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Two and earlier
In 860, an attack was made on the city by a new principality set up a few years earlier at Kiev by Askold and Dir, two Varangian chiefs: Two hundred small vessels passed through the Bosporus and plundered the monasteries and other properties on the suburban Prince's Islands.
Two years earlier, Hampton had won 22 games and finished second in voting for the Cy Young Award as a member of the Houston Astros, while Neagle had been a 20-game winner in 1997 for the Atlanta Braves and had won fifteen games in 2000.
Two days earlier, he told his wife, Dani, that he had a bad dream that he was being carried in a coffin following a heart attack.
Two days later on the 23 October, Herb Hannum, a friend from an earlier trip, noticed how sick Thomas looked and suggested an appointment with Feltenstein before the performances of Under Milk Wood that evening.
Two decades earlier the Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927 had stated that the United Kingdom and the dominions were " equal in status, in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united by common allegiance to the Crown, and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations ".
Two years earlier J.
Two major events were turning points in the earlier history of the Gulf Coast region.
Two main modern developments in mechanics are general relativity of Einstein, and quantum mechanics, both developed in the 20th century based in part on earlier 19th century ideas.
* Power requirements: One or Two 9 volt batteries on earlier MIcrovision consoles, One 9 volt battery on later Microvision consoles
Two years later in 1883, the system of appointments to the United States Federal Bureaucracy was revamped by the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, partially based on the British meritocratic civil service that had been established years earlier.
Two other hotels which shared the same architect, in this case Ludwig Heim ( 1844 – 1917 ), were the 68-room Hotel Bellevue ( sometimes known as the " Grand Hotel Bellevue "), built 1887-8, and the 110-room Palast Hotel, built 1892-3 on the site of an earlier hotel.
Other non-white groups acquired voting rights earlier – shortly after World War Two.
Two other fragmentary copies of the same decree were discovered later, and several similar Egyptian bilingual or trilingual inscriptions are now known, including two slightly earlier Ptolemaic decrees ( the Decree of Canopus in 238 BC, and the Memphis decree of Ptolemy IV, ca.
" Two undercover policewomen and two undercover policemen had entered the bar earlier that evening to gather visual evidence, as the Public Morals Squad waited outside for the signal.
Two years earlier, Beiderbecke had influenced another Carmichael standard, " Star Dust ".
Two discrete, sociological theories explain and justify gentrification as an economic process ( production-side theory ) and as a social process ( consumption-side theory ) that occurs when the suburban gentry tire of the automobile-dependent urban sprawl style of life ; thus, professionals, empty nest aged parents, and recent university graduates perceive the attractiveness of the city center — earlier abandoned during white flight — especially if the poor community possesses a transport hub and its architecture sustains the pedestrian traffic that allows the proper human relations impeded by ( sub ) urban sprawl.
Two decades earlier, the Canadian town of Saint-Jean-Vianney, Québec, also constructed on a Leda clay base, had been abandoned after a landslide on May 4, 1971, which swept away 41 homes, killing 31 people.
Two earlier attempts to formally recognize the holiday had been defeated by Congress.
Two years earlier, the colony had been seized by Protestants following the execution of King Charles I of England and the outbreak of the English Civil War.
Two years earlier Ravel had met Ricardo Viñes, who would become one of his best friends, one of the foremost interpreters of his piano music, and an important link between Ravel and Spanish music.
Other notable releases by KRS include: albums by bands such as The Paper Chase, Jeff Hanson, Unwound, Marnie Stern, Gossip, Mecca Normal, Two Ton Boa and Comet Gain ; spoken word albums by Kathy Acker and Miranda July ; and reissues of work by earlier punk / post-punk bands such as Kleenex / Liliput, Essential Logic, and Delta 5.
Two shots were fired, one bullet grazing the President's belly after penetrating the windshield of a jeep and multilayers of clothing, the other bullet penetrated the windshield and hitting the vice president's knee cast ( She was wearing a knee cast due to an earlier injury ).
* James D. McCawley Two Festschriften, the earlier one ( 1972 ) subtitled Defamatory essays presented to James D. McCawley on his 33rd or 34th birthday and anthologizing pseudonymous articles.
Two of the Roman milestones found in Cornwall are at Tintagel ( the earlier of the two is described under Trethevy ): the later one was found in the walls of the churchyard in 1889 and is preserved in the church.

Two and works
Two works by Mauss in particular proved to have enduring relevance: Essay on the Gift, a seminal analysis of exchange and reciprocity, and his Huxley lecture on the notion of the person, the first comparative study of notions of person and selfhood cross-culturally.
Two other uncommon sources were promoted by Alexander: Anselm of Canterbury, whose writings had been ignored for almost a century gained an important advocate in Alexander and he used Anselm's works extensively in his teaching on Christology and soteriology ; and, Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, whom Alexander used in his examination of the theology of Orders and ecclesiastical structures.
Two significant recent works written for solo bass include, Mario Davidovsky's Synchronisms No. 11 for double bass and electronic sounds and Elliott Carter's Figment III, for solo double bass.
Two other works by him were De Pulsus Variatione ( 1685 ), and Ars explorandi medicas facultates plantarum ex solo sapore ( 1688 ); His Opuscula were collected in 1687.
Two authors whose works are vital to an understanding of feminist theology are Mary Daly and Rosemary Radford Ruether.
