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UMass and /
UMass Boston is located off Interstate 93, sited within walking distance of the JFK / UMass MBTA stop on the Red Line.
UMass Boston's graduate student employees ( teaching assistants, research assistants, and administrative assistants ) are represented by the Graduate Employee Organization / UAW Local 1596 — UMass Boston Chapter.
Other than the Belchertown Shuttle and Belchertown / UMass lines of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority bus service that pass along Route 9, there is no bus service to town.
South of downtown, the line splits at JFK / UMass station, where one branch provides service to Braintree station and the other to Ashmont station.
Approximate travel times to or from Park Street station are as follows: northbound to Harvard station, 11 minutes ; Alewife station, 20 minutes ; southbound to JFK / UMass, 8 minutes ; Ashmont station, 17 minutes ; Braintree station, 28 minutes.
A platform on the South Shore Line opened at JFK / UMass ( formerly Columbia ) on December 14, 1988.
The connection to this yard is at the junction where the two branches split, near JFK / UMass station.
* Paul Rudolph and His Architecture-This web site is a comprehensive reference resource on this famous man and his architecture with an emphasis on SMTI / UMass Dartmouth.
A student may use his or her " UMass Pass " swipe card to pay at these locations if he / she has a meal plan or money pre-loaded onto the card ; otherwise cash, debt and credit is also accepted.
* 8 Harbor Point / UMass via South End Medical Area & Dudley Station
JFK / UMass Station is a commuter rail and rapid transit station located at the intersection of Columbia Road and Morrissey Boulevard in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.
The Red Line platforms at JFK / UMass have an unusual configuration.
On December 1, 1982, the station was renamed as JFK / UMass, although most station signs are subtitled as Columbia.
Commuter rail service on the Middleborough / Lakeville and Plymouth / Kingston lines was restored in September 1997, but the commuter platform at JFK / UMass did not open until April 30, 2001.
JFK / UMass station also borders Mount Vernon Street, where the Harbor Point Housing Complex ( formerly known as Columbia Point ) is located.
JFK / UMass Station is a proposed stop on the MBTA's planned Urban Ring Project.
* MBTA-JFK / UMass
From http :// www. umass. edu / umhome / policies / index. php: " You may not use any service mark, trademark, trade name, logo or copyrighted materials from this site for any commercial purpose without the permission of the UMass Amherst.

UMass and Boston
The University of Massachusetts Boston, also known as UMass Boston, is an urban public research university and the second-largest campus in the five-campus University of Massachusetts system.
UMass Boston is the only public university in Boston.
The cancellation of two days of classes in order to create security for the debate resulted in a protest by UMB students, faculty, and staff members at the UMass President's office in downtown Boston.
On June 2, 2006, Barack Obama addressed his commencement speech at UMass Boston to the graduating students.
( from UMass Boston website, note that this also contains the history of Boston State College )
* 1982-Boston State joins UMass Boston.
* 2004-New UMass Boston Campus Center opens
The John F. Kennedy Library | John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is located on Columbia Point ( Boston ) | Columbia Point next to UMass Boston.
The UMass Boston campus, viewed from Squantum Point Park in Quincy, Massachusetts | Quincy
There are eight colleges at UMass Boston: the College of Liberal Arts, College of Science and Mathematics, College of Management, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, College of Public and Community Service, College of Education and Human Development, John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies and Global Studies, and University College.
UMass Boston is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
UMass Boston is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools and the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools
Intercollegiate athletics, intramurals, and recreation for the students, staff, and faculty are the primary programs of the UMass Boston Department of Athletics.
UMass Boston, known by their nickname: the Beacons, has teams competing in the ECAC, the Little East Conference, and ECAC East Ice Hockey.
In the years 1999 through 2006 the National Consortium for Academics and Sports named the Department of Athletics at UMass Boston first in the country for community service.

UMass and is
UMass Boston's independent, student run and financed newspaper is The Mass Media.
UMass Boston is on Dorchester's Columbia Point, and very close to the South Boston line.
The north campus of UMass Lowell is in Pawtucketville.
The city of Lowell is primarily policed and protected by the Lowell Police Department, secondarily by the Massachusetts State Police, the UMass Lowell Police, and the National Park Service.
He is second all-time in total blocked shots ( 336 ) at UMass and the fourth-ever college player to have at least 300 total career blocked shots.
The University of Massachusetts Amherst, located in Amherst, is the flagship and largest school in the UMass system.
It is unique in the UMass system in that it consists of two major campuses for classes, one for residential living, and another for graduate studies.
It is unique in the UMass system in that it is the only school to contain a hospital
UMass Amherst is the flagship and the largest of the UMass campuses, as well as the first established.
The UMass Amherst honors college is called Commonwealth College where admission is more competitive with an average SAT score of 1390.
UMass Amherst is also part of the Five Colleges consortium, with Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, and Amherst colleges, all within a free bus ride of each other using the Pioneer Valley Transit System.
UMass Boston is a research university located in the City of Boston.
UMass Boston ’ s is known for its growing and diverse student body of more than 11, 000 undergraduates and nearly 4, 000 graduate students, making it the second largest campus in the system.

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