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Two and action
Two 1571 clones appeared, one from Oceanic and one from Blue Chip, but legal action from Commodore quickly drove them from the market.
Two EMG investigations can be characteristic in LEMS: compound motor action potentials ( CMAP ) and single-fiber examination.
* The 1954 Broadway musical The Golden Apple by librettist John Treville Latouche and composer Jerome Moross is freely adapted from the Iliad and the Odyssey, re-setting the action to the American state of Washington in the years after the Spanish-American War, with events inspired by the Iliad in Act One and events inspired by the Odyssey in Act Two.
Thiessen later guest-starred on NewsRadio ( 1999 ) and the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl and starred in the short-lived action drama series Fastlane.
In the followup 1982 novel, 2010: Odyssey Two, and the accompanying 1984 film, 2010, it is revealed that this action was caused by the computer having been programmed with two conflicting objectives: to fully disclose all its information, and to keep the true purpose of the flight secret from the crew ; this conflict caused HAL to become paranoid and eventually homicidal.
Two soldiers of the U. S. 4th Infantry Division were awarded Medals of Honor for action in the battle.
Two poets, Irishman Francis Ledwidge, 25, of 1st Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, in 29th Division, and Hedd Wyn, a Welsh-language poet serving with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Pilckem Ridge, were both killed in action on 31 July.
Hitler went on to castigate the Navy, saying that Navy had done nothing in the wars of unification, that the High Seas Fleet " played no important role in the World War " and lacked "... men of action who were determined to fight with or without the Kaiser ", that the Navy were a nest of traitors whose only contribution to World War I was the High Seas Fleet mutiny of 1918, and that given this history, it was no surprise that the Navy's record in World War Two with the notable exception of the U-boats was one of failure after failure.
Two class action lawsuits have been filed against Bausch & Lomb in relation to the eye fungus problems.
Two are notable ; one is a full-length, stately and dignified, in which he wears the green cross of the order of Alcantara and holds a wand, the badge of his office as master of the horse, the other, a great equestrian portrait in which he is flatteringly represented as a field marshal during action.
Two of the newer trends in the genre are books with a split setting ( i. e., a modern story framing action that occurs in one or more past settings ) and books where all of the action occurs in the present but the puzzle to be solved is all about elements from the past.
Scenes from Two Soldiers, which won the 2004 Academy Award for best live action short film, were filmed in front of Davis Brothers and the old Morse and Wade Building, a turn-of the century building that was on the National Registry but torn down in 2006.
Two of Wellesley's brigades never got into action at all, but the rest were used economically to defeat each French attack.
Two ships of the United States Navy have borne the name USS Reprisal, promising hostile action in response to an offense.
Two of the eight Spooky gunships were removed from action ; the remainder were then disarmed and reverted to transports.
Two men, each with a wooden spoon the size of an oar, and a third man coordinate the action of folding and stirring the contents, which include kao hnyin, ngacheik, coconut shavings, peanuts, sesame and ginger in peanut oil.
Two US pilots were killed in action during the siege of Dien Bien Phu the following year.
Two alternatives were put forward: one where no action would be taken, and one where title to the Milpitas Hacienda and nearby bungalows would be transferred to California State Parks to be managed as an addition to the Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument.
Two new shows were introduced to the network: Trading Matters, a wrap-up of the day's market action, and Australia This Week, a concise show summarizing the week's highlights.
Blissett never played a first team game for Watford again, his only action in 1992 – 93 coming in shape of a three-match loan spell at West Bromwich Albion, which resulted in one Division Two goal.
The action of We is set at some time after the Two Hundred Years ' War which has wiped out all but " 0. 2 of the earth's population ".
Some contemporary Frenchmen, such as Victor Hugo, disapproved of the action ; in his " Expédition de Chine ", Hugo described the looting as, "' Two robbers breaking into a museum, devastating, looting and burning, leaving laughing hand-in-hand with their bags full of treasures ; one of the robbers is called France and the other Britain.
