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Two and singles
A second single, the double A-sided single " Two Doors Down "/" It's All Wrong, But It's All Right " also topped the country singles chart and crossed over to the pop top twenty.
Although four songs were released as singles to promote the album ( lead single " Everything I Need ", " Man With Two Hearts ", " Maria ", and " Hard Luck Story "), only the first song charted in the US, and that only at No. 47.
Their biggest success was in 1982 with the UK Top Ten album Sulk and UK Top 20 singles " Party Fears Two " and " Club Country ".
Two of the other band members, John O ' Neill and Damian O ' Neill formed That Petrol Emotion, a highly regarded, pioneering rock act which released fifteen singles and six albums between 1985 and 1994.
's Ultra ( Part Two )" followed by " Funky / Mentally Mad ," one of the most sought-after 12-inch singles of its career.
Two player games are called singles or " one-up " ( one vs. one for the entire game ), while four player games are doubles with two pairs playing against each other ( two vs. two for the entire game ).
Newton-John released another video package, the Grammy-nominated Twist of Fate, featuring videos of her four songs on the Two of a Kind soundtrack and the two new singles from Olivia's Greatest Hits Vol.
Two new songs, " Pink Cashmere " and " Peach ", were chosen as promotional singles to accompany the compilation album.
Two more singles were issued, " Gravitation " and " Halka "-The latter one later to be hated with a passion by the group.
Two more singles were released, the industrial-esque " En himmelsk drog " ( Heavenly Junkies ) and the power-poppy " Kevlarsjäl " ( Kevlar Soul ).
Two more singles were released, " Palace & Main " and " Den döda vinkeln " ( The blind spot ) – the last one stirring up some controversy among Kent fans because Kent didn't release any b-sides along with it ( but still the single has a shorter version of the song ).
Two singles from the album, " Until Yesterday " and " You Ruined Me " have been released online.
Two more singles were released from the album, " Jailbird " and "( I'm Gonna ) Cry Myself Blind ", both of which charted progressively lower.
Two songs, " Jackie Wilson Said ( I'm in Heaven When You Smile )" and " Redwood Tree ", reached the Hot 100 singles chart.
Two further Top 5 singles were released from the album, the first being a cover of the 1990 track by electro funk group Mantronix, " Got To Have Your Love " ( produced by UK Producer Rod Gammons ( Mark Morrison, Beverley Knight ).
Two singles were released.
Two of Divine Discontents singles, " Don't Dream It's Over " and " Breathe Your Name ", received significant radio airplay and appeared on various Billboard charts.
Two songs from those sessions were added to the band's Greatest Hits album and released as singles to promote it.
Two other singles from the debut were released: a cover of Screamin ' Jay Hawkins ' " I Put a Spell On You " ( which made it to No. 58 ) and " Porterville " ( released on the Scorpio label with writing credited to " T. Spicebush Swallowtail "), written during John Fogerty's Army Reserve stint.
Two other less successful singles, " Mrs. Blaileen " and " Southbound Pachyderm " ( the latter of which featured a claymation video that received only minimal airplay on MTV ) were also released.
Two more singles, the title track and " Can't Cry Anymore ," were less successful, " Power " hitting the lower end of the Top 100 and getting substantial play and charting on the Rock Charts, but " Can't Cry Anymore " receiving little airplay despite a clever video.
Two of the singles from the album (" Buffalo Gals " and " Double Dutch ") became top-10 hits in the UK, with " Buffalo Gals " a minor hit in some major cities in the U. S. Duck Rock features clips of " The World's Famous Supreme Team Show " throughout the course of the album between songs, as well special vocal appearances from the duo themselves.
Two successful albums and two No. 1 hit singles resulted: the Don Brewer penned " We're an American Band " ( from We're an American Band ) and " The Loco-Motion " ( from Shinin ' On, written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin and originally recorded by Little Eva ).
Two newly recorded songs, " Manhood " and " My Life in England ", appeared on the album and were touted as new singles.
During the late 1970s, for example, Dolly Parton released a number of double-A-sided singles, in which one side was released to pop radio, and the other side to country, including " Two Doors Down " / " It's All Wrong but It's All Right " and " Baby I'm Burning " / " I Really Got the Feeling ".

Two and covers
The Plus Two remain at a fixed position with drums and guitar but the quartet covers the stage with a batch of instruments ranging from tuba to tambourine, and the beat is solid.
In 1975, Moon released his only solo album, pop covers entitled Two Sides of the Moon.
Two significant differences are that when his mantle is placed on him, its hem is torn to form bands, with which his body is bound ( like Lazarus in the tomb ), and his klobuk is placed on his head backwards, so that the monastic veil covers his face ( to show that he had already died to the world, even before his physical death ).
* Play, s World Dom ( Two ' World Domination Enterprises ' covers )
Two covers are available: " World Passport ", and " World Government Passport " ( for registered World Citizens ), (" passport " is in 7 languages on both covers ).
Two notable tribute albums to the Grateful Dead are Wake the Dead, with Celtic-style covers, and Might As Well, by The Persuasions.
Two albums featured in the resulting trial ; the covers and the lyrical content being showcased by the prosecution.
Two of the main Italian weekly newsmagazines, Panorama and L ' Espresso run female nude models on their covers.
The first, A Walden Two Experiment, covers the first 5 years of the community.
Two very desirable wheel covers were those of the 1950 Cadillac ( called the " Sombrero ") and that of the 1953 to 1955 Oldsmobile, which resembled a huge, three-tined spinner.
In addition to original material, their set list included extended covers of Steppenwolf's " Born to Be Wild ", The Jimi Hendrix Experience's " Purple Haze ", Moby Grape's " Hey Grandma ," The Lemon Pipers ' " Blueberry Blue ," The Doors ' " Love Me Two Times ", and an electric version of " Debora " by Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Pat Boone became the first rock and roll teen idol in 1955 with heavily Pop-influenced " covers " of R & B hits like " Two Hearts, Two Kisses ( Make One Love )," " Ain't That a Shame, and " At My Front Door ( Crazy Little Mama ).
The Everly Brothers ' 1966 album ' Two Yanks in England ' consisted largely of covers of original Hollies compositions, with members of the group ( notably Clarke, Hicks and Nash ) and guitarist Jimmy Page assisting the American duo on the album.
This includes the satirical Picnic of Love album, and also covers of songs completely different from their style including " Can't Touch This ", " Stayin ' Alive ", " Escape ", " The Theme From Three's Company ", " You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side ", " Hungry Hungry Hippos ", and " Just the Two of Us ", as well as their karaoke rendition of the Steve Miller Band song " Abracadabra " ( intended to be a " cover " of " Sabbra Cadabra ").
Two versions were then released, both with censored album covers, with the uncensored audio version sold behind record counters.
Two Wheeler Insurance – The Two Wheeler Insurance under the Auto Insurance in India covers accidental insurance for the drivers of the vehicle.
Two official covers have been done of this song.
Two thermal covers from the BTN were jettisoned before Tyurin and Lopez-Alegria returned to the Pirs airlock at 04: 55 UTC on 23 November.
Two covers were available for the first issue, one featuring Concrete and the other featuring Xerxes.
For cable companies, this covers RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4.
Two further albums were released in the 1980s, Triumph ( 1985 ) and Family ( 1988 ), and in 1990 he recorded Blackman Know Yourself on which he was backed by the Wailers Band, and includes covers of the Marley / Lee Perry songs " Small Axe " and " Sun Is Shining ".

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