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Twice and day
Twice a day, a priest would stand in front of the golden prayer altar and burn fragrant incense ( Exodus 30: 7-10 ).
Twice a day teachers and students spent time in private devotions.
Twice granted supreme power, he held onto it for not a day longer than absolutely necessary.
Twice as much food per day was consumed when it was next to a nest rather than 18 inches away.
Fulci's version is as follows: " One day I told Dardano the plot of my Evil Comes Back ( later retitled Per Sempre / Until Death ), a sequel on a fantastic note to The Postman Always Rings Twice, and he proposed it to several producers with my name on it as the director.
Twice, Hawley won seven races in a single day at Toronto ’ s Woodbine Racetrack and at Santa Anita Park had six wins in a single day on two occasions.
" The next day, Cash would perform Dylan's " Don't Think Twice, It's All Right " as part of his set, telling the audience that " we've been doing it on our shows all over the country, trying to tell the folks about Bob, that we think he's the best songwriter of the age since Pete Seeger ... Sure do.
Twice a month at the beginning of the school day, all students attend nondenominational services in the school ’ s chapel, offering a forum for spiritual and moral development.
Twice a day the Aquariums staff feed the penguins herring in the Penguin exhibits.
Twice they set out from Italy on a sunny day and twice the clouds blocked them from the Bosnian hills.
Twice a year FaceLift chooses a Neighborhood in City Heights and closes off the streets and renovates 12-15 homes by painting, landscaping, and cleaning up the surrounding area in a one day event.
Twice a day work stopped for blasting, and then the steam shovels were moved in to take the loose spoil ( dirt and rock ) away.

Twice and for
Twice a month the editorial staff meets in New York for an early supper, then a long evening of idea-exchange.
Twice a year for 16 years, 10 weeks at a time, he appeared in county seats in the midstate region when the county courts were in session.
Twice in the year the superiors of the several coenobia met at the chief monastery, under the presidency of an archimandrite (" the chief of the fold ," from miandra, a sheepfold ), and at the last meeting gave in reports of their administration for the year.
Twice in Europe's history, for example, Romani people were the target of genocide.
These cost from 0 to 3 or more points depending on whether they should be considered Frequent, Major ( or even " Twice Major ", for especially powerful abilities that significantly affect gameplay ) and / or Versatile.
The classic film noirs The Maltese Falcon and The Glass Key ( 1942 ) were based on novels by Hammett ; Cain's novels provided the basis for Double Indemnity ( 1944 ), Mildred Pierce ( 1945 ), The Postman Always Rings Twice ( 1946 ), and Slightly Scarlet ( 1956 ; adapted from Love's Lovely Counterfeit ).
In 1967 she recorded the theme song for the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.
Twice ousted by the Panamanian military, he was again ousted ( for the third time ) as president by the National Guard after only 10 days in office.
With a radio advertising campaign featuring the jingle " Pepsi-Cola hits the spot / Twelve full ounces, that's a lot / Twice as much for a nickel, too / Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you ", arranged in such a way that the jingle never ends.
* 1939 – 1950: " Twice as Much for a Nickel "
The joke was that " SECAM " stood for " Something exceedingly Contrary to the American Method " versus NTSC " Never Twice the Same Color " whilst " Peace At Last " or " Perfection At Last " could only be obtained through the PAL system.
*" The Madam's Song ", also called " I Never Do Anything Twice ", for the film The Seven-Per-Cent Solution ( 1976 ).
Twice he visited Rome as a diplomatic representative of the Bavarian court to obtain sanction for the establishment of a court of inquisition against the Lutheran teachings at Ingolstadt.
With Gianni Puccini, Antonio Pietrangeli and Giuseppe De Santis, he wrote the screenplay for his first film as director: Ossessione ( Obsession, 1943 ), the first neorealist movie and an unofficial adaptation of the novel The Postman Always Rings Twice.
Called Twice Ken is Plenty and intended as a two-man showcase for Horne and Kenneth Williams, the 21st century version was performed by Jonathan Rigby and Robin Sebastian.
Only four horses competed against Secretariat for the June 9, 1973, running of the Belmont Stakes, including Sham, who had finished second in both the Derby and Preakness, along with three other horses thought to have little chance by the bettors: Twice A Prince, My Gallant, and Private Smiles.
Otto Preminger was looking for a theatrical project to direct and first became aware of Vera Caspary's story when her agent offered him the first draft of a play called Ring Twice for Laura.
Blofeld, with a weakened SPECTRE would appear for the final time in You Only Live Twice.
The goal of world domination was only ever stated in You Only Live Twice, and SPECTRE was working not for itself but for an unnamed Asian government whose two representatives Blofeld speaks to during the movie ; perhaps Red China, who earlier backed Goldfinger.
A dome appeared in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice, inspiring the production designer of Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me to use a dome for Dr Evil's moon base .< ref >
" In 1971 Norman produced an album ( Born Twice ) for Randy Stonehill, who had been converted in August 1970 in Norman's kitchen.

Twice and 40
## Great White is sometimes called a one-hit wonder for " Once Bitten Twice Shy ", but " The Angel Song " was also a Top 40 hit.
* Twice led NL in ERA ( 1939 – 40 )
* The Losers Special # 1 ( 1985 ) " Losers Die Twice " 40 pages
Twice a year, at Epiphany ( 6 January ) and on Ascension Day ( the Thursday 40 days after Easter, counting both days ) the three Magi, led by an angel with a trumpet, emerge from one of the doorways normally taken up by these numbers and pass in procession round the gallery, bowing to the Virgin and child, before disappearing through the other door.

Twice and days
Twice, Coal / Railroad days has coincided with other celebrations in Appalachia.
Twice a year it holds a notoriously grueling selection camp ( Gibbush ) for potential recruits lasting several sleepless days.
Twice flown, he served as a mission specialist on STS-106 and STS-115 logging over 23 days in space, and 7 hours and 11 minutes of EVA time.
The season 2 episode " The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice " could have been filmed much more cheaply by being shot in color and then decolorized, but Caron insisted on the authentic look of black-and-white film which took 16 days to shoot bringing the cost of the episode to then unheard of sum of two million dollars.
Twice that season Carr ran world records ; a non-ratified 20. 4 for 200 meters and, three days later in a college triangular meet, a 20. 3 for 220 yards.
Twice a year, in the Ashwin and Chaitra months of the Hindu calendar ( during the days of Navratra ), the famous Shakumbhri Mela is organised.
Twice a year Summer or Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebrations with three days of White Tantric Yoga, Women's Camp, a KRI Teacher Training event, and Sat Nam Rasayan training are all offered.

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