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Trunk and Line
In most exchanges the majority are Line Units ( LU ) and Digital Line Trunk Units ( DLTU ).
T-carrier spans are terminated, originally one per card but in later models usually two, in Digital Line Trunk Units ( DLTU ) which concentrate their DS0 channels into the TSI.
The city has an East Side and a West Side, separated by a wide area of railroad tracks which include the Canadian National Railway's ( Grand Trunk Western ) Shoreline and River subdivisions and the Norfolk Southern Railway / Conrail Shared Assets's Detroit Line.
Trail runs along an old Trolley Line and the Grand Trunk Rail Line
In 1883, the Government formally pardoned Te Kooti as part of a deal with Tawhiao to put the Main Trunk Line through the King Country ,. However Te Kooti remained unrepentant and belligerent.
Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is not on the Trunk Line that runs north from Oslo.
With heavy traffic and many small stops until Lillestrøm, and continuing north as single track, the Trunk Line would have to be supplemented by a parallel double track from Oslo, with a new route north of Kløfta to Eidsvoll ; the north of the airport allowing trains operating on the Dovre Line to Lillehammer and Trondheim to access the airport.
When the new airport opened on 8 October 1998, the Airport Express Train started operations ; the trains had to use the old Trunk Line line from Oslo S to Lillestrøm, but could use the new high-speed line from Lillestrøm to Gardermoen.
Near the current railway station, the North Island Main Trunk railway is joined by the Palmerston North-Gisborne Line, which runs through the Manawatu Gorge to Woodville and Hawke's Bay, with a connection to the Wairarapa Line at Woodville.
The service is provided hourly along the Trunk Line, the Vestfold Line and the Østfold Line.
* ( Drammen )– Asker – Oslo – Lillestrøm ( Trunk Line and Drammen Line )
* Drammen – Skøyen – Oslo – Jessheim – Dal ( Trunk Line and Drammen Line )
* Eidsvoll – Oslo – Drammen – Kongsberg ( Trunk Line and Sørland Line )
Kaikoura is served by the Main North Line, the northern section of the South Island Main Trunk Railway.
Nam Cheong Park-Nam Cheong Station-Nanchang-Nanchang Uprising-Nangang District, Harbin-Nangang District, Taipei-Nangang Line ( TRTS )-Nangang Railway Station-Nangang Station-Nanhai Chao-Nanhai District-Nanhai Islands-Nanhai One-Nanjing-Nanjing Massacre-Nanjing University-Nankai-Nankai University-Nankan-Nanning-Nantou City-Nantou County-Nantou, Shenzhen-Nanyang ( geographical region )-Nanyang, Henan-Nanzhao County-Narrative of the Chinese Embassy to the Khan of the Tourgouth Tartars, in the years 1712, 13, 14, and 15-National Anthem of the Republic of China-National Assembly of the Republic of China-National Central University-National Congress of the Communist Party of China-National Cheng Kung University-National Chiao Tung University-National Palace Museum-National People's Congress-National Revolutionary Army-National Trunk Highway System-National Tsing Hua University-National Unification Council-Natsume Soseki-Naxi District-Naxi language-Naxi people-Neijia-Neijin-Nei Mongol-Neihu-Neo-Confucianism-Neofelis nebulosa-Nerchinsk Treaty-Nestorian Stele-New 1st Army-New Army-New Century Forum-New Kuomintang Alliance-New Lantao Bus-New security concept-New Territories-New World Development Co. Ltd .-New World First Bus-New Youth Forum-New Youths-Newspapers of Hong Kong-Newspapers of China-Newt Hall-Next Magazine-Next Media-Nezha-Ng Wui-Nian-Nian Hao-Nian, the beast-Nikolai Przhevalsky-Nicholas Tse-Nie Rongzhen-Nikita Yakovlevich Bichurin-Nikolai Petrovsky-Nina Wang-Nine rank system-Ningbo-Ningxia-Ningxiang-Niohuru-Noel Power-Noodle-Norman Bethune-North Binyang Cave-Northern and southern China-North China Plain-North District, Hong Kong-North Point-Northern dynasties-Northern Expedition-Northern Han-Northern Liang-Northern Praying Mantis ( martial art )-Northern Wei Dynasty-Nu people-Nü shu-Nunchaku-Nurhaci-Nüwa-Nyingma

