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Under and deal
Under the new deal, HP will provide network, workplace, mainframe management, applications and systems integration services for GM ’ s worldwide operations.
Under a licensing deal Ibanez guitars released an H. R. Giger signature series: the Ibanez ICHRG2, an Ibanez Iceman, features " NY City VI ", the Ibanez RGTHRG1 has " NY City XI " printed on it, the S Series SHRG1Z has a metal-coated engraving of " Biomechanical Matrix " on it, and a 4-string SRX bass, SRXHRG1, has " N. Y. City X " on it.
Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States had no executive branch ; the President of Congress was a mostly ceremonial position within the Confederation Congress, but the office did require Hanson to handle a good deal of correspondence and sign official documents.
Under this deal, allegedly, Nauru would also establish an embassy in China and perform certain " safehouse " and courier services for the U. S. government, in a scheme codenamed " Operation Weasel ".
Under the deal, Paramount is required to distribute the DreamWorks animated films for a small fee intended only to cover Paramount's out of pocket costs with no profit to the studio, including the Shrek franchise ( and ending for the 2004 installment, Shrek 2 ).
Under the deal, Sosa earned $ 17, 875, 000 for the 2005 season, with the Cubs paying $ 7 million of his salary.
Under the guidance of Walpole, Parliament attempted to deal with the financial crisis brought on by the South Sea Bubble.
Under the terms of the deal struck with " patriotic " members of the Italian military intelligence agency SISMI ( Carlos ' words ), several Italian servicemen and members of a Palestinian resistance group would escort the prisoners to an Arab country.
Under normal conditions a machine with several processors would also cost a great deal more.
In March 2011, Under Armour announced a five-year deal to supply shirts and other apparel to Tottenham starting at the beginning of the 2012 – 13 season, but terms of the deal were undisclosed.
Under the deal Renault supplies the cabins and the engines and Praga supplied axles and transmissions for the prototypes ; however the whole project has been dogged by controversy due to the way Tatra had obtained the contract, its relationship with supplier Praga and the subsequent court case brought on against it by Praga.
Under the merger deal Société des Avions Marcel Dassault was dissolved on 14 December 1971, with its assets vested in Breguet, to be renamed Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation ( AMD-BA ).
Under " Terry Rules " the shithead's only role is to deal the next set of cards although " Russian Rules " give a further role ( see regional variations ).
Under the original deal, the gallery was meant to be the channel for all of Christie's private-client business as well as the focus of its primary trade.
Under the deal, the premises were split 50 / 50 between the two companies.
Under the terms of the deal, NTL would pay rights fees of up to £ 65 million over five years, with all participating clubs sharing in the profits of the joint venture, with a variable term in the region of 20 years.
Under the deal his lawyers made with the U. S. Attorney's office he was given a 10-year suspended sentence, five years ' probation and a $ 400, 000 penalty in fines and prosecution costs and agreed to leave the United States, not returning for at least five years without the permission of the United States Attorney General.
Under the deal, JPMorgan Chase acquired all the banking operations of WaMu, including $ 307 billion in assets and $ 188 billion in deposits for only $ 1. 9 billion from the FDIC.
Under the deal, Modell retained a small interest ( approximately 1 % share ) upon the team's sale as a legal maneuver to avoid a claim by the Andrews trust, which was controlled by family of a former business adviser who sought to collect an estimated $ 30 million finder's fee upon Modell's sale of the team.
Under the terms of a television deal signed with ESPN in 2006, the bowl will be held after Christmas Day from 2006 – 2009, and be shown on ESPN in prime time.
Under the deal, Woodbridge Company Limited, Torstar, and Ontario Teachers ' Pension Plan would together receive $ 1. 3 billion in either cash or equity in BCE, while BCE will also assume $ 1. 7 billion in debt ( BCE's existing equity interest is $ 200 million, for a total transaction value of $ 3. 2 billion ).
Under the status, responsibility would now lie with the bailies and council to deal with the routine administration of the town and its fiscal policies ; conditioned on an annual payment of 33s 4d (£ 49. 65 ) to the Abbot of Dunfermline.
Under the deal, Woodbridge, Torstar, and Teachers ' received $ 1. 3 billion in either cash or equity in BCE, while BCE will also assume $ 1. 7 billion in debt ( BCE's existing equity interest is $ 200 million, for a total transaction value of $ 3. 2 billion ).
Under the terms of the deal, Mujib would have become prime minister and Bhutto would have succeeded Yahya as president.

Under and she
Under her father's influence it did not occur to Henrietta that she might write on subjects outside the Jewish field, but she did begin writing for other Anglo-Jewish papers and thus increased her output and her audience.
Under Grindal, a talented and skilful tutor, she also progressed in French and Greek.
Under his reign his wife Louisa was thought to have had the real power, which is why she is placed at the center of the group portrait.
Under their auspices, she gained a second meeting, where she made a remarkable prediction about a military reversal near Orléans.
In Greece, she translated and appeared in the first of Eugene O ' Neill's plays to be seen in Greece, " Desire Under the Elms.
Under the tutelage of Arduino della Padule, however, she did learn the military arts, such as horseriding and arms.
Under a cloud of his affair, Hughes and Plath separated in the autumn of 1962 and she set up life in a new flat with the children.
Under the code name " Louise ", she and SOE colleague Philippe Liewer reorganised a French Resistance network that had been broken up by the Germans.
Under that name, she published the magazine, The Humanitarian, from 1892 to 1901, with help from her daughter Zula Woodhull.
" Under this section, employers may not make rules that prevent an employee from disclosing information to the government in furtherance of a false claims action, an employer may not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, deny promotion to, or in any other manner discriminate against, an employee in the terms and conditions of employment because he or she has disclosed information to the government.
Under the terms of Margaret's betrothal, she was sent to Louis to be brought up under his guardianship.
Under the Hoover administration, she worked on and headed the women's section of the President's Emergency Committee for Employment in 1930, where she worked to gain the cooperation of women's groups for reducing unemployment.
Under the gallicised version of her name, Catherine de Médicis, she was Queen consort of France as the wife of King Henry II of France from 1547 to 1559.
Among her films at this time were Desire Under the Elms with Anthony Perkins, based upon the Eugene O ' Neill play ; Houseboat, a romantic comedy co-starring Cary Grant ; and George Cukor's Heller in Pink Tights, in which she appeared as a blonde for the first time.
Under the guidance of Gluck, she excelled to some extent in her musical endeavors.
Under her third married name, Lady Periam, she also received the dedication of Thomas Morley's two-part canzonets of 1595.
Under her belly she hath a bagge, wherein she lodgeth, carrieth, and sucketh her young.
Under the name of Revenant, it is not known whether she is Jean Grey ( presumably dead after the Albany incident ) or a totally new incarnation.
Newton-John was homesick in England for her then-boyfriend, Ian Turpie, with whom she had co-starred in the Australian telefilm, Funny Things Happen Down Under.
Under the influence of the Olympian pantheon, she became merely the consort of Poseidon, and was further diminished by poets to a symbolic representation of the sea.
Under her leadership, Marine Le Pen has been more clear in her support for protectionism, while she has criticised globalism and capitalism for certain industries.

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