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Two and translations
Two English translations of the Various History, by Fleming ( 1576 ) and Stanley ( 1665 ) made Aelian's miscellany available to English readers, but after 1665 no English translation appeared, until three English translations appeared almost simultaneously: James G. DeVoto, Claudius Aelianus: Ποιϰίλης Ἱοτορίας (" Varia Historia ") Chicago, 1995 ; Diane Ostrom Johnson, An English Translation of Claudius Aelianus ' " Varia Historia ", 1997 ; and N. G. Wilson, Aelian: Historical Miscellany in the Loeb Classical Library.
* Two English translations:
Two full English translations of Newton's ' Principia ' have appeared, both based on Newton's 3rd edition of 1726.
During these years Holst also became interested in Hindu mysticism and spirituality, and this interest led to the composition of several works set to translations of Sanskrit texts, including: Sita ( 1899 – 1906 ), a three-act opera based on an episode in the Ramayana ; Sāvitri ( 1908 ), a chamber opera based on a tale from the Mahabharata ; 4 groups of Hymns from the Rig Veda ( 1908 – 14 ); and two texts originally by Kalidasa: Two Eastern Pictures ( 1909 – 10 ) and The Cloud Messenger ( 1913 ).
Two different English translations of the speech can be read on the front page of the Rangoon Nation and the Rangoon Guardian of 9 July 1962.
Two English versions are given below ; both are free translations of the Hungarian words.
Two full translations into English have been published, those by John Crombie and Stanley Chapman.
Two years later he published a Hindustani grammar, and, in subsequent years, a new edition of Saadi's Gulistán, with a translation in prose and verse, also an edition with vocabulary of the Hindi translation of Chatur Chuj Misr's Prem Sagar, and translations of the Bagh-o-Bahar, and of the Anwar-i Suhaili of Bidpai.
Two English translations are in use.
Two translations into Basque followed mid-century: 50 in J-B.
" Two full Chinese translations of the were made.
Two especially influential translations are the Kumārajīva version, which is the most widely used, and the Xuanzang version.
Two English translations of the book are available.
Two extracts from Tzoou daw Jinqtz lii with facing translations can be read online.
* Two poems by Matthias Koeppel, with their standard German translations
Two English-language translations were published more or less simultaneously in 1962: one by James E. Irby in a diverse collection of Borges works entitled Labyrinths ; the other by Anthony Bonner as part of a collaborative translation of the entirety of Ficciones ( 1962 ).
Two translations by Irish poets are available in mass market editions: Thomas Kinsella's The Táin ( 1969, Oxford University Press ) and Ciarán Carson's The Táin ( 2007, Penguin Classics ).
Two Russian language translations appeared in the 19th century, by Ignatius Brianchaninov ( 1857 ) and Theophan the Recluse's Dobrotolubiye ( 1877 ).
Two more faithful translations, certainly much more readable to modern students, emerged in the 1950s and 1960s under the titles The Sinful Priest and The Sin of Father Mouret.
Two English language translations have been published.
Two previously existing study Bibles published previously or concurrently in other translations have now been published in ESV editions.
Two English translations exist which provide different translations of the Swedish names.

Two and into
Two things have happened in recent months to bring the Council into perspective: each provides a basis for renewed hope and joy.
Two days after McClellan's return to command, General Robert E. Lee's forces crossed the Potomac River into Maryland, leading to the Battle of Antietam in September 1862.
Two other groups have similar inflorescences but a superior ovary, and have at times been put into separate families: the Agapanthaceae and the Alliaceae.
Two nights after it opened, I ran into Noël Coward in a restaurant, and he walked over and he said, " Dear boy, it is hanged, not hung.
Two teams of 11 players each compete to get the ball into the other team's goal using sticks, thereby scoring a goal.
Wills favored jazz-like arrangements and the band found national popularity into the 1940s with such hits as " Steel Guitar Rag ", " New San Antonio Rose ", " Smoke on the Water ", " Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima ", and " New Spanish Two Step ".
Two days after Bloody Sunday, the Westminster Parliament adopted a resolution for a tribunal into the events of the day, resulting in Prime Minister Edward Heath commissioning the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Widgery to undertake it.
Two days later, the Rockies took a 4 – 3 lead into the bottom of the 9th.
Two slots & a hole stamped beneath the number allow the tag to be broken in half, and the long bottom portion has both the ID number and a series of holes which allows the tag to be inserted into a dosimeter.
The two have merged into one entity called " Halman " after Bowman rescued HAL from the dying Discovery One spaceship towards the end of 2010: Odyssey Two.
Two oxen are slaughtered and cut into pieces ; the pieces are laid on the wood.
Two classes fall into this category.
Two French trumpet technique books, authored by Jean-Baptiste Arban, and St. Jacome, were translated into English for use by American players.
Two loops are considered equivalent if one can be deformed into the other without breaking.
Two of the most outspoken critics of the guild system were Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith, and all over Europe a tendency to oppose government control over trades in favour of laissez-faire free market systems was growing rapidly and making its way into the political and legal system.
Two days later a Japanese submarine shelled what was left of the colony's few buildings into ruins.
Two teams of seven players ( six field players plus one goalkeeper ) take the field and attempt to score points by putting the game ball into the opposing team's goal.
Two swaging equipment manufacturers offer equipment and dies designed to turn 22 Long Rifle cases into brass jackets for 22 caliber ( 5. 56 mm ) bullets.
Two letters to Pope Damasus ( 15 and 16 ) complain of the conduct of both parties at Antioch, the Meletians and Paulinians, who had tried to draw him into their controversy over the application of the terms ousia and hypostasis to the Trinity.
It may also resemble a jumping spin roundhouse kick ( developed by James ' Two Screens ' Perkins ) into a spinning hook kick, all in one jump and one spin although the difference is that both legs should remain in the air at the same time for a considerable amount of time.
Two teams occupy opposite halves of a small swimming pool / field and take turns sending a " raider " into the other half, in order to win points by tackling members of the opposing team ; then the raider tries to return to his own half, holding his breath and chanting the word " Kabaddi " during the whole raid.
Two years later the metropolitan area was divided into five districts, each with a municipal corporation.
Two years into his presidency, he asked Congress to fund an expedition through the Louisiana Purchase, and to the Pacific Ocean.
The Tube is a television documentary originally made by ITV in 2002 in October 2011 the director of BBC Two announced announced a " new " TV series called ' The Tube ' which looks into the life of those who work and travel on London Underground.
Two months into his imprisonment, the first Congress of the newly formed Russian Social Democratic Labor Party ( RSDLP ) was held, and from then on Trotsky considered himself a member of the party.

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