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Two and paintings
Two of Goya's best known paintings are The Nude Maja ( La maja desnuda ) and The Clothed Maja ( La maja vestida ).
Two other paintings appear to date from his time at the workshop, both of which are Annunciations.
Among the works exhibited were Le Fauconnier's vast composition Les Montagnards attaqués par des ours ( Mountaineers Attacked by Bears ) now at Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Joseph Csaky's Deux Femme, Two Women ( a sculpture now lost ), in addition to the highly abstract paintings by Kupka, Amorpha ( The National Gallery, Prague ), and Picabia, La Source, The Spring ( Museum of Modern Art, New York ).
Two of his most successful paintings, Bonaparte Visiting the Plague Victims of Jaffa ( 1804 ) and Battle of Abukir ( 1806 ) focus on the Emperor, as he was by then, but include many Egyptian figures, as does the less effective Napoleon at the Battle of the Pyramids ( 1810 ).
Two paintings are in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C .; one is in the National Museum of Serbia in Belgrade.
Two notable oil paintings of this time were New York Interior ( 1921 ) and New York Restaurant ( 1922 ).
Two groups of portraits can be distinguished by technique: one of encaustic ( wax ) paintings, the other in tempera.
* Two paintings by Vincent van Gogh were stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam overnight.
There are also paintings by German artists, including Hans Wertinger, Cranach the Elder, Barthel Bruyn the Elder, Caspar David Friedrich (" Moonrise Over Sea "), Anton Mengs, Hans Thoma, Anselm Feuerbach, Franz Stuck (" Two Men Fighting Over a Woman ") and Heinrich Campendonck.
Two of his paintings are entitled Christ After the Flagellation, and one of these is at the Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL.
* Two paintings by E. E. Cummings appear in a show of the New York Society of Independent Artists.
Two Romare Bearden paintings bear the name of Johnson compositions: Carolina Shout, and Snow ( y ) Morning.
( Two of these glass paintings are in the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art, part of the bequest of modernist collector Ferdinand Howald.
Two years after van Gogh's death, Breitner wrote that he did not like van Gogh's paintings :"‘ I can ’ t help it, but to me it seems like art for Eskimos, I cannot enjoy it.
Two paintings from the early 1950s, for example, are called Adam and Eve ( see Adam and Eve ), and there is also Uriel ( 1954 ) and Abraham ( 1949 ), a very dark painting, which as well as being the name of a biblical patriarch, was also the name of Newman's father, who had died in 1947.
Two paintings dominate the room.
Some of the titles to paintings in 1915 express the concept of a non-euclidian geometry which imagined forms in movement, or through time ; titles such as: Two dimensional painted masses in the state of movement.
Two smaller paintings are attached to the top and bottom of the central picture, and two vertical pictures on either side, filled with sphinxes, Pan, and two satyrs.
Two other sites that contain small cave paintings are Los Diablitos and El Coyotito Rojo, both to the north of Malinalco proper.
Two medieval wall paintings, one of two angels with feathered wings, and one of a now faded saint, can still be seen inside the church.
Two of Nolan's paintings, The Abandoned Mine ( 1948 ) and Ned Kelly ( 1955 ) were included in Quintessence Editions Ltd .' s 2007 book 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die.
Two exceptions were astronomical paintings by Chesley Bonestell for the December 1950 and August 1951 issues.
Two of the paintings were portraits of Altmann's aunt, Adele.
The Woman paintings II through VI ( 1952 – 53 ) are all variants on this theme, as are Woman and Bicycle ( 1953 ; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York ) and Two Women in the Country ( 1954 ).

Two and both
Two other Japanese girls were sitting at the tables, both quite pretty and well groomed.
He stated that he acquired many of his writing techniques from three books, " Narrative Technique " by Thomas Uzzell, and " The Only Two Ways to Write a Story " plus " Twenty Problems of the Short-Story Writer ", both by John Gallishaw.
Two coups briefly interrupted democratic rule during the Peloponnesian war, both named by the numbers in control: the Four Hundred in 411 BC and the Thirty in 404 BC.
Two vessels had arrived and departed before his escape, but both were Spanish.
