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Tooth and Nail
The modern market is currently supported by labels such as Tooth & Nail, Gotee and Floodgate.
* 1956 – Mick Brown, American drummer ( Dokken and Tooth and Nail )
* Tooth and Nail, 1979, Upsetter Records
* Tooth and Nail recording artists Sullivan formed and lived in Greensboro.
Many of these bands are on predominantly Christian record labels, such as Tooth and Nail Records and Facedown Records.
" With risen musical quality and more street-credibility, Christian metal and hardcore bands were signed to record labels such as Tooth and Nail, Solid State, Facedown Records as well as secular labels Metal Blade and Victory Records.
Tooth and Nail Records, P. O. D., Zao, War of Ages, Still Remains, and He Is Legend were also mentioned.
* Tooth & Nail Records
His production credits included Fanmail ( BEC Records ), Value Pac ( Four Door Entertainment ), Fraidy Cats ( Bulletproof Records ), The Deluxtone Rockets ( Tooth & Nail Records ), and Rock Star Barbecue, the debut artist on Danell's new independent label, Masterpiece Records.
Rebus's Fife accent is softened as well ; in the novel Tooth and Nail, London Metropolitan Police colleagues find it difficult to understand his speech.
Smith then sent the album out to several indie labels but only received a response from Tooth & Nail in California, who picked up the album and released it in 1994.
This includes the newly signed Tooth & Nail Records band Icon For Hire, based out of Decatur, Illinois, and the popular Champaign native So Long Forgotten.
The show included Ghoti Hook ( before they signed with Tooth & Nail ), and the audience included Alex Parker of Flying Tart Records.
They entertained several offers from major Christian record labels including Alarma, Tooth & Nail Records, and Brainstorm Artists International before signing to Frank Tate's 5 Minute Walk Records in August.
* Tooth and Nail — 2008 ( movie )
The band released their first EP ( I Never Said That I Was Brave ) in 2001 and shortly thereafter signed to Tooth & Nail Records after a show at Cornerstone Festival the same year.
The most notable recent Christian crossover artists are Kirk Franklin, Switchfoot, The Afters, Relient K, and many of the artists on Tooth & Nail Records such as MxPx, Underoath, Emery, Lifehouse, Zao, and Dead Poetic.
*" Into the Fire ", a song by Dokken from their 1984 album Tooth and Nail
They have released three full length recordings internationally, two on Tooth & Nail Records and one self-released through digital distribution.
Adam got them in contact with Christian alternative rock label Tooth & Nail Records '.
Relations with Tooth & Nail soon began to sour after complaints came from a Christian bookstore operated by The Family, about the song " Going Blind " which dealt with the issue of lust.
At this point, guitarists Adam Nigh and Andy Snyder both left the band, meaning that Craig's Brother had lost two of its three songwriters in an instant, and also the one member who was the main factor in their signing with Tooth & Nail in the first place, furthering their alienation with the label.
Ted has admitted his disappointment with Tooth & Nail led him to start making decisions without asking them first.
Once again, they got into a quarrel with Tooth & Nail over a bill for $ 500 after adding a choir to the opening track " Glory ", going over budget without telling the staff.
The animosity between the band and the record label reaching it's climax, Craig's Brother were finally dropped by Tooth & Nail Records.

Tooth and rose
The Tooth was formed when magma from deep within the Earth rose through older rock layers and slowly cooled.

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