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Under and international
* 2005 – Under international pressure, Syria withdraws the last of its 14, 000 troop military garrison in Lebanon, ending its 29-year military domination of that country ( Syrian occupation of Lebanon ).
Under Leopold II's administration, the Congo Free State became the site of one of the most infamous international scandals of the turn of the twentieth century.
Under IAAF ( international ) rules, Youth boys ( 16 – 17 years ) throw the 1. 5 kg discus, the Junior men ( 18 – 19 years ) throw the unique 1. 75 kg discus, and the girls / women of those ages throw the 1 kg discus.
* 1920 – Under the terms of the Svalbard Treaty, international diplomacy recognizes Norwegian sovereignty over Arctic archipelago Svalbard, and designates it as demilitarized.
Under the new structure, the local offices would contribute a percentage of their income to the international organization, which would take responsibility for setting the overall direction of the movement with each regional office having one vote.
Under international pressure, President Sirleaf requested in March 2006 that Nigeria extradite Charles Taylor, who was then brought before an international tribunal in Sierra Leone to face charges of crimes against humanity, arising from events during the Sierra Leone civil war ( his trial was later transferred to The Hague for security purposes ).
Under the program, which covers the years from 2000 to 2015, Nigeria is committed to achieve a wide range of ambitious objectives involving poverty reduction, education, gender equality, health, the environment, and international development cooperation.
Under international law, no country currently owns the North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it.
Under international law, a serving head of state has sovereign immunity from the jurisdiction of the courts of other countries, though not from that of international tribunals.
Under the Covenant of the League of Nations, all League members agreed that where there was a dispute between states which they " recognize to be suitable for submission to arbitration and which cannot be satisfactorily settled by diplomacy ", the matter would be submitted to the Court for arbitration, with suitable disputes being over the interpretation of an international treaty, a question on international law, the validity of facts which, if true, would breach international obligations and the nature of any reparations to be made for breaching international obligations.
Under international treaty, it may be used " in time of war as in time of peace, by every vessel of commerce or of war, without distinction of flag.
* Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment: The senior economic advisor for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on international economic policy.
Under the technical leadership of the Three Amigos, an international consortium called the UML Partners was organized in 1996 to complete the Unified Modeling Language ( UML ) specification, and propose it as a response to the OMG RFP.
Under the prodding of Governor-General Lord Gowrie, who wanted to avoid calling an election given the dangerous international situation, Coles and Wilson threw their support to Labor.
Under CITES regulations, international trade in any quantity of Galanthus, whether bulbs, live plants or even dead ones, is illegal without a CITES permit.
Under international law, refugees are individuals who:
Under the leadership of CPC and Mao Zedong, a parallel international communist movement emerged to rival that of the Soviets, although it was never as formalized and homogeneous as the pro-Soviet tendency.
Under the provisions of OPCAT that entered into force on 22 June 2006 independent international and national bodies regularly visit places where people are deprived of their liberty, to prevent torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
* Under international law, the test for occupation is whether " effective control " of a foreign military can be said to exist.
Under the Nuremberg Principles, war crimes are different from crimes against peace which is planning, preparing, initiating, or waging a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements, or assurances.

Under and law
Under the law as it existed until 1943, the Federal Government made grants to the States on the basis of population, matching State expenditures on a 50-50 basis.
Under this law annual grants are given to systems in substantial amounts.
Under another law, hundreds of farms were seized.
Under United States patent law, the abstract may be called " Abstract of the Disclosure ".
Under Ambrose's major influence, emperors Gratian, Valentinian II and Theodosius I carried on a persecution of Paganism .< ref name = " MacMullen1984p100 "> MacMullen ( 1984 ) p. 100: ‘ The law of June 391, issued by Theodosius [...] was issued from Milan and represented the will of its bishop, Ambrose ; for Theodosius — recently excommunicated by Ambrose, penitent, and very much under his influence < sup > 43 </ sup > — was no natural zealot.
Under the Roman Dutch law in force in South Africa affray falls within the definition of vis publica.
Under modern canon law, a man who is appointed a cardinal must accept ordination as a bishop, unless he already is one, or seek special permission from the pope to decline such ordination.
Under current United States law, bio-agents which have been declared by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services or the U. S. Department of Agriculture to have the " potential to pose a severe threat to public health and safety " are officially defined as " select agents ".
Under French law ( the Toubon Law ), it is illegal for commercial signage to be in Breton alone ; it must be bilingual or else in French alone.
Under Swiss law, bankruptcy can be a consequence of insolvency.
Under English law, successive versions of Table A have reinforced the norm that, unless the directors are acting contrary to the law or the provisions of the Articles, the powers of conducting the management and affairs of the company are vested in them.
Under Israeli law, inherited from British Mandate municipal law, the possibility of creating a municipal borough exists.
Under the common law of England, crimes were classified as either treason, felony or misdemeanour, with treason sometimes being included with the felonies.
Under Roman law, Roman culture under the Empire came to tolerate concubinage as long as the relationship was durable and exclusive ; for Roman jurists, concubinage was an honorable de facto situation.
Under Canadian law, the term " Canadian rye whisky " is simply synonymous with " Canadian whisky ", and the primary mash ingredient in most Canadian whisky is corn.
Under French law, an association can represent the collective interests of consumers ; however, each claimant must be individually named in the lawsuit.
Under common law, a liquidated damages clause will not be enforced if the purpose of the term is solely to punish a breach ( in this case it is termed penal damages ).
Under FINA law, no dive may be changed after the deadline for the dive-sheet to be submitted ( generally a period ranging from one hour to 24 hours, depending on the rulings made by the event organiser ).
Under the presidency of William Jewett Tucker ( 1893 – 1909 ), Dartmouth underwent a major revitalization of facilities, faculty, and the student body, following large endowments such as the $ 10, 000 given by Dartmouth alumnus and law professor John Ordronaux.
Under US law and the laws of most other developed countries, derivatives have special legal exemptions that make them a particularly attractive legal form to extend credit.
Under Texas law, the death penalty can only be issued if the jury is convinced that the defendant is not only guilty, but will commit further violent crimes in the future if he is not put to death.
Under Italian law franchise is defined as an arrangement between two financially independent parties where a franchisee is granted, in exchange for a consideration, the right to market goods and services under particular trademarks.
Modern customs and institutions offer few useful parallels to the legal and social context which defined the gladiatoria munera Under law, anyone condemned to the arena or the gladiator schools ( ad ludum ) was a servus poenae under sentence of death unless manumitted.

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