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UN and /
Gabon is a member of the UN and some of its specialized and related agencies, including the World Bank ; Organization of African Unity ( OAU ); Central African Customs Union ( UDEAC / CEMAC ); EC association under Lome Convention ; Communaute Financiere Africaine ( CFA ); Organisation of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ); Non-Aligned Movement ; withdrew from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ).
The General Assembly cannot make binding resolutions, only ' recommendations ', but through its adoption of the " Uniting for Peace " resolution ( A / RES / 377 A ), of 3 November 1950, the Assembly declared that it has the power to authorize the use of force, under the terms of the UN Charter, in cases of breaches of the peace or acts of aggression, provided that the Security Council, owing to the negative vote of a permanent member, fails to act to address the situation.
Report S / 25704 of the UN Secretary-General, including the proposed Statute of the International Tribunal, approved by United Nations Security Council Resolution 827 | UN Security Council Resolution 827.
At the 17th session ( February 1978 ), the related UN / ECE Group of Experts agreed that the three-letter alphabetic codes for International Standard ISO 4217, " Codes for the representation of currencies and funds ", would be suitable for use in international trade.
* former German New Guinea became the Territory of New Guinea ( Australia / United Kingdom ) from 17 December 1920 under a ( at first Military ) Administrator ; after ( wartime ) Japanese / U. S. military commands from 8 December 1946 under UN mandate as North East New Guinea ( under Australia, as administrative unit ), until it became part of present Papua New Guinea at independence in 1975
It is one of five countries worldwide that meets the longstanding UN ODA target of 0. 7 % ODA / GNI.
Nepal Army's long association with UN Peace Support Operations began with the deployment of five Military Observers in the Middle East, Lebanon ( UNOGIL / United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon ) in 1958.
Nigeria boasts to have contributed more than 20, 000 troops / police to various UN missions since 1960.
These standards are usually developed in voluntary consensus standards bodies such as the United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business ( UN / CEFACT ), the World Wide Web Consortium W3C, the Telecommunications Industry Association ( TIA ), and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards ( OASIS ).
It participated in UN peacekeeping / observer missions in Kuwait, Angola, Namibia, Cambodia, and East Timor.
Switzerland also has joined UN economic sanctions imposed on Libya, Sierra Leone, UNITA ( Angola ), Liberia, and Serbia / Montenegro.
Vita Gudeleviciute of Vytautas Magnus University Law School, reviewing international law and UN resolutions, finds in cases of non-self-governing peoples ( colonized and / or indigenous ) and foreign military occupation " a people " is the entire population of the occupied territorial unit, no matter their other differences.
* United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, established by GA Resolution 60 / 180 and UN Security Council Resolutions 1645 ( 2005 ) and 1646 ( 2005 )
Thereafter, by Resolution 35 / 55 of 5 December 1980, the UN General Assembly approved the establishment of the University for Peace by adopting the International Agreement for the Establishment of the University for Peace ( UPEACE ) along with the Charter of the University for Peace.
* UN / CEFACT's Modeling Methodology
And that the presence of UN / NATO peacekeeping troops helps ' fuel the sex trafficking trade '.
The US Permanent Representative to the UN said that the European / US draft had enough support in the Security Council to be adopted unless Russia chose to object.
2 ( c ) of Directive No. 2004 / 83 / EC, essentially reproduces the narrow definition of refugee offered by the UN 1951 Convention ; nevertheless, by virtue of articles 2 ( e ) and 15 of the same Directive, persons who have fled a war-caused generalized violence are, at certain conditions, elegible for a complementary form of protection, called subsidiary protection.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 ( S / RES / 242 ) was adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on November 22, 1967, in the aftermath of the Six-Day War.
Although there were accusations of human rights abuses, the OAS / UN International Civilian Mission in Haiti, known by the French acronym MICIVIH, found that the human rights situation in Haiti improved dramatically following Aristide's return to power in 1994.

The UN / CEFACT created, with respect to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, ( GAAP ), internal or external financial reporting XML messages to be used between enterprises and their partners, such as private interested parties ( e. g. bank ) and public collecting bodies ( e. g. taxation authorities ).
* UN / CEFACT Trade And Business Group Accounting And Audit
During 1999 OASIS was approached by UN / CEFACT, the committee of the United Nations dealing with standards for business, to jointly develop a new set of specifications for electronic business.
At the final meeting under the original charter, in Vienna, UN / CEFACT and OASIS agreed to divide the remaining work between the two organizations and to coordinate the completion of the work through a coordinating committee.
UN / CEFACT is an organisation that makes international EDI Electronic Data Interchange standards for electronic trade documents in XML format.
UN / CEFACT has its roots in United Nations ( UN ) missions in trade support.
The UN reorganised UNECE with organisations under it like UN / CEFACT.
UN / CEFACT was organised in different task groups on different topics ( and an organisation integrating the groups work and document them in the UN / CEFACT Core component library ( Core Component Technical Specification ( CCTS )).
UN / CEFACT developed the ebXML an XML architecture for trade and business electronic documents.
The diversity of topics makes very different views on what the core focus of the project is, and this is an important political issue for the general management of the UN / CEFACT to unite the general view of the project.
The UN / CEFACT management that is characterised by the UN atmosphere, where normally no party is excluded and a political statement / will of all nations participation.
In the end there will be very usable UN / CEFACT standards made that all parties agree about, the major risk is that they might come too late and the technical development makes them old very quick.
One factor of importance is that official standard organisations like UN / CEFACT, ISO etc.
In fact there was a case in UN / CEFACT 2007 where a large SW vendor presented a solution that later was discovered they claim patent rights over.
A backside of the non-proprietary claim is that implementation guidelines are excluded from the committee work ( indeed allowed to be made by contributors but not in the name of UN / CEFACT ).
In difference to most other business and trade standard committees the UN / CEFACT is an official standard organisation and not a vendor interest group.
UN / CEFACT as an UN intergovernmental official organisation and the connection with ISO makes its specifications unquestionable in procurement procedure demands.

UN and accounting
Of all, the accounting and financial reports are the section of the entire UN / CEFACT work area that is restricted by most legal demands and regulations.
In practice most other work fields of UN / CEFACT are restricted by legal demands and regulations of the accounting and financial reports.
UN / CEFACT TBG12 has created an accounting interchange file format in XML.
The UN / CEFACT accounting specification allows carrying the data of full accounting transparency.
XBRL GL ( General Ledger ) and UN / CEFACT accounting are XML file standards with about the same purpose and content, in modern XML file format.
The XML format abilities and the huge activities around XBRL and UN / CEFACT have created a huge potential and expectations of modern accounting technologies.
UN / CEFACT is working on trade administration theme and accounting is the terminal point of trade administration and its file format is designed from a trade administration point of view.
National accounting is a system based on the recommendations of the UN ( SNA 93 ) to measure total production and total income of a nation and how they are used.
Rice is the principal crop in River Gee, accounting for approximately 60 % of the county's production according to UN estimates.

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