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Trials and have
Trials conducted in the UK have consistently shown a protective effect of 60 to 80 %, but those conducted elsewhere have shown no protective effect, and efficacy appears to fall the closer one gets to the equator.
Trials on this 55 m ship have shown that, in favorable winds, the kite reduces fuel consumption by up to 30 %.
Trials of antifungal treatments have had mixed results.
Trials in the Queen Charlotte Islands ( Haida Gwaii ) of British Columbia using sea water sprayed on the foliage have demonstrated promising results, which may prove to be a viable option for eradication where concerns over herbicide application are too great.
While several characters have asserted that transporters cannot transport through a ship's shields or planetary defense shields, there are instances of this " rule " being broken through a technobabble solution ( TNG: " The Wounded ", DS9: " Trials and Tribble-ations ") or disregarded by the show's writers ( VOY: " Caretaker ").
War crimes are significant in international humanitarian law because it is an area where international tribunals such as the Nuremberg Trials and Tokyo trials have been convened.
Along the same lines, industry-specific news and information portals have appeared, such as the clinical trials specific portal: IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal
Trials in Ecuador using a wide range of varieties have shown that achira can yield on average 56 tons of rhizomes and 7. 8 of extractable starch per hectare.
Trials, at which witnesses and other evidence are presented to a jury or judge in order to determine the truth or facts regarding a particular case, are held only in courts with original jurisdiction, i. e., courts in which a lawsuit is originally ( and properly ) filed and which have the power to accept evidence from witnesses and make factual and legal determinations regarding the evidence presented.
A year later, in June 1945, he told the investigating commission preparing for the Nuremberg Trials: " I would never have thought of such a thing, that would have been base, bare-faced treachery.
Trials are currently being conducted for the implementation of these advanced traffic lights but there are still many hurdles to widespread use that need to be addressed ; one of which is the fact that not a lot of cars yet have the required systems to communicate intelligently with these lights.
Trials have been conducted by the IDF for soldiers experiencing Posttraumatic stress disorder.
Whereas Trials unicycles usually have longer cranks that are better for hopping, as the rider has better control of the rotation of the wheel, and can therefore keep the unicycle from slipping out from under him.
Trials have shown beta blockers reduce the absolute risk of death by 4. 5 % over a 13-month period.
The accusation by Ann Putnam Jr. is seen by historians as evidence that a family feud may have been a major cause of the Witch Trials.
Trials at Southport, Queensland, in May 1945 were pronounced complete success, and the Projector would have been impressive against enemy bunkers, but the war ended before it was used operationally.
Trials that rely solely on clinical endpoints are very costly as they have long durations and tend to need large number of patients.
Trials are now held at the Hall of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, having previously taken place at the Palace of Westminster Given modern production methods, it is unlikely that coins would not conform, although this has been a problem in the past as it would have been tempting for the Master of the Mint to steal precious metals.
Trials of spontaneous breathing have been shown to accurately predict the success of spontaneous breathing.
The argument against it is that if the diary had been really presented at the Nuremberg Trials, it would have never left the court archives.
* Classic ( Closed )-on which PvE regions, abilities, and items from the Trials of Atlantis expansion have been disabled.
Trials of Atlantis-The ruins of Atlantis have been discovered, as well as a portal to another Plane where the ancient Atlanteans underwent their trials.

