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Two and English-language
In 1991, the American band Vambo Marble Eye recorded a version of " Next " for their album Two Trick Pony, 18 years after an English-language version of the song by SAHB in 1973, from their Next album.
It is generally considered part of the second tier of Canadian English-language broadcast television services, alongside CTV Two.
Stations of the CBC or Société Radio-Canada tend to identify themselves as " CBC Radio One "/" CBC Radio Two " ( English-language ) or " La Première Chaîne "/" Espace Musique " ( French-language ) of a city, although they do have official three-and four-letter call signs.
The network's previous format had been similar to that of CBC Radio Two, and was indeed regarded by some as superior to its English-language counterpart, leading many cultural commentators to criticize the new format.
He was later offered by DreamWorks to direct the movie The Ring Two ( 2005 ), which he accepted, making his English-language debut with a sequel to a remake of his own film.
The station also airs popular English-language shows such as The Price Is Right, The Simpsons and Two and a Half Men alongside its multicultural programming.
The channel, branded as SCN ( for Saskatchewan Communications Network ), launched on May 6 of that year, making it one of the newer English-language publicly-funded broadcasters in Canada ( Ontario's TVOntario was launched on September 27, 1970 ; British Columbia's Knowledge launched on January 12, 1981 ; and Alberta's Access, which is now the privately-owned CTV Two Alberta, was launched on June 30, 1973 ).
Two English-language trade paperbacks have been published:

Two and translations
Two English translations of the Various History, by Fleming ( 1576 ) and Stanley ( 1665 ) made Aelian's miscellany available to English readers, but after 1665 no English translation appeared, until three English translations appeared almost simultaneously: James G. DeVoto, Claudius Aelianus: Ποιϰίλης Ἱοτορίας (" Varia Historia ") Chicago, 1995 ; Diane Ostrom Johnson, An English Translation of Claudius Aelianus ' " Varia Historia ", 1997 ; and N. G. Wilson, Aelian: Historical Miscellany in the Loeb Classical Library.
* Two English translations:
Two full English translations of Newton's ' Principia ' have appeared, both based on Newton's 3rd edition of 1726.
During these years Holst also became interested in Hindu mysticism and spirituality, and this interest led to the composition of several works set to translations of Sanskrit texts, including: Sita ( 1899 – 1906 ), a three-act opera based on an episode in the Ramayana ; Sāvitri ( 1908 ), a chamber opera based on a tale from the Mahabharata ; 4 groups of Hymns from the Rig Veda ( 1908 – 14 ); and two texts originally by Kalidasa: Two Eastern Pictures ( 1909 – 10 ) and The Cloud Messenger ( 1913 ).
Two translations of the Almagest into English have been published.
Two different English translations of the speech can be read on the front page of the Rangoon Nation and the Rangoon Guardian of 9 July 1962.
Two English versions are given below ; both are free translations of the Hungarian words.
Two full translations into English have been published, those by John Crombie and Stanley Chapman.
Two years later he published a Hindustani grammar, and, in subsequent years, a new edition of Saadi's Gulistán, with a translation in prose and verse, also an edition with vocabulary of the Hindi translation of Chatur Chuj Misr's Prem Sagar, and translations of the Bagh-o-Bahar, and of the Anwar-i Suhaili of Bidpai.
Two English translations are in use.
Two translations into Basque followed mid-century: 50 in J-B.
" Two full Chinese translations of the were made.
Two especially influential translations are the Kumārajīva version, which is the most widely used, and the Xuanzang version.
Two English translations of the book are available.
Two extracts from Tzoou daw Jinqtz lii with facing translations can be read online.
* Two poems by Matthias Koeppel, with their standard German translations
Two translations by Irish poets are available in mass market editions: Thomas Kinsella's The Táin ( 1969, Oxford University Press ) and Ciarán Carson's The Táin ( 2007, Penguin Classics ).
Two Russian language translations appeared in the 19th century, by Ignatius Brianchaninov ( 1857 ) and Theophan the Recluse's Dobrotolubiye ( 1877 ).
Two more faithful translations, certainly much more readable to modern students, emerged in the 1950s and 1960s under the titles The Sinful Priest and The Sin of Father Mouret.
Two English language translations have been published.
Two previously existing study Bibles published previously or concurrently in other translations have now been published in ESV editions.
Two English translations exist which provide different translations of the Swedish names.

Two and were
Two men were on duty inside, playing pinochle, relaxed.
Two of the new hands, a Mexican named Jose Amado and a kid known only as Laredo, were picked for the first trick of riding night herd.
Two of the principal addresses were delivered by prominent Protestants, and when the speaker was a Catholic, one `` discussant '' on the dais tended to be of another religious persuasion.
Two of our men were killed, a third was wounded.
Two gas lamps were no more than a misleading glow.
Two men he did not recognize were sipping coffee and munching sweet rolls.
Two hundred and nineteen were received from 35 of our 50 United States and 11 came from foreign countries.
Two special issues were published, one for November 1959 on Space Medicine, the other the Tenth Anniversary issue for January 1960.
Two friends were talking.
Two of the fluids showed a high-positive normal pressure when undergoing shear, and two showed small negative pressures which were negligible in comparison with the amount of the positive pressures generated by the other two.
Two types of light source were used, a thousand watt projection lamp and an AH6 high pressure mercury arc.
Two other end-use areas which contributed to expandable styrene's growth during the year were packaging ( molded inserts replacing complicated cardboard units ) and foamed-core building panels.
Two of these were included in Palfrey's lot.
Two bequests were recorded: one of $200 under the will of Mrs. Harriet A. Copp of Los Angeles ; ;
Two millions were added to what had been set aside for it in Mrs. Meeker's lifetime, and the proviso made that as long as Brian Thayer continued to discharge his duties as administrator of the fund to the satisfaction of the board of trustees ( hereinafter appointed by the bank administering the estate ) he was to be retained in his present capacity at a salary commensurate with the increased responsibilities enlargement of the fund would entail.
Two women, who had been chattering like parrots, were struck dumb.
Two tax revision bills were passed.
Two other cases also were under advisement.
-- Two Americans and seven Cubans were executed by firing squads today as Castro military tribunals began decreeing the death penalty for captured invasion forces and suspected collaborators.
Two were in the same band 18 years ago ; ;
Two late Sonatas, Op. 110 and 111, were played with similar insight, the disarming simplicities of the Op. 111 Adagio made plain without ever becoming obvious.
Two other Japanese girls were sitting at the tables, both quite pretty and well groomed.
Two of the seven wonders of the ancient world were located in Anatolia: The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.
These were The Bump, starring Aubrey Smith ; Twice Two ; Five Pound Reward ; and Bookworms Some of these films survive in the archives of the British Film Institute.
Two chiefly important monk philosophers were Sengzhao and Daosheng.

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