Two notable Western composers for the kora are Brother Dominique Catta and Jacques Burtin ( France ), who wrote most of these scores, though composers like Carole Ouellet ( Canada ), Brother Grégoire Philippe ( Monastère de Keur Moussa ) and Sister Claire Marie Ledoux ( France ) contributed with original works.
Two of his works, the first edition of the Species Plantarum ( 1753 ) for plants and the tenth edition of the Systema Naturae ( 1758 ), are accepted as among the starting points of nomenclature ; his binomials ( names for species ) and his generic names take priority over those of others.
Two Creative Commons licences, Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike, are libre licences ( they are marked as ‘ approved for free cultural works ’).
Two of its four sections may be performed separately as concert works: Hadewijch, De Stijl
Two of his best-known works, the Pietà and David, were sculpted before he turned thirty.
Two of his works from this period are the Senji Shō ( 撰時抄: " The Selection of the Time ") and the Hōon Shō ( 報恩抄: " On Repaying Debts of Gratitude "), which, along with his Risshō Ankoku Ron ( 立正安国論: " On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land "), Kaimoku Shō (" The Opening of the Eyes "), and Kanjin no Honzon Shō (" The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind "), constitute his Five Major Writings.
Two professors of linguistics have claimed that de Vere wrote not only the works of Shakespeare, but most of what is memorable in English literature during his lifetime, with such names as Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe, Philip Sidney, John Lyly, George Peele, George Gascoigne, Raphael Holinshed, Robert Greene, Thomas Phaer, and Arthur Golding being among dozens of further pseudonyms of de Vere.
Two of her philosophical works, Pensées diverses and Considérations générales sur l ' état des sciences et des letteres aux différentes epoques de leur culture, were published, both posthumously.
Two polemical works thought to be his-A Reply to the Reverend Dean of St. Paul's Reflections on the Rector of Sutton, & c. ( 1681 ) and The Rector of Sutton Committed with the Dean of St. Paul's, or, A Defence of Dr. Stillingfleet's Irenicum ( 1680 )-have also been attributed to the Nottingham Presbyterian John Barret.
Two of his best known prose works, the utopian News from Nowhere and A Dream of John Ball were first printed here in serialized form.
Two of his mathematical works have survived.
* Two previously written Chinese pharmaceutical works, one by Shen Kuo and another by Su Shi, are combined into one written work.
Among the works exhibited were Le Fauconnier's vast composition Les Montagnards attaqués par des ours ( Mountaineers Attacked by Bears ) now at Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Joseph Csaky's Deux Femme, Two Women ( a sculpture now lost ), in addition to the highly abstract paintings by Kupka, Amorpha ( The National Gallery, Prague ), and Picabia, La Source, The Spring ( Museum of Modern Art, New York ).
The following works are of doubtful authenticity: De spectaculis (" On Public Games "); De bono pudicitiae (" The Virtue of Modesty "); De idolorum vanitate (" On the Vanity of Images ," written by Novatian ); De laude martyrii (" In Praise of Martyrs "); Adversus aleatores ; De duobus montibus Sina et Sion ( On the Two Mountains Sinai and Zion ); Adversus Judaeos ; and the Cena Cypriani (" Cyprian's Banquet ", which enjoyed wide circulation in the Middle Ages ).
Early works by Hals, such as Two Boys Playing and Singing and the aforementioned Banquet of the Officers of the St George Militia ( 1616 ), show him as a careful draughtsman capable of great finish, yet spirited withal.
During these years Holst also became interested in Hindu mysticism and spirituality, and this interest led to the composition of several works set to translations of Sanskrit texts, including: Sita ( 1899 – 1906 ), a three-act opera based on an episode in the Ramayana ; Sāvitri ( 1908 ), a chamber opera based on a tale from the Mahabharata ; 4 groups of Hymns from the Rig Veda ( 1908 – 14 ); and two texts originally by Kalidasa: Two Eastern Pictures ( 1909 – 10 ) and The Cloud Messenger ( 1913 ).
* German — Beckmann, Max: Pierrot and Mask ( 1920 ), Before the Masked Ball ( 1922 ), Carnival ( 1943 ); Campendonk, Heinrich: Pierrot with Mask ( 1916 ), Pierrot ( with Serpent ) ( 1923 ), Pierrot with Sunflower ( 1925 ); Faure, Amandus: Standing Artist and Pierrot ( 1909 ); Heckel, Erich: Dead Pierrot ( 1914 ); Hofer, Karl: Circus Folk ( c. 1921 ); Leman, Ulrich: The Juggler ( 1913 ); Macke, August: Many works, including Ballets Russes ( 1912 ), Clown ( Pierrot ) ( 1913 ), Face of Pierrot ( 1913 ), Pierrot and Woman ( 1913 ); Mammen, Jeanne: The Death of Pierrot ( n. d .); Nolde, Emil: Pierrot and White Lilies ( c. 1911 ), Women and Pierrot ( 1917 ); Schlemmer, Oskar: Pierrot and Two Figures ( 1923 ); Werner, Theodor: Pierrot lunaire ( 1942 ).
* Italian — Modigliani, Amedeo ( worked mainly in France ): Pierrot ( 1915 ); Severini, Gino: Many works, including The Two Pierrots ( 1922 ), Pierrot ( 1923 ), Pierrot the Musician ( 1924 ), The Music Lesson ( 1928 – 1929 ), The Carnival ( 1955 ).
Phase Two of the development, which will shortly commence construction, will extend further down along the river front, on the site of the former Irish Oil Cake works.

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