Trials and included
Prominent Communists who became victims of these purges and were defendants in the Prague Trials included Rudolf Slánský, the party's general secretary, Vlado Clementis ( the Foreign Minister ) and Gustáv Husák ( the leader of an administrative body responsible for Slovakia ), who was dismissed from office for " bourgeois nationalism ".
The last Olympic Games that included the long, or " classic ", three-day format was the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, while Rolex Kentucky, the Badminton Horse Trials, and Burghley Horse Trials ran their last long format three-day in 2005.
Ryun's final season as an amateur in 1972 included the third-best mile of his career ( at the time, also the third fastest in history: a 3: 52. 8 at Toronto, Canada on July 29 ), a 5, 000-meter career best ( 13: 38. 2 at Bakersfield, CA on May 20 ), and an inspiring win in the 1, 500 meters at the U. S. Olympic Trials.
" The Romance of Little Red Riding Hood " ( 1801 ) was translated by Jack Zipes and included in his book " The Trials and Tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood.
He was involved in gathering evidence against war criminals for the Nuremberg Trials, an assignment that included arresting documentary film maker Leni Riefenstahl at her chalet in Kitzbühel, Austria, ostensibly to have her identify the faces of Nazi war criminals in German film footage captured by the Allied troops.
In some cases, however, such as Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials, along with bay dog events, catch dog events are included.
Songs included the Tupac Shakur tribute Life Goes On, Trials & Tribulations, Walking In Da Cold, Way 2 Strong, Relentless, Retaliation, Power, War Time, These Are My Family, Seven, 10 Commandments, Dying, Mercenary, and Confessions.
A scene from the episode where former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger meets Burns was included in the 2002 documentary film The Trials of Henry Kissinger.
Highlights during 2004 included a second-place finish at the U. S. Cross Country Championships ( 8000-meter distance ), as well as personal bests in both the 5000-meter and 10000-meter runs prior to the Olympic Trials.
Still other radio dramas included appearances on such diverse anthologies as Cavalcade of America, Gangbusters, Dimension X ( and its sequel X Minus One ), the wartime series Words at War, Famous Jury Trials and Cloak and Dagger.

Trials and those
:" Mr Cotton Mather was the most active and forward of any Minister in the Country in those matters Goodwin children and Goody Glover, taking home one of the Children, and managing such intrigues with that Child, and after printing such an account of the whole, in his Memorable Provinces in 1689, as conduced much to the kindling of those Flames, that in Sir Williams time Salem Witch Trials threatened the devouring of this Country.
Since the Nuremberg Trials, penal law is taken to include the prohibitions of international criminal law, in addition to those of domestic law.
Its conclusions asserted the innocence of all those condemned in the Moscow Trials.
Despite Soviet and Polish government protests, he was not charged with any war crimes during the Nuremberg Trials, as his actions and behaviour were thought to be consistent with those of a professional soldier.
" Witch Hollow Farm ", formerly the home of one of those tried in the famous 1693 Salem Witch Trials, found at the intersection of Main Street and Ipswich Road in Boxford, is a nationally recognized " Haunted House ".
He was among those journalists who observed the entire Nuremberg Trials against the principal Nazi leaders.
Wilson had previously made similar claims about Attenborough's previous series, The Trials of Life, regarding the filming of the Malleefowl, and had been forced to retract those as well.
Trials such as those in Holland by T-Mobile International in 2004 were announced as " Pre-standard 802. 20 ".
And a desire after the bitter war, to see those responsible face justice, and be categorized as criminals by a court of law ( See Nuremberg Trials ).
Trials would quickly move through the tribunal because those on trial would not have access to an attorney nor would they be able to have witnesses speak on their behalf.
Its conclusions asserted the innocence of all those condemned in the Moscow Trials.
Trials of ezetimibe in combination with simvastatin have proven more favourable than those for ezetimibe alone, however.
These examples of the laws of war address declaration of war, ( the UN charter ( 1945 ) Art 2, and some other Arts in the charter, curtails the right of member states to declare war ; as does the older and toothless Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 for those nations who ratified it but used against Germany in the Nuremberg War Trials ), acceptance of surrender and the treatment of prisoners of war ; the avoidance of atrocities ; the prohibition on deliberately attacking civilians ; and the prohibition of certain inhumane weapons.
Wilson had made similar claims about Attenborough's previous series, The Trials of Life, regarding the filming of the Malleefowl and been forced to retract those as well.
The Dachau Trials were held for all war criminals caught in the United States zones in occupied Germany and Austria, as well as for those individuals accused of committing war crimes against American citizens and its military personnel.
He also asked the NCU and the Road Time Trials Council ( RTTC ) not to suspend those who took part " as this was liable to raise controversy detrimental to the sport.

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