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Torrington and from
) Payton " brought the house into great vogue " though Byng in 1792 complained that " at the noted White Lion, I met with nothing but incivility " ( cited from Torrington Diaries ( ed.
The Council came about from a name change of Torrington Council in 1929.
Tunxis Council # 079, headquartered in Torrington, Connecticut, came about from a name change of Northern Litchfield Council in 1947.
When Goshen County was created from part of the northern end of Laramie County in 1911, Torrington and Lingle competed for the title of county seat.
A map of Great Torrington from 1937
Some residents feel that the existence of the common has protected Great Torrington from over development.
Torrington Golf Course is situated 1. 5 miles from the town centre and has 9 holes.
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The regular daily milk train was from Torrington, but milk trains from all over the West Country would stop at Clapham Junction in the evening, and reduce their length by half so that they did not block Vauxhall station while unloading.
Torrington took up his seat in the House of Lords, but William refused to see him and dismissed him from the service on 12 December ( O. S ).
In the winter of 1645-46 the town was used as a base by Thomas Fairfax and the New Model Army from where they marched on the Royalist forces gathering in North Devon, and to where they returned on 29 March 1646 after success both at the Battle of Torrington and in overturning the siege of Plymouth.
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The road from Torrington to Holsworthy and Launceston passes through the parish.
For ten years from 1992 the Beaford Centre ran The Plough arts centre in Torrington.
Today Dartington Crystal is the major employer in Torrington and a very important to the South West, some Dartington Crystal is still produced in Torrington meaning the factory is the only working hand-made tableware producing crystal factory left in the UK, however, the company also sources ranges and items of ( especially machine-made ) crystal from overseas.
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Taddiport viewed from Great Torrington in 1890.
The next year he commanded HMS Torrington, assisting in the protection of the convoy which brought reinforcements from Gibraltar to the newly captured fortress of Louisbourg.
Among these included the John Brown family, originally from Torrington.
Some notable areas settled by people from the Litchfield Hills include the Western Reserve of Ohio and Torrington, Wyoming.
Following graduation from law school, the Hathaways moved to Torrington, Wyoming, where Mrs. Hathaway taught mainly English at Torrington Junior High School while Hathaway established a law practice.

Torrington and already
He had already been created a Baronet, of Torrington in the County of Devon, in 1611, Lord Ridgeway, Baron of Gallen-Ridgeway, in the Peerage of Ireland, in 1616, and was made Viscount Gallen-Ridgeway at the same time as he was granted the earldom, also in the Peerage of Ireland.

Torrington and French
)-Williamite War in Ireland: Battle of Bantry Bay between the English Royal Navy under the Earl of Torrington and the French fleet under the Marquis de Châteaurenault.
Great Torrington is twinned with the French port town of Roscoff, situated in northern Brittany.
English admiral Torrington who had advised against engaging the superior French fleet but had been overruled by Queen Mary and her ministers was court-martialled for his performance during the battle.
The main Allied fleet under Admiral Torrington was stationed in the English Channel ; a substantial part of the fleet was in the Mediterranean under Vice Admiral Henry Killigrew, which the Earl of Nottingham, William's Secretary of State and chosen naval advisor, hoped would neutralize the French Toulon squadron.
However, the French decided not to use their fleet as a subsidiary to the Irish campaign ; King Louis XIV instead directed his navy against Torrington in the Channel.
On 5 July, Torrington sighted the French fleet, calculating their strength at almost 80 ships of the line.
Unable to proceed to the westward to link up with Shovell and Killigrew ( who was on his way home ), Torrington announced his intention of retreating before the superior French fleet to the Straits of Dover, believing the loss of the ' fleet in being ' would strategically be too great.
Carmarthen thought that it was advisable to fight ; as did Nottingham and Admiral Russell, who were unconvinced that the French were as strong as Torrington reported, and considered that only the admiral's pessimism, defeatism or treachery could account for his reports.
The following day, 10 July, off Beachy Head near Eastbourne Torrington advanced towards the French in line of battle.
When Torrington brought the remainder of the red squadron into action, he found difficulty in getting close enough because of the sag in the French line, and came no closer than twice gunshot range.
Outmatched, Torrington ended the battle late in the afternoon, taking advantage of the tide and the drop in wind ; while his ships dropped anchor, the French who were not sufficiently alert were carried off by the current and out of cannon range.
The term was first used in 1690 when Lord Torrington, commander of the Royal Navy forces in the English Channel, found himself facing a stronger French fleet.
* The Battle of Beachy Head ( 1690 ), during the War of the Grand Alliance, was fought between an Anglo-Dutch fleet under the Earl of Torrington and a French fleet under the Comte Anne Hilarion de Tourville.

Torrington and would
This event sparked the beginning of the brass industry in Torrington, which later would spread throughout the entire Naugatuck Valley.
The proposed " Bideford and Bude " would join Bideford, Torrington, and Hartland with Tintagel, Bude and Launceston.
The proposed " Bideford and Bude " would join Bideford, Torrington, and Hartland with Tintagel, Bude and Launceston.
He continued to be a close advisor to Grimond throughout the latter's leadership, but would never again be an MP, despite a third, unsuccessful, and equally close candidature for Torrington in the 1964 general election.

Torrington and be
Ironically, the depot, which at one time did a lot of business is being torn down and the lumber carefully sorted and hauled to Torrington to be used in construction of another building by the man who purchased it.
Torrington realised that not to give battle was to be guilty of direct disobedience ; to give battle was, in his judgment, to incur serious risk of defeat.
WWUH's programming can also be heard on WAPJ, 89. 9 in Torrington, Connecticut ; WDJW, 89. 7 in Somers, Connecticut ; and WWEB, 89. 9 in Wallingford, Connecticut and on the web at wwuh. org.
This replica can be seen in the Visitors Centre at the Torrington site.

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