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Some Related Sentences

Two and related
Two languages are genetically related if they descended from the same ancestor language.
Nevertheless, " Part Two " contains several back narratives related by peripheral characters.
Two related developments were the U. S. Communist Party's interest in folk music as a way to reach and influence Americans, and politically active prominent folk musicians and scholars seeing communism as a possible better system, through the lens of the Great Depression.
Two examples of ideological interpretations that are related to formalism:
The completed films included the seven-episode Why We Fight series — consisting of Prelude to War ( 1942 ), The Nazis Strike ( 1942 ), Divide and Conquer ( 1943 ), The Battle of Britain ( 1943 ), The Battle of Russia ( 1943 ), The Battle of China ( 1944 ), War Comes to America ( 1945 ) – plus Know Your Enemy: Japan ( 1945 ), Tunisian Victory ( 1945 ), and Two Down and One to Go ( 1945 ) that do not bear the Why We Fight banner ; as well as the African-American related, The Negro Soldier ( 1944 ).
Two of the major design goals of 3270's are related to this: minimizing the amount of data transmitted, and minimizing the frequency of interrupts to the mainframe.
As an instance of his tact in this capacity, it is related that when Charles interrupted a complimentary address by quoting from a satirical poem of Alamanni's the words :" l ' aquila grifagna, Che per piu devorar, duoi rostri porta " (" Two crooked bills the ravenous eagle bears, The better to devour "), the latter at once replied that he spoke them as a poet, who was permitted to use fictions, but that he spoke now as an ambassador, who was obliged to tell the truth.
Two other counts were related to tax evasion in transactions Milken carried out for a client of the firm, David Solomon, a fund manager.
Some identify the love adventure at Siena that Aeneas related in his romance The Tale of the Two Lovers with an escapade of the chancellor.
Two researchers, Chris Bennett ( 1996 ) and David Peters ( 2000 ), have found pterosaurs to be prolacertiformes or closely related to them.
Two other seminaries are related to the PC ( USA ) by covenant agreement: Auburn Theological Seminary in New York, New York, and Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Two quasars, a " quasar pair ", may be closely related in time and space, and be gravitationally bound to one another.
The Mole Trilogy is made up of parts I, II ( The Tunes of Two Cities ) and IV ( The Big Bubble: Part Four of The Mole Trilogy ), in addition to releases of related material such as Intermission.
Two closely related instruments include the baryton and the viola d ' amore, although the latter is played under the chin, viola-fashion.
Two years later, the United Nations adopted a closely related treaty, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.
* Two characters are given names related to cigarettes: Lucky Straeker, Bookman's director and Dora Belair, an assistant to a competing show's producer.
Two of those thirteen areas related to communicable diseases: the first, to reducing the " health, social and economic burden " of communicable diseases in general ; the second to combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in particular.
Two dynasties claimed the Spanish throne: the French Bourbons and the Austrian Habsburgs, both closely related to Charles and to his father, Philip IV.
The quotation first came from Robert J. Hanlon of Scranton, Pennsylvania, according to his friend Joseph Bigler, as a submission for a book compilation of various jokes related to Murphy's law published in 1980 titled Murphy's Law Book Two, More Reasons Why Things Go Wrong.
Two of the more unusual endemic cichlids are the whitish ( non-pigmented ) and blind Lamprologus lethops, which is believed to live as deep as below the surface, and Heterochromis multidens, which appears to be more closely related to cichlids of the Americas than other African cichlid.
Two related battles were fought nearby on May 3 in the vicinity of Fredericksburg.
* Two related types of cancer of the larynx, namely squamous cell carcinoma and verrucous carcinoma, are strongly associated with repeated exposure to cigarette smoke and alcohol.
Two related issues have obstructed the growth of such clinics.
Two related transforms are the discrete sine transform ( DST ), which is equivalent to a DFT of real and odd functions, and the modified discrete cosine transform ( MDCT ), which is based on a DCT of overlapping data.

