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; and Tunnels
* The Main Line runs from Long Island City east to Greenport ; trains using the Northeast Corridor and the East River Tunnels from New York Penn Station join the line at Sunnyside Yard.
Also in the western face, hidden by later construction but visible via the recent Western Wall Tunnels, and only rediscovered by Warren, is Warren's Gate ; the function of these western gates is obscure, but many Jews view Warren's Gate as particularly holy, due to its location due west of the Dome of the Rock.
To convey Water ; he made Tunnels
Contracts were awarded in late 2010 ; ' Tunnels West ' contract was awarded to BAM Nuttall, Ferrovial Agroman and Kier Construction ; the ' Tunnels East ' contract was awarded to Dragados and John Sisk & Son.
Da ' an is bounded on the east by Guangfu South Road, Keelung Road and Heping East Road ; on the south by Neipu, Fuzhou and Toad Hills, and the Xinhai and Zhuangjing Tunnels ; in the west by Roosevelt Road, Hangzhou South Road, Xinyi Road and Xinsheng South Road ; and in the north by Civic Boulevard.
; Tunnels
Difficult grades exist in both directions from Field, east through the Spiral Tunnels 137 miles to Calgary, Alberta ; and 126 miles ( 203 km ) west to Revelstoke, British Columbia through Rogers Pass and the Connaught Tunnel, and where the modern Mount Macdonald Tunnel was opened in 1989.
Mersey Tunnels Police also faced criticism in the tabloid press in March 2009, after a driver was allegedly pulled over by a Tunnels officer for laughing behind the wheel ; however the service has no official record of this incident.
The PRR ultimately decided to build a pair of single-track tunnels under the river, called the North River Tunnels, between Weehawken and mid-town Manhattan ; the two tunnels continued seamlessly west from Weehawken to the west portals.
The North River Tunnels carried PRR trains under the Hudson ; for some years PRR electric engines also pulled Lehigh Valley Railroad or Baltimore and Ohio Railroad trains to New York.
* Riley, N. and Lelland, A., A review of incidents involving hazardous materials in road and rail tunnels, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Safety in Road and Rail Tunnels, 1995 ; ISBN 0-9520083-2-7
Mishkoff originally created the music for The Attack, an earlier program ; however, TI rejected the composition for that game, using it with Tunnels of Doom instead.
Tunnels dug into the structure have revealed that the pyramid underwent at least six renovations ; each new addition was larger and covered the previous structure.
* Riley, N. and Lelland, A., A review of incidents involving hazardous materials in road and rail tunnels, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Safety in Road and Rail Tunnels, 1995 ; ISBN 0-9520083-2-7
Only Tunnels # 22 and # 24 at Nemo, Tennessee and Tunnels # 25 and # 26 at Oakdale remain on the line ; all but # 25 were built brand-new in the 1960s.
This is becoming a popular spot for tourists to Adelaide and also for cyclists coming up the old Mount Barker Road through Eagle on the Hill ; this section of highway has now been superseded by the Heysen Tunnels.
The valley from Chalford to Stroud, known as the Golden Valley is one of the Stroud Five Valleys ; it carries the railway line and canal to the Sapperton Tunnels under the Cotswolds.

; and Every
Every piece of the nightmare was clear, in place ; ;
Every single instance of altruistic behavior need not always increase inclusive fitness ; altruistic behaviors would have been selected for if such behaviors on average increased inclusive fitness in the ancestral environment.
* Revised Code of Washington 9. 12. 010: " Every person who brings on his or her own behalf, or instigates, incites, or encourages another to bring, any false suit at law or in equity in any court of this state, with intent thereby to distress or harass a defendant in the suit, or who serves or sends any paper or document purporting to be or resembling a judicial process, that is not in fact a judicial process, is guilty of a misdemeanor ; and in case the person offending is an attorney, he or she may, in addition thereto be disbarred from practicing law within this state.