Trunk and Bridge
In 1912 the unincorporated town was then known as Fallbridge, named in recognition of the southern extension of the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway, which crossed the Columbia on the Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge constructed on the basalt rock of Celilo Falls.
Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge
This bridge over Celilo Falls became known as the Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge or the fallbridge.
At this point the A4 regains Trunk Road classification and passes under the Clifton Suspension Bridge along the Portway.
After the Victoria Bridge opened in 1859, Allan became dependent on the Grand Trunk Railway and signed a ten year deal with them.
* 1860-Built by Grand Trunk Railway, the Jubilee Bridge ( now the Victoria Bridge ) is the first bridge linking the Island of Montreal to the South Shore.
The A60 Trunk Road goes over Cotes Bridge on its way out of Loughborough towards Nottingham.
Grand Trunk Locomotive « Trevithick » utilised on the Victoria Bridge ( Montreal ) | Victoria Bridge, Montreal, QC, 1859
The bridge was designated Trunk Line Bridge No. 1 as the first state-built bridge on the trunkline highway system.
Modern Native American long house # Northwest Coast longhouses | Native American Longhouse in Celilo Village with the Columbia River and Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge in the background
They are: Canada Central Railway Bridge, Broad Street Bridge, Lloyd Street Bridge, Grand Trunk Railway Bridge and Lett Street Bridge.
Gibson was a contractor and engineer involved in the construction of the St. Clair Tunnel, the Welland Canal, the Victoria Bridge and several bridges on the Grand Trunk Railway.

Trunk and No
East Preston is accessible off of Trunk 7 or No 207 on Marine Drive through the Ross Road or the Mineville Road.

Trunk and .
The primary east-west road on the island is Highway 105, the Trans-Canada Highway, although Trunk 4 is also heavily used.
The Cabot Trail, circling the Cape Breton Highlands, and Trunk 19, along the western coast of the island, are important secondary roads.
* 1958 – Subscriber Trunk Dialling ( STD ) is inaugurated in the UK by Queen Elizabeth II when she speaks to the Lord Provost in a call from Bristol to Edinburgh.
Trunk roads in Ghana are classified as National roads, Regional roads, and Inter-regional roads, all of which form the Ghana road network.
In 1963, the institute moved to its present location, on the Grand Trunk Road near the village of Kalyanpur in Kanpur district.
IIT Kanpur is located on the Grand Trunk Road, west of Kanpur City and measures close to.
The construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway ( now Canadian National Railway ) through this district made it of some importance at the start of the 20th century.
* The Grand Trunk Road ( commonly abbreviated to GT Road ) is one of South Asia's oldest and longest major roads.
Among its accomplishments, the United Province of Canada negotiated the Reciprocity Treaty of 1854 with the United States, built the Grand Trunk Railway, improved the educational system in Canada West under Egerton Ryerson, reinstated French as an official language of the legislature and the courts, codified the Civil Code of Lower Canada in 1866, and abolished the seigneurial system in Canada East.
Trunk pistons are long, relative to their diameter.
Trunk pistons have been a common design of piston since the early days of the reciprocating internal combustion engine.
When looking only at expressways the National Trunk Highway System ( NTHS ) in China has a total length of at the end of 2006, and 60, 300 km at the end of 2008, second only to the United States with in 2005.
He obtained the exclusive right to sell newspapers on the road, and, with the aid of four assistants, he set in type and printed the Grand Trunk Herald, which he sold with his other papers.
Edison's first telegraphy job away from Port Huron was at Stratford Junction, Ontario, on the Grand Trunk Railway.
Emanuel Lutheran in Inver Grove Heights MN welcomes over 600 children at their Trunk or Treat on the Friday before Halloween.
The Nova Scotia Eastern Institute of Technology ( NSEIT ) opened in 1968 on Grand Lake Road ( Trunk 4 ) several kilometres east of the Sydney city limits.
The U. S. Virgin Islands are known for their white sand beaches, including Magens Bay and Trunk Bay, and strategic harbors, including Charlotte Amalie and Christiansted.
Trunk Bay, Saint John, U. S. Virgin Islands | St. John.
The Grand Trunk Express began service in India.

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