Two theoretical approaches have dominated this research: the theory of reasoned action and, its theoretical descendant, the theory of planned behavior, both of which are associated with Icek Ajzen.
* Two versions of The Question have been turned into toys with a Vic Sage action figure and the Renee Montoya version as a Minimate.

Two and figures
Two hours of watching his serenely happy face, listening to his soft humming as he bent over his penciled figures, and Blanche had to leave.
:* Two colossal free-standing figures identified as Maussollos and his wife Artemisia.
Two silhouetted figures in The Big Combo ( 1955 ).
Two early figures stand out: Hippias of Elis, who produced the lists of winners in the Olympic Games that provided the basic chronological framework as long as the pagan classical tradition lasted, and Hellanicus of Lesbos, who compiled more than two dozen histories from civic records, all of them now lost.
Two of the figures are understood to be Baldr and Odin while both Loki and Hel have been proposed as candidates for the third figure.
Two central figures in the early modern age are Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton.
Two of Ludovico's daughters married to relevant figures: Geronima to Pier Luigi Farnese, illegitimate son of Pope Paul III and Marzia to Gian Giacomo Medici of Marignano, an important general of the Spanish army.
Two public figures claimed in interviews that one of the main causes for poverty in Africa is a low average intelligence, an idea which caused great controversy.
It began screening on BBC One on weekday afternoons on April 28, 2008 but after lower than desired ratings figures it was shifted to BBC Two from May 19, 2008.
Two geometric figures are considered to be of the same symmetry type if their symmetry groups are conjugate subgroups of the Euclidean group E ( n ) ( the isometry group of R < sup > n </ sup >), where two subgroups H < sub > 1 </ sub >, H < sub > 2 </ sub > of a group G are conjugate, if there exists g ∈ G such that H < sub > 1 </ sub >= g < sup >− 1 </ sup > H < sub > 2 </ sub > g.
Two especially important figures in this period of British history are the prime ministers Gladstone and Disraeli, whose contrasting views changed the course of history.
* c. 2500 BC – 2200 BC — Two figures of women, from the Cyclades, are made.
Two of his most successful paintings, Bonaparte Visiting the Plague Victims of Jaffa ( 1804 ) and Battle of Abukir ( 1806 ) focus on the Emperor, as he was by then, but include many Egyptian figures, as does the less effective Napoleon at the Battle of the Pyramids ( 1810 ).
A tangram paradox is an apparent dissection fallacy: Two figures composed with the same set of pieces, one of which seems to be a proper subset of the other.
Two famous undecidable figures, the Penrose triangle and the Blivet | devil's tuning fork.
Two prominent radical figures in the unification movement were Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi.
Two Old English charms mention figures that are theorized as representing an Anglo-Saxon notion of valkyries or valkyrie-like female beings ; Wið færstice, a charm to cure a sudden pain or stitch, and For a Swarm of Bees, a charm to keep honey bees from swarming.
Two notable figures who were born in the county early in the twentieth century were singer / entertainer Dinah Shore and entrepreneur / philanthropist John Templeton.
Two other divine figures of some importance are considered as sons of Siva and Parvati, viz.
Two other figures on the right, reason and philosophy, are tearing the veil from truth.
Two of the main figures in the debate were US Senator David C. Broderick, a Free Soil advocate and David S. Terry who was in favor of extension of slavery into California.
Two tiny human figures, only about 6 inches high, emerge from the craft.
1948 ; this work also includes such historical figures as Alcibiades, Aristippus, Avicenna, Democritus, and Dionysius the Younger as speakers ), and Iris Murdoch, who included not only Socrates and Alcibiades as interlocutors in her work Acastos: Two Platonic Dialogues ( 1986 ), but featured a young Plato himself as well.
Two significant secular commissions helped establish the firm's reputation in the late 1860s: a royal project at St. James's Palace and the " green dining room " at the South Kensington Museum ( now the Victoria and Albert ) of 1867 which featured stained glass windows and panel figures by Burne-Jones.
Two very badly damaged figures in the middle are split by a gap.

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