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Page "adventure" ¶ 73
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Two and men
Two men were on duty inside, playing pinochle, relaxed.
Two men murmured with their heads together at the end of the bar, while the sleek-headed bartender absently polished a glass.
Two uniformed officers, a couple of plain-clothesmen I knew, and two other men stood on a gray cement area next to the pool on my left.
Volumes One and Two, selected from the sound tracks of a television series, contain `` conversations with the elder wise men of our day ''.
Two of our men were killed, a third was wounded.
Two men pulled him off.
Two men he did not recognize were sipping coffee and munching sweet rolls.
Two men can often do the installation in a day.
Two men show promise of playing prominent roles:
Two men in the front seat.
Two other reasons for this title are that he would support his aged father-in-law with his hand at Senate meetings, and that he had saved those men that Hadrian, during his period of ill-health, had condemned to death.
Two men, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, are killed.
Two days later, police set up barricades around the city and detained two more men who had escaped the raid.
alt = Two men sit at computer monitors with financial information
Two men stay on, an invalid Cracker, Will Benteen, and Ashley Wilkes, whose spirit is broken.
Two men and a woman having a conversation in American Sign Language.
Two men in suits are standing on either side of the players.
Two months later Rumson has a population of 400, all of whom are men except for Jennifer.
Two months later the men want Ben to send Jennifer away, and he wishes her mother was still alive to help him (" I Still See Elisa ").
Two men, known as the Prosperous Bay Murderers, were hanged in 1905.
Two men and a woman signing
alt = Two men signing an agreement, with other men standing behind them
Two men independently developed the octant around 1730: John Hadley ( 1682 – 1744 ), an English mathematician, and Thomas Godfrey ( 1704 – 1749 ), a glazier in Philadelphia.

Two and together
Two pieces of amber may be united by smearing the surfaces with linseed oil, heating them, and then pressing them together while hot.
Two monosaccharides can be joined together using dehydration synthesis, in which a hydrogen atom is removed from the end of one molecule and a hydroxyl group (— OH ) is removed from the other ; the remaining residues are then attached at the sites from which the atoms were removed.
Two loops can be combined together in an obvious way: travel along the first loop, then along the second.
His adaptation of a French operetta by Émile Jonas called The Two Harlequins opened the new Gaiety Theatre, London in 1868, together with his distant cousin, W. S. Gilbert's, Robert the Devil and another piece.
Two years later, Gilbert and Sullivan would write their first work together.
Two kinds of lizards, the Mourning Gecko ( Lepidodactylus lugubris ) and Snake-eyed Skink ( Ablepharus boutonii ) are present on Malden, together with brown libellulid dragonfly and large colonies of Sooty Terns and other migratory seabirds ( nineteen species in all ).
During Brubeck's Two Generations tours, Desmond and Mulligan shared the stage together in 1974.
Example: Two teams in System Admin working together to combine technical and organizational skills in order to better the client experience, thus creating synergy.
Two years later, Odainokata was sent back to her family and the couple never lived together again.
The war was fought primarily by forces supporting the unification – the Spanish loyal to Philip V, France, and the Electorate of Bavaria, together known as the Two Crowns – against those opposing unification – the so-called Grand Alliance among the Spanish loyal to Archduke Charles, the Holy Roman Empire, Great Britain, the Dutch Republic, Portugal and the Duchy of Savoy.
** Two cosmonauts transfer from Soyuz 5 to Soyuz 4 via a spacewalk while the two craft are docked together, the first time such a transfer takes place.
Two 1-connected paths can be consolidated together if the two groups of stones they start and end in are the same and their empty-point sets do not overlap.
and, in 1945, wrote Walden Two, a fictional utopia about 1, 000 members of a community living together inspired by the life of Thoreau.
Two objects being brought together by a tractor beam are usually attracted toward their common centre of gravity.
NPC and CPPCC together are often called the Lianghui ( Two Meetings ), making important national level political decisions.
: Two couples, after finishing a meal together, sit down to chat.
Two electrodes are simultaneously used to clamp the metal sheets together and to pass current through the sheets.
Two processes, possibly acting together, can lead to air becoming saturated: cooling the air or adding water vapor to the air.
Two new corporations, the Canon City & Royal Gorge Railroad ( CC & RG ) and Rock & Rail, Inc. ( R & R ), joined together to form Royal Gorge Express, LLC ( RGX ) to purchase the line.
Two young and blooming maidens lived together at that dread time, like Bessie Bell and Mary Gray, in a remote cottage on the steep ( indeed almost perpendicular ) ascent of the Bonnetmaker ’ s Hill.
Two hundred people were gathered together on the U. S. West Coast to work on the project, away from corporate prodding, in an attempt to mirror Cray's off-site lab.
Two years later, Manuela returns with Esteban to an AIDS convention, telling Huma and Agrado, who now run a stage show together, that Esteban had been a miracle by not inheriting the virus.
Two vegetative cells will fuse together, forming a planozygote.

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