.
* 2008 Traditions and Transformations: Sounds of Silk Road Chicago – Miguel Harth-Bedoya and Alan Gilbert, conductors ; Silk Road Ensemble, Yo-Yo Ma and Wu Man, soloists ; David Frost, Tom Lazarus, and Christopher Willis, engineers ( CSO Resound )
The next few years saw Michael Marks and Tom Spencer open market stalls in many locations around the North West of England and moved the original Leeds Penny Bazaar across the Pennines to 20, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester.
Singer-songwriter Tom Waits, a Beat fan, wrote " Jack and Neal " about Kerouac and Cassady, and recorded " On the Road " ( a song written by Kerouac after finishing the novel ) with Primus.
After touring the East Midlands, Merrick travelled to London to be exhibited in a penny gaff shop on Whitechapel Road which was rented by showman Tom Norman.
By then, Tom Norman's shop on Whitechapel Road had been closed, and the Elephant Man had moved on.
The Tom Selleck film High Road to China ( 1983 ) features a spirited game of buzkashi.
* Tom Payne ( b. 1982 ), Waterloo Road actor.
A fourth installment, Mad Max: Fury Road starring actor Tom Hardy as Max, is currently in production.
Tyler Lee Hoechlin (; September 11, 1987 ) is an American actor who got his big break starring as Tom Hanks ' son in the film Road to Perdition ( 2002 ).
In 1972 he joined Hewlett-Packard veteran Tom Perkins to found Kleiner Perkins, the venture capital firm now headquartered on Sand Hill Road.
Road to Perdition ( Tom Hanks, Paul Newman ) was filmed in historic Pullman, showing the factory and how it " once was " with workers, as well as many other scenes of the neighborhood itself.
Ragged Ass Road is the second solo album album by former Red Rider frontman Tom Cochrane, released in October of 1995.
Some of the scenes feature similar antics to those seen in his own The Tom Green Show and scenes in Road Trip.
He is a consultant with political and public relations consultancy Halogen Communications Ltd, as well as J. Chandler & Co., distributor of Buckfast Tonic Wine and has written a number of books including Scotland First: Truth and Consequences ( 2004 ), Global Scots: Voices from Afar ( with Kenny MacAskill ) ( 2006 ) ( published in the UK as Global Scots: Making It in the Modern World ), Wherever the Saltire Flies ( with Kenny MacAskill ) ( 2006 ) and Scotland: The Road Divides ( with Tom Brown ) ( 2007 ).

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