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Ulster and has
Achill Irish still has many traces of Ulster Irish.
Ian Paisley, future British MP, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, and Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, who has referred to the Pope as a " Roman anti-Christ.
However, Michael Montgomery, in From Ulster to America: The Scotch-Irish Heritage of American English, states " In Ulster in recent years it has sometimes been supposed that it was coined to refer to followers of King William III and brought to America by early Ulster emigrants …, but this derivation is almost certainly incorrect … In America hillbilly was first attested only in 1898, which suggests a later, independent development.
ITV television has been available on parts of the east of the Isle of Man on 3rd May 1956 when Granada Television transmissions started from the Winter Hill transmitting station, and to parts of the west of the island on 1st October 1959 from the Black Mountain transmitting station in Northern Ireland which broadcast Ulster Television.
Kenneth Jackson famously described the Ulster Cycle as a " window on the Iron Age ", and Garret Olmsted has attempted to draw parallels between Táin Bó Cuailnge, the Ulster Cycle epic, and the iconography of the Gundestrup Cauldron.
The Morrígan's earliest narrative appearances, in which she is depicted as an individual, are in stories of the Ulster Cycle, where she has an ambiguous relationship with the hero Cú Chulainn.
The RPG-7 has been used during The Troubles by both the Provisional Irish Republican Army, the Ulster Volunteer Force, and other Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries.
Ireland has several main groups of accents, including ( 1 ) those of Dublin and surrounding areas on the east coast where English has been spoken since the earliest period of colonisation from Britain, ( 2 ) the accents of Ulster, with a strong influence from Scotland as well as the underlying Gaelic linguistic stratum which in that province approaches the Gaelic of Scotland, and ( 3 ) the various accents of west, midlands and south.
The Ulster accent has two main sub accents, namely Mid Ulster English and Ulster Scots.
It bears many similarities to Scottish English through influence from Ulster Scots, which has many distinct characteristics and is often seen as a variety of Scots.
It has been proposed that some of the more obscure kings of Dál Riata mentioned in the Annals of Ulster, such as Fiannamail ua Dúnchado and Donncoirce may have been kings of Irish Dál Riata.
Donegal Irish has a strong influence on learnt Irish across Ulster.
The Tyrone GAA football side has had considerable success since 2000, winning three All Ireland titles ( in 2003, 2005 and 2008 ), they have also won thirteen Ulster titles ( 1956, 1957, 1973, 1984, 1986, 1989, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2010 ) and two National League titles ( in 2002 and 2003 ).
Ulster County has Minnewaska State Park, Mohonk Preserve, Sundown State Park, VerNooykill State Forest, Witches Hole State Forest, and Shawangunk Ridge State Forest and Sam's Point Preserve, which includes rare dwarf pine trees and VerKeerderkill falls.
Boyle's theopolitical philosophy has been described as ' providentialist ' when contrasted with its counterpart which prevailed to the north in Ulster at the time, which, is more typically characterised as Presbyterian.
" For the past 30 years, the Royal Ulster Constabulary has been the bulwark against, and the main target of, a sustained and brutal terrorism campaign.
As Northern Ireland reaches a turning point in its political development this award is made to recognise the collective courage and dedication to duty of all of those who have served in the Royal Ulster Constabulary and who have accepted the danger and stress this has brought to them and to their families.
The report in the Annals of Ulster for 638, " the battle of Glenn Muiresan and the besieging of Eten " ( Din Eidyn, later Edinburgh ), has been taken to represent the capture of Din Eidyn by the Northumbrian king Oswald, son of Æthelfrith, but the Annals mention neither capture, nor Northumbrians, so that this is rather a tenuous identification.
Recently it has emerged from the Police Ombudsman that senior North Belfast UVF member and Royal Ulster Constabulary ( RUC ) Special Branch informant Mark Haddock has been involved in drug dealing.