Two theories of the direct initiation of apoptotic mechanisms in mammals have been suggested: the TNF-induced ( tumour necrosis factor ) model and the Fas-Fas ligand-mediated model, both involving receptors of the TNF receptor ( TNFR ) family coupled to extrinsic signals.
Two spiritual adversaries endeavour to tempt and corrupt humanity: these are often described through their mythological embodiments, Lucifer and his counterpart Ahriman, which have both positive and negative aspects.
Grant then made a few more albums before dropping out of college to pursue a career in music Never Alone, followed by a pair of live albums in 1981 ( In Concert and In Concert Volume Two ), both backed by an augmented edition of the DeGarmo & Key band.
In Cuyp ’ s River Scene, Two Men Conversing ( 1641 ) both of these van Goyen-influenced stylistic elements are noticeable
Two whole numbers m and n are called coprime if their greatest common divisor is 1 ; i. e., if there is no prime number that divides both of them.
Two of the most common polysaccharides are cellulose and glycogen, both consisting of repeating glucose monomers.
Two years later, Ezra Newman found the axisymmetric solution for a black hole that is both rotating and electrically charged.
It has been argued by John Mosier that, while the French soldiers in 1940 were better trained than German soldiers, as were the Americans later, and the German army was the least mechanised of the major armies, its leadership cadres were both larger and superior and their high standards of leadership were the primary reason for the successes of the German army in World War Two as it had been in World War One.
Two rail lines exist, both originating in Phnom Penh and totaling about 612 kilometers of metre gauge single track.
Two broad and correlated themes run in bicycle activism: one is about advocating the bicycle as an alternative mode of transport, and the other is about the creation of conditions to permit and / or encourage bicycle use, both for utility and recreational cycling.
Two years after the wolf reintroductions, the population of coyotes had been reduced 50 % through both competitive exclusion and intraguild predation compared to before their reintroduction.
Two alternatives to the delay line, the Williams tube and Selectron tube, originated in 1946, both using electron beams in glass tubes as means of storage.
Two years later, the city hosted the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention, which featured physical confrontations both inside and outside the convention hall, including full-scale riots, or in some cases police riots, in city streets.
Quite a few of the names mean " five-six " in different languages, including both the robot Fisi ( fi-si ), the dead Lady Panc Ashash ( in Sanskrit " pañcha " is " five " and " ṣaṣ " is " six "), Limaono ( lima-ono, both in Hawaiian and / or Fijian ), Englok ( ng < sup > 5 </ sup >- luk < sup > 6 </ sup > < nowiki >- wikt: 六 # Cantonese | 六 < nowiki ></ nowiki >, in Cantonese ), Goroke ( go-roku < nowiki >- wikt: 六 # Japanese | 六 < nowiki ></ nowiki >, Japanese ) and Femtiosex (" fifty-six " in Swedish ) in " The Dead Lady of Clown Town " as well as the main character in " Think Blue, Count Two ", Veesey-koosey, which is an English transcription of the Finnish words " viisi " ( five ) and " kuusi " ( six ).
Four of the characters in " Think Blue, Count Two " are called " Thirteen " in different languages: Tiga-belas ( both in Indonesian and Malay ), Trece ( Spanish ), Talatashar ( based on an Arabic dialect form < big > ثلاث عشر </ big >, thalāth ʿashar ) and Sh ' san ( based on Mandarin 十三, shísān, where the " í " is never pronounced ).
Two good examples of collective nouns are " team " and " government ", which are both words referring to groups of ( usually ) people.
Two of his earliest film roles include small parts as uniformed police officers in both the 1972 film The Hot Rock and 1974's Death Wish.
Two slots & a hole stamped beneath the number allow the tag to be broken in half, and the long bottom portion has both the ID number and a series of holes which allows the tag to be inserted into a dosimeter.
Two founding documents emerged from this: The Transition Constitution, and the Global and Inclusive Agreement, both of which describe and determine the make-up and organization of the Congolese institutions, until planned elections in July 2006, at which time the provisions of the new constitution, democratically approved by referendum in December 2005, will take full effect and that is how it happened.

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