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Under and these
Under these conditions a new generation of Europeans began to discover the bonds of long association and shared values that for so long had been subordinated to nationalist xenophobia.
Under these schemes, authors are paid a fee for the number of copies of their books in educational and / or public libraries.
Under one of these emperors, Romanos IV Diogenes ( 1067 – 1071 ), Alexios served with distinction against the Seljuq Turks.
Under the strong rule of Abdur Rahman these outlying territories were closely welded to Kabul ; but after the accession of Habibullah the bonds once more relaxed.
Under 10 % of organisms were predators or scavengers, although since these organisms were larger, the biomass was split equally between each of the filter feeding, deposit feeding, predatory and scavenging organisms.
Under these rules, if a man went down and could not continue after a count of 30 seconds, the fight was over.
Under these conditions however, it was difficult for German commanders to employ the “ armoured idea ” to its envisioned potential.
Under these conditions I find it virtually impossible to continue my motion-picture work, and I have therefore given up my residence in the United States.
Under these new policies, the rate of inflation dropped from about 1, 000 % per year to about 10 % per year.
Under exceptional circumstances, a redive may be granted, but these are exceedingly rare ( usually for very young divers just learning how to compete, or if some event outside the diver's control has caused them to be unable to perform ).
Under these conditions, many bacterial cells burst, releasing a pulse of nutrients.
Under this policy, Albania would develop its agricultural output in order to supply the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations while these nations would be developing specific resource outputs of their own, which would in theory strengthen the Warsaw Pact by greatly reducing the lack of certain resources that many of the nations faced.
Under the terms of the accord, films produced using these funds can only be screened on television 24 months after their theatrical release.
Under the disputed Nostratic theory and similar theories such as that of monogenesis, some of these examples would indeed be distantly related cognates, but the evidence for reclassifying them as such is insufficient.
Under Greek pressure, the European Union and NATO agreed that in order for the Republic of Macedonia to receive an invitation to join these institutions the name dispute must be resolved first.
Under Himmler's orders via the RSHA, these squads were also tasked with rounding up Jews and others for placement in ghettos and concentration camps.
Under the so-called " Volcker Rule ", regulators are also required to implement regulations for banks, their affiliates and holding companies to limit their relationships with hedge funds and also to prohibit these organizations from proprietary trading, and limit their investment in, and sponsorship of hedge funds.
Under these constraints, we would like to maximize the rate of information, or the signal, we can communicate over the channel.
Under this legislation, the federal government paid towards around 50 % of the cost of provincial health plans to cover “ a basic range of inpatient services in acute, convalescent, and chronic hospital care .” The condition for those cost-sharing legislation was that all citizens were to be entitled to these benefits, and by March 1963 98. 8 of Canadians were covered by Hospital Insurance.
" Under the law of association, transmission of wealth does not apply to the instruments of labour, so cannot become a cause of inequality .... We are socialists ... under universal association, ownership of the land and of the instruments of labour is social ownership ... We want the mines, canals, railways handed over to democratically organised workers ' associations ... We want these associations to be models for agriculture, industry and trade, the pioneering core of that vast federation of companies and societies, joined together in the common bond of the democratic and social Republic.
Under these circumstances, during much of the Siege of Leningrad ( 1941 – 1944 ), Lake Ladoga provided the only access to the besieged city because a section of the eastern shore remained in Soviet hands.
Under Ravalomanana these investments produced substantial economic growth but the benefits were not evenly spread throughout the population, producing tensions over the increasing cost of living and declining living standards among the poor and some segments of the middle class.
Under the older Cronquist system the order contained these four " core Malvales " families plus the Elaeocarpaceae and was placed among the Dilleniidae.
Under the terms of the agreement, the U. S. is to retain its rights to bases on the island, but these are to be nuclear-free.

Under and circumstances
Under unusual circumstances a resident individual may be granted an extension of time to file a return.
Under the circumstances, I had difficulty keeping up with the conversation on the phone, but when I hung up I was reasonably certain that Francesca had wanted to remind me of our town meeting the next evening, and how important it was that Hank and I be there.
Under the circumstances, however, the team considered it would provide the most useful information at this point.
Under no circumstances could we mistake one for the other ; ;
Under normal circumstances Casey was a little fussy when people told him what to do with pictures he had taken.
Under the circumstances, the only protection for the relatively small manufacturers is to engage in exactly the kind of conspiracy with the giants for which the latter were convicted.
Under normal circumstances, he had a certain bright-eyed all-American-boy charm, with great appeal for young ladies, old ladies, and dogs.
Under the particular historical circumstances of the growing Church in the early centuries, the succession of bishops became one of the ways, together with the transmission of the Gospel and the life of the community, in which the apostolic tradition of the Church was expressed.
Under suitable circumstances the value of the coefficient is given by the expression.
Under some circumstances, the signal radiated from the electron guns, scanning circuitry, and associated wiring of a CRT can be captured remotely and used to reconstruct what is shown on the CRT using a process called Van Eck phreaking.
It was said that Chiang Kai-shek replied: " Under no circumstances!
Under some circumstances, some creditors, otherwise the United States Trustee can request for the court converting the case into a demolition under chapter 7, or appointing a trustee to manage the debtor's business.
* Under certain circumstances, deletion of data representing certain facts necessitates deletion of data representing completely different facts.
Under normal circumstances, people entering into such transactions are risk-averse, that is to say that they are prepared to accept a lower expected return for the sake of avoiding risk.
Under the most favorable circumstances, a total solar eclipse can last for 7 minutes, 31 seconds, and can be viewed along a track that is up to 250 km wide.
Under the circumstances, Olid proposed a truce to which Las Casas agreed, and he did not land his forces.
Under some circumstances, and in some technical contexts, transcluded sections of text may not require strict adherence to the " context neutrality " principle, because the transcluded sections are capable of parameterization.
Under such circumstances, peasant disorders were endemic ; even the citizens of Moscow revolted against the Romanovs during the Salt Riot ( 1648 ), Copper Riot ( 1662 ), and the Moscow Uprising ( 1682 ).
Under typical circumstances ion ranges will be between 10 nanometers and 1 micrometer.
Under such circumstances, it was not possible for Milch, Udet or Kesselring to produce a formidable strategic bombing force even had they wanted to.
Under the circumstances, the Brewers ' 1970 season was over before it started, and they finished 65 – 97 ( a one-game improvement over 1969 ).
Under some circumstances one moving charged particle can exert a force on another without any return force.

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