Every Boolean algebra ( A, ∧, ∨) gives rise to a ring ( A, +, ·) by defining a + b := ( a ∧ ¬ b ) ∨ ( b ∧ ¬ a ) = ( a ∨ b ) ∧ ¬( a ∧ b ) ( this operation is called symmetric difference in the case of sets and XOR in the case of logic ) and a · b := a ∧ b. The zero element of this ring coincides with the 0 of the Boolean algebra ; the multiplicative identity element of the ring is the 1 of the Boolean algebra.
Every information exchange between living organisms — i. e. transmission of signals that involve a living sender and receiver can be considered a form of communication ; and even primitive creatures such as corals are competent to communicate.
Every one of us has been passing through days of anxiety ; we cannot, however, feel that peace has been established, but that we have nothing but an armistice in a state of war.
* Every pair of congruence relations for an unknown integer x, of the form x ≡ k ( mod a ) and x ≡ l ( mod b ), has a solution, as stated by the Chinese remainder theorem ; in fact the solutions are described by a single congruence relation modulo ab.
Every real number has a ( possibly infinite ) decimal representation ; i. e., it can be written as
Every module over a division ring has a basis ; linear maps between finite-dimensional modules over a division ring can be described by matrices, and the Gaussian elimination algorithm remains applicable.
Every bijective function g has an inverse g < sup >− 1 </ sup >, such that gg < sup >− 1 </ sup > = I ;
Every connected graph is an expander ; however, different connected graphs have different expansion parameters.
* Carpenter, Ruth Ann ; Finley, Carrie E. Healthy Eating Every Day.
Cobham was a common butt of veiled satire in Elizabethan popular literature ; he figures in Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour and may have been part of the reason The Isle of Dogs was suppressed.
::: Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States ; If he approves he shall sign it, but if not he shall return it, with his Objections to that House in which it shall have originated ...
# Every type of state is a powerful institution of the ruling class ; the state is an instrument which one class uses to secure its rule and enforce its preferred production relations ( and its exploitation ) onto society.
Every Mac made between 1986 and 1998 has a SCSI port on the back, making external expansion easy ; also, " toaster " Compact Macs did not have easily accessible hard drive bays ( or, in the case of the Mac Plus, any hard drive bay at all ), so on those models, external SCSI disks were the only reasonable option.
This was to be based on utilitarian principles ; he said: " Every man has a right to that, the exclusive possession of which being awarded to him, a greater sum of benefit or pleasure will result than could have arisen from its being otherwise appropriated.
Every reality of the Marvel Universe has numerous interconnected dimensions, with each dimension differing from those of other realities ; for example, the Ultimate Asgard has clearly been shown to be distinct from the Asgard known to Earth-616 characters.
Every normed vector space V sits as a dense subspace inside a Banach space ; this Banach space is essentially uniquely defined by V and is called the completion of V.
Also among the early 32 members were syndicated panel cartoonists Dave Breger ( Mister Breger ), George Clark ( The Neighbors ), Bob Dunn ( Just the Type ) and Jimmy Hatlo ( They'll Do It Every Time ); freelance magazine cartoonists Abner Dean and Mischa Richter, editorial cartoonists Rube Goldberg ( New York Sun ), Burris Jenkins ( New York Journal American ), C. D. Batchelor ( Daily News ) and Richard Q. Yardley ( The Baltimore Sun ); sports cartoonist Lou Hanlon ; illustrator Russell Patterson and comic book artists Joe Shuster and Joe Musial.
* Every preorder can be given a topology, the Alexandrov topology ; and indeed, every preorder on a set is in one-to-one correspondence with an Alexandrov topology on that set.
Every one thinks chiefly of his own, hardly at all of the common interest ; and only when he is himself concerned as an individual.
* Every product of ( arbitrarily many ) profinite groups is profinite ; the topology arising from the profiniteness agrees with the product topology.
* Every closed subgroup of a profinite group is itself profinite ; the topology arising from the profiniteness agrees with the subspace topology.

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