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Typical and touch
* Typical downloading configurations can have a single user in touch with up to 10 to 30 ephemeral users per file scattered across the global internet.
Typical of other third culture children — military brats, Missionary Kids, diplomatic brats — Aramco brats have developed a separate bi-cultural identity as a result of growing up abroad and an unusual sense of cohesion and loyalty evidenced by the existence of a " Bratchat " email listserv on which many Aramco brats keep in touch with each other, and, especially, biennial reunions (" Brat Reunions "), normally held in a various locations throughout the United States ( although attendees may come from other nations ).

Typical and She
Typical also of this phase of Beatles ' song writing is the melodramatic ending ( similar to " She Loves You ", which had just been recorded and was about to be released ) where the music stops, allowing Lennon a brief solo vocal improvisation before the song finishes on a major seventh chord (" She Loves You " ends on a major sixth ).

Typical and sold
Typical prices were between £ 2, 000 and £ 3, 000 in the 1880s, but at least three works sold for between £ 5, 250 and £ 6, 060 in the 1900s.
Typical share classes for funds sold through brokers or other intermediaries are:
Typical full timers would include retired couples who have sold or rented out their immovable domiciles, favoring a life on the road.
Typical NSAIDs used for hip dysplasia include carprofen and meloxicam ( often sold as Rimadyl and Metacam respectively ), both used to treat arthritis resulting from dysplasia, although other NSAIDs such as tepoxalin ( Zubrin ) and prednoleucotropin (" PLT ", a combination of cinchophen and prednisolone ) are sometimes tried.
Typical first steps in Mankind consist of building a small base on one of the nearby planets and mining available resources which could either be sold or used to construct further units.
Typical is " only a few hundred are sold and values plummet on the used market.
Typical numbers range from 10 % to 60 % of total inventory being remnant and sold through advertising networks.
Typical outdoor floral display, in this case, a map of the world. What was originally planned to be a two-week floral festival evolved into a six-month extravaganza, with the idea being that more tickets could be sold in 26 weeks than two.
Typical of several football grounds of the time the club sold advertising space on the pitched asbestos roofs of the covered areas to companies such as R ' bt Hutchison & Co ( Youma Bread ), The Evening Dispatch, Nelsons Cigarettes and Barnett & Morton Ltd, the local ironmonger who had erected the sheds.

Typical and morning
Typical in this respect is the introductory statement in the first volume: " On a bright morning in spring nomadic tribes penetrated into Israel ," while the Bible, which is his only source, states neither that it was in spring nor that it was on a bright morning.
Typical feeding patterns are from dawn to latr morning, which is followed by a period of rest and rumination.

Typical and light
Typical values of V range from around 20 for very dense flint glass, around 30 for polycarbonate plastics, and up to 65 for very light crown glass, and up to 85 for fluor-crown glass.
Typical magnification of a light microscope, assuming visible range light, is up to 1500x with a theoretical resolution limit of around 0. 2 micrometres or 200 nanometres.
Typical input and output devices include switches, relays, solenoids, LEDs, small or custom LCD displays, radio frequency devices, and sensors for data such as temperature, humidity, light level etc.
Typical designs have more layers ( up to 7 ) of passive containment than light water reactors ( usually 3 ).
Typical star densities in the centre of a cluster are about 1. 5 stars per cubic light year ; the stellar density near the sun is about 0. 003 stars per cubic light year.
Typical radiosity methods only account for light paths of the form LD * E, i. e., paths which start at a light source and make multiple diffuse bounces before reaching the eye.
Typical light aircraft cockpit with control yokes
Typical transparent media such as glasses are isotropic, which means that light behaves the same way no matter which direction it is travelling in the medium.
File: Stampede Traffic Signal. JPG | Typical light mounting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
File: Stevens Creek Blvd traffic light. jpg | Typical example of traffic lights mounted on a wide street in California, United States
Typical schlager tracks are either sweet, highly sentimental ballads with a simple, catchy melody or light pop tunes.
Typical transit speeds of BRT systems range from, which can compare with surface running light rail.
Typical solutions used a single light rail embedded in the ground or attached to the guideway wall, with a wheel or slider that was pressed against the guideway rail and steered the running wheels through a linkage.
Typical requirements for grinding and polishing a curved mirror, for example, require the surface to be within a fraction of a wavelength of light of a particular conic shape.
Typical wiring to three residential light switch es in a wall-mounted plastic box.
Typical light Italian celata ( sallet ) of the later 15th century
Typical PES ( UPS ) instruments use helium gas sources of UV light, with photon energy up to 52 eV ( corresponding to wavelength 23. 7 nm ).
Typical economy cars are small, light weight, and inexpensive to buy.
Typical tensions for steel-string acoustic guitars with " light " tension strings are 10. 5 kgf ( 23. 3 lbf, 103 N ) to 13. 8 kgf ( 30. 2 lbf, 135 N ).
Typical PIV apparatus consists of a camera ( normally a digital camera with a CCD chip in modern systems ), a strobe or laser with an optical arrangement to limit the physical region illuminated ( normally a cylindrical lens to convert a light beam to a line ), a synchronizer to act as an external trigger for control of the camera and laser, the seeding particles and the fluid under investigation.
Typical components of a fluorescence microscope are a light source ( xenon arc lamp or mercury-vapor lamp ), the excitation filter, the dichroic mirror ( or dichroic beamsplitter ), and the emission filter ( see figure below ).

Typical and for
Typical landscape for the Antarctic Peninsula area, with fjords, high coastal mountains and islands.
Typical properties calculated for a flow field include velocity, pressure, density and temperature as a function of spatial position and time.
Typical of his satire and cynical humour, the book included a discourse on Parkinson's Law of Triviality ( debates about expenses for a nuclear plant, a bicycle shed, and refreshments ), a note on why driving on the left side of the road ( see road transport ) is natural, and suggested that the Royal Navy would eventually have more admirals than ships.
* Typical modern six-string classical guitars are 48 – 54 mm wide at the nut, compared to around 42 mm for electric guitars.
Typical bore size for low-speed engines ranges from approximately.
Typical training for a North American endocrinologist involves 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of residency, and 2 years of fellowship.
Typical equipment for a floorball player consists of a stick, a pair of shorts, a shirt, socks, and indoor sport shoes.
Typical monthly calendars that include phases of the moon may be off by one day if intended for use in a different time zone.
Typical adult limits for these hormones are: TSH ( units ): 0. 45-4. 50 uIU / mL ; T4 Free / Direct ( nanograms ): 0. 82-1. 77 ng / dl ; and T3 ( nanograms ): 71-180 ng / dl.
Typical rules concern restrictions on the availability of funds to retail investors ( Dublin ), protection of client confidentiality ( Luxembourg ) and the requirement for the fund to be independent of the fund manager.
Typical of her aggressive style was her victory against GM Georgi Kacheishvili in which she sacrificed her queen for the attack.
Typical set of vehicles for soviet missile systems is the following:
Typical and New South Wales koala weights are for males and for females.
Typical operating currents for such devices begin at 350 mA.
Typical fission events release about two hundred million eV ( 200 MeV ) of energy for each fission event.
Typical conditions for the first stage, which contribute to an overall yield of about 96 %, are:
Typical concentration values fall somewhere in this range and are tailored to produce the desired properties in the device that the semiconductor is intended for.

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