Two and strands
Two strands of this argument exist: one when patents held by one country form part of a system of exploitable relative advantage in trade negotiations against another, and a second where adhering to a worldwide system of patents confers " good citizenship " status despite ' de facto protectionism '.
* Simul rappelling — Two separate rappellers on the two strands of the rope running through the anchors.
Two antiparallel beta strands connected by a tight turn of a few amino acids between them.
Two beta strands with an alpha helix end folded over to bind a zinc ion.
The brand is also used for the broadcast of children's programmes on BBC One ( weekday afternoons ) and BBC Two ( mornings, daily ), although these strands are to be phased out by the end of 2012, as part of the BBC's " Delivering Quality First " cost-cutting initiative.
Two regular strands involved a series of different women making dating agency videos about their general likes and dislikes, and a musical parody that would close the show.
Two important strands of fictionalism are modal fictionalism developed by Gideon Rosen, which states that possible worlds, regardless of whether they exist or not, may be a part of a useful discourse, and mathematical fictionalism advocated by Hartry Field, which states that talk of numbers and other mathematical objects is nothing more than a convenience for doing science.

Two and research
Two psychologists associated with Christian colleges in the US have argued that it is not conclusive that homosexuality does not meet the DSM's criteria, based on their review of some of the research relating to claims of statistical infrequency, personal distress, maladaptiveness and deviation from social norms.
Two weeks later White House officials referred to FNC as “ not a news network ", communications director Anita Dunn stating that “ Fox News often operates as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party ”.
Two other plant nutritionists at the University of California were asked to research Gericke's claims.
Two major facilities for materials research are currently under construction in Lund: MAX IV, which will be a world-leading synchrotron radiation laboratory and European Spallation Source ( ESS ), a European facility that will be home to the world ’ s most powerful neutron source.
* organized a second multi-national research expedition ( known as Expedition Two ) in the Australian outback in 2004
* November 2007: Human induced pluripotent stem cells: Two similar papers released by their respective journals prior to formal publication: in Cell by Kazutoshi Takahashi and Shinya Yamanaka, " Induction of pluripotent stem cells from adult human fibroblasts by defined factors ", and in Science by Junying Yu, et al., from the research group of James Thomson, " Induced pluripotent stem cell lines derived from human somatic cells ": pluripotent stem cells generated from mature human fibroblasts.
Two additional research buildings designated for neuroscience and cardiovascular research are currently in the planning and design phase.
Two instruments incorporating the multidimensional of masculinity and femininity have dominated gender identity research: The Bem Sex Role Inventory ( BSRI ) and the Personal Attributes Questionnaire ( PAQ ).
Two graduate students, Andy Rechnitzer and Bob Dill obtain a set and begin to use it for underwater research.
Two controversial amendments by Mansfield limiting military funding of research were passed by Congress.
Two decades of intense experimental and theoretical research, with over 100, 000 published papers on the subject, have discovered many common features in the properties of high-temperature superconductors ,< ref name = Legg2006 >
Two agricultural research centers are located in San Angelo: the Angelo State University Management Instruction and Research Center and the Texas A & M Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at San Angelo.
Two branches of Sabine's work are notable: Determination of the length of the seconds pendulum, a simple pendulum whose time period on the surface of the Earth is two seconds, that is, one second in each direction ; and his research on the Earth's magnetic field.
Two major problems hamper research in this area.
May 1: Two additional confirmed cases of SARS and three additional suspected cases are reported in Beijing, all related to a single research lab.
Two long papers published in 1840 — one on attractions and Clairaut's theorem, and the other on the variation of gravity at the surface of the earth — also demand notice, as do his mathematical memoirs on the critical values of sums of periodic series ( 1847 ) and on the numerical calculation of a class of definite integrals and infinite series ( 1850 ) and his discussion of a differential equation relating to the breaking of railway bridges ( 1849 ), research related to his evidence given to the Royal Commission on the Use of Iron in Railway structures after the Dee bridge disaster of 1847.
Two Nobel Prizes ( John Carew Eccles in 1963 and Peter C. Doherty and Rolf M. Zinkernagel in 1996 ) have been won by research performed at John Curtin.
Two other goals attributed to qualitative research are understanding a phenomenon from the perspective of the research participant and understanding the meanings people give to their experience.
Two UK academics, Stephen Case and Kevin Haines, among others, criticized risk factor research in their academic papers and a comprehensive polemic text, Understanding Youth Offending: Risk Factor Research, Policy and Practice.
Two theoretical approaches have dominated this research: the theory of reasoned action and, its theoretical descendant, the theory of planned behavior, both of which are associated with Icek Ajzen.
Two rooms were filled with books and all of his free time was dedicated to research.
Two of the most important research collections of human skeletal remains in the U. S. are the Hamann-Todd Collection, housed in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Terry Collection, housed in the Smithsonian Institution.

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