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Two and Christian
Sometimes used as a symbol for Christian marriage: Two gold wedding rings interlinked with the Greek letters Chi ( letter ) | chi ( X ) and Rho ( letter ) | rho ( P )— the first two letters in the Greek word for " Christ " ( see Labarum )
Differing Christian Stances Toward Judaism Over Two Millennia by Dr. Graham Keith ( Middle East Resources )
Two psychologists associated with Christian colleges in the US have argued that it is not conclusive that homosexuality does not meet the DSM's criteria, based on their review of some of the research relating to claims of statistical infrequency, personal distress, maladaptiveness and deviation from social norms.
However, this overlooks those parts of scripture which provide for the doctrine of the " Two Swords " and for the medieval Roman Catholic concept of the powers of kings to protect the Christian Constitution of states, to defend and extend the boundaries of Christendom by lawful means only, to protect and defend the innocent, the weak, the poor and the vulnerable, and to protect the church and the papacy with the king's own life, if necessary.
Two locations for Nazareth are cited in ancient texts: the Galilean ( northern ) location in the Christian gospels and a southern ( Judean ) location mentioned in several early noncanonical texts.
Two crossed swords also look like a Christian cross and the mixed symbolism has been used in military decorations, for instance in the Polish Order of the White Eagle ( before 1730 ) and the Cross of Independence.
Two books addressed to his wife confirm that he was married to a Christian wife.
* Two Christian missionaries smuggle a few silkworm larvae to Constantinople from China ( approximate date ).
* " The Two Parts of the Word of God: Law & Gospel " from The Christian Faith by Beza
Two political parties emerged: the Union for National Progress ( UPRONA ), a multi-ethnic party led by Tutsi Prince Louis Rwagasore and the Christian Democratic Party ( PDC ) supported by Belgium.
* Spirituality of the Christian Woman from The Collected Works of Edith Stein, Volume Two, Essays on Woman, 1987, ICS Publications
The first radio single off the album is " Two Hands ", which peaked at No. 6 on the Hot Christian Songs chart.
Two eastern valleys of the Cottian Alps ( Pellice and Germanasca ) have been for centuries a kind of sanctuary for the Waldensians, a Christian movement founded by Peter Waldo and which was persecuted as heretical from the 12th century onwards.
Two of the more specific features associated with this text are ( 1 ) a preference for reason over authority in matters of science and nature ( in other words, seeking solutions via reason and logic rather than through faith ) and ( 2 ) the use of the literary device of invoking Arab teachings when presenting very controversial topics ( i. e. that brute animals may possess knowledge and souls ) Curiously, Adelard didn't think that the use of reason to seek knowledge was in anyway contradictory with Christian faith in God.
Two other conductors, German-born Henry Christian Timm and French-born Denis Etienne, led parts of the eclectic, three-hour program, which included chamber music and several operatic selections with a leading singer of the day, as was the custom.
Two months later, on August 19, 2005, The Choir played a 20th anniversary concert at Mariners Church in Irvine, California, along with 4-4-1, Altar Boys, Crumbächer and Undercover, in order to acknowledge the birth of the Christian alternative music scene under the aegis of Calvary Chapel in the early 1980s.
" Two years prior to the 1984 interview, he had complained that Christian music generally meant " sloppy thinking, dishonest metaphors, and bad poetry " and stated that " I've never been able to get over the shock of how bad the lyrics are.
Two years after its founding, the American WCTU sponsored an international conference at which the International Women's Christian Temperance Union was formed.
Two churches are located in Soldier: the Soldier Christian Church and the Soldier Methodist Church.
Two non-commercial radio stations in International Falls ; KBHW ( 99. 5 FM ) and KXBR ( 91. 9 FM ), owned and operated by Heartland Christian Broadcasters, Inc.
Two private primary schools, Bowling Green Christian Academy and the Montessori School of Bowling Green, and one parochial, St. Aloysius, also call Bowling Green home.
After the war, in 1946, she returned to her home in France, where she composed orchestral and chamber music, plus numerous other works including the ballets Paris-Magie ( with Lise Delarme ) and Parisiana ( for the Royal Ballet of Copenhaugen ), the operas Il était un petit navire ( with Henri Jeanson ), Dolores, La petite sirène ( with Philip Soupault, based on Hans Christian Andersen's story " The Little Mermaid ") and Le maître ( to a libretto by Ionesco ), the musical comedy Parfums, the Concerto des vaines paroles, for baritone voice, piano and orchestra, the Concerto for Soprano and Orchestra, the Concertino for Flute, Piano and Orchestra, the Second Piano Concerto, the Concerto for Two Guitars and Orchestra, her Second Sonata for Violin and Piano, the Sonata for Harp, as well as an impressive number of film and television scores.
However, as documented in the book review, " THE TWO BABYLONS: A Case Study in Poor Methodology ", by Ralph Woodrow, which appeared in volume 22, number 2 ( 2000 ) of the Christian Research Journal ( Article DC187 ), Two Babylons Hislop was an exceptionally poor researcher who " picked, chose and mixed " portions of various unrelated myths from many different cultures.
Two galleasses, which had side-mounted cannon, were positioned in front of each main division, for the purpose, according to Miguel de Cervantes ( who served on the galley Marquesa during the battle ), of preventing the Turks from sneaking in small boats and sapping, sabotaging or boarding the Christian vessels.
" Two of Harris ’ primary opponents denounced her statements, Republican Will McBride ( an attorney and son of a pastor ) stated “ I ’ m a Christian, and I ’ m a Republican, and I don ’ t share her views.

Two and knights
Two knights, as challengers, threw down their gauntlets to maintain his innocence by wager of battle.
* Two knights endgame
Two fallen knights are named as Leofwine and Gyrth, Harold's brothers, but both armies are shown fighting bravely.
Two English knights were actually taken prisoner, though it is unclear at what stage in the battle.
Two of Warwick's knights, William Bonville, 1st Baron Bonville and Sir Thomas Kyriell, who had agreed to remain with Henry and see that he came to no harm, were captured.
Two knights in jousting armour, from the Turnierbuch of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor | Maximilian I ( Hans Burgkmair the Younger, ca.
Two of them, the cnezats of John and Farcaş were granted to the knights, but the lands ruled by Litovoi and Seneslau were left " to the Olati " (" Romanians ") " just as they have owned it ".
* Two knights endgame ( contains Troitzky line )
Two new specialized formations were introduced, the Arrowhead formation for the archers and the Lance formation for all levels of knights.
Two groups of approximately 30 English and French knights staged a tournament at a spot between the two towns, to show their prowess and make money by capturing opponents.
* Two Norman knights who took part in the Conquest of Britain in 1066, Robert d ' Ouilly and Roger d ' Ivry, were well known as blood brothers.
Two of the three attacking dragons fly into the dragontraps, where the knights easily kill them with dragonlances.
Two coffin slabs for two of the knights stand upright at the entrance in the bell tower.
Two more knights charge forward from the city, nobles named Talanque ( a nephew of King Amadis ) and Maneli, a prince of Ireland.
* Two minor pieces: The odds-giver chooses which two of White's knights and / or bishops to remove.
# REDIRECT Two knights endgame
Two knights of the shire were chosen to represent each county.

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