Ulster and large
Many lines in the west were decommissioned in the 1930s under Éamon de Valera, with a further large cull in services by both CIÉ and the Ulster Transport Authority ( UTA ) during the 1960s, leaving few working lines in the northern third of the island.
* Scotch-Irish Americans, descendents of Ulster Scots who first migrated to North America in large numbers in the early 18th century.
In contrast, a large portion of the settlers encroaching on their territories and against whom the Cherokee ( and other Indians ) took most of their actions were Scots-Irish, Irish from Ulster of Scottish descent, a group which also provided the backbone for the forces of the Revolution ( a famous example of a Scots-Irishman doing the reverse is Simon Girty ).
Eventually, after the 16th and 17th centuries, and especially after the Anglican Reformation and the Plantation of Ulster, many of the " Old English " settlers were gradually assimilated into the Irish population, in large part due to their relative reluctance to give up Roman Catholicism ( those who worshiped in the Church of Ireland were rewarded with a higher status ).
Throughout the course of The Troubles, there was a reasonably large paramilitary presence in the town, namely the Ulster Volunteer Force and Ulster Defence Association.
The Scots language was brought to Ulster during the early 17th century, when large numbers of Scots speakers arrived from Scotland during the Hamilton and Montgomery Settlements and the Ulster Plantation.
Middle Scots inscription " Godis Providens Is My Inheritans " over the main entrance door leading to the tower in Ballygally Castle. Scots, mainly Gaelic-speaking, had been settling in Ulster since the 15th century, but large numbers of Scots-speaking Lowlanders, some 200, 000, arrived during the 17th century following the 1610 Plantation, with the peak reached during the 1690s.
* A corruption from the speech of the large number of descendants of Scottish and Ulster Scots ( Scots-Irish ) immigrants to North America, of the common Scots phrase " och aye " (" oh yes ").
During this period of legality, the UDA committed a large number of attacks using the name Ulster Freedom Fighters, including the assassination of Social Democratic and Labour Party ( SDLP ) politician Paddy Wilson in 1973.
Strongly opposed to the partition of Ireland in any form, Redmond and his party reluctantly agreed to what they understood would be a trial exclusion of now six years ; under Redmond's aspiration that " Ulster will have to follow ", he was belatedly prepared to concede a large measure of autonomy to it to come in.
At the same time he was involved with Sidney and the secretary of state, Sir Thomas Smith, in planning a large settlement of the northern province of Ulster by Devonshire gentlemen.
Shane accordingly invaded Tyrconnell at the head of a large army in 1557, desiring to make himself supreme throughout Ulster, and encamped on the shore of Lough Swilly.
The name Oweynagat means " cave of the cats ", which could refer to the large wild cats which the Ulster champions must fight in the tale of " Bricrius Feast ".
The landscape of Lewis ' native Ireland, in particular Ulster played a large part in the creation of the Narnian landscape.
The robes of Luke Gerald Dillon, 4th Baron Clonbrock, the 122nd Knight of the Order are on display in the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin ; the robe belonging to Francis Charles Needham, 3rd Earl of Kilmorey is held by the Newry Museum ; the National Gallery and Genealogical Museum in Dublin both have Stars of the Order ; and the National Museum and Galleries of Northern Ireland Ulster Museum has a large collection on display and two mantles in storage.
This was linked to a large arms shipment in 1988 which was then divided between the Ulster Defence Association, the Ulster Volunteer Force, and Ulster Resistance.
This is largely due to large scale immigration into the town from Ulster ( especially from County Donegal ) in the 19th century and throughout most of the 20th century.
Dillon, in his approach to Irish self-government under Home Rule took a more uncompromising stand to Redmond's, who during the Ulster crisis of 1913 was prepared to concede a large measure of local autonomy to Ulster.
* Do nothing and live on a reduced income as a large landowner in Ulster.

Ulster and body
The RUC were supported by the Ulster Special Constabulary, a volunteer body of part-time auxiliary police established before the Northern Ireland Government was set up, who had been given uniforms and training.
The new body decided to call itself Ulster Protestant Action ( UPA ), and the first year of its existence was taken up with the discussion of vigilante patrols, street barricades, and drawing up lists of IRA suspects in both Belfast and in rural areas.
* the Ulster Political Research Group ( UPRG )— the UDA's " political advisory body ".
Her body was originally interred at Saint Cabrini Home, an orphanage she founded in West Park, Ulster County, New York.
The Ulster Cycle written in the 12th century, is a body of medieval Irish heroic legends and sagas of the traditional heroes of the Ulaid in what is now eastern Ulster and northern Leinster, particularly counties Armagh, Down and Louth.
Academics who were elected to Membership of the Royal Irish Academy ( Ireland's highest ranking academic body ) while based at Ulster include: Bertie Ussher ( Classics ), Norman Gibson ( Economics ), Amyan Macfadyen ( Biology ), Bill Watts ( Chemistry ), P G ( Gerry ) McKenna ( Biomedical Sciences, Genetics ), Sean Strain ( Biomedical Sciences, Nutrition ), Marshall McCabe ( Geology ), Peter Flatt ( Biomedical Sciences, Diabetes ), Séamus MacMathúna ( Celtic Studies ), Bob Welch ( Literature ), Vani Borooah ( Economics ), Máréaid Nic Craith ( Celtic Studies ), Graham Gargett ( French ), Helene McNulty ( Biomedical Sciences, Nutrition ), Pól Ó Dochartaigh ( German ), Robert McBride ( French ), Ullrich Kockel ( ethnography ) and John McCloskey ( Geosciences ).
In late December 1976, along with Joe Cahill, he met two representatives of the Ulster Loyalist Central Coordinating Committee, John McKeague and John McClure, at the request of the latter body.
Professor Séamus MacMathúna ( Celtic scholar ) and Professor P G ( Gerry ) McKenna ( Biomedical Scientist and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ulster ) are two distinguished academics who attended St. Patrick's Academy and were elected Members of the Royal Irish Academy ( Ireland's most senior ranking academic body ).
He was also a prominent member of the Joint Unionist Working Party, a body set up by his party and the Ulster Unionist Party to oversee the unionist campaign against the Agreement.
The Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company ( NITHCo ) is a government-owned body which was established in 1967 to take over the railway and bus services of the Ulster Transport Authority ( UTA ), namely Northern Ireland Railways ( NIR ) and Ulsterbus.
* Ulster Rugby, the branch of the Irish Rugby Football Union governing rugby union in the historic Irish province, and also the professional rugby team operated by this body
The Ulster Political Research Group is an advisory body connected to the Ulster Defence Association ( UDA ), providing advice to them on political matters.
The school was known as the Ulster Provincial School, and in 1794 became the responsibility of the Ulster Quarterly Meeting, the body representing the Religious Society of Friends in Ulster.
The UCDC was the governing body of the loyalist Ulster Protestant Volunteers ( UPV ).
From c. 1910 he was regarded as the nominal leader of the Irish Unionist Alliance ( the umbrella body for Southern Irish Unionists, corresponding to the Ulster Unionists ' Ulster Unionist Council ).
The body was dominated by UUUC and collapsed without reaching any conclusions, although it did precipitate a split in the Vanguard after Craig suggested power-sharing with the Social Democratic and Labour Party and the majority of his party broke away in protest to form the United Ulster Unionist Party.

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