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Under and typical
Under typical conditions found in stellar plasmas, catalytic hydrogen burning by the CNO cycles is limited by proton captures.
Under a typical end-user license agreement, the user may install the software on a limited number of computers.
Under typical conditions, disulfide reshuffling is much faster than the formation of new disulfide bonds or their reduction ; hence, the disulfide species within an ensemble equilibrate more quickly than between ensembles.
Under magnification, a section through a typical foliose lichen thallus reveals four layers of interlaced fungal filaments.
Under typical definitions, symptoms must be present at some point during the ten days immediately before the onset of menses, and must not be present for at least one week between the onset of menses and ovulation.
Under the typical system, the candidate that gains the highest vote total wins all of the state's available electors.
Under the molecular orbital formalism, a typical ground-state molecule has electrons in the lowest possible energy levels.
Under Ottoman rule Kosovska Mitrovica was a typical small Oriental city.
Under the reign of Wenceslas I of Bohemia, the royal court came to cultivate lifestyles typical of contemporary Western Europe, including the culture of jousting and tournaments and the enjoyment of courtly poetry and songs.
Under such " typical " dark sky conditions, the naked eye can see stars with an apparent magnitude up to + 6 < sup > m </ sup >.
Under typical dark conditions only a few such objects are visible.
Under typical dark sky conditions Uranus ( magnitude + 5. 8 ) can be seen as well with averted vision.
Under regular phonetical changes that are typical to the Romanian languages, the name romanus over the centuries transformed into " rumân ".
Under the typical “ death spiral ” scenario the holder of the convertible debt initially shorts the issuer ’ s common stock which often causes the stock price to decline at which time the debt holder converts some of the convertible debt to common shares with which he then covers his short position.
Under his Governorship, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand established a new model of the relationship between government and central bank – not totally independent, like the Bundesbank in Germany, and not dominated by government, as was typical of most central banks at the time, but one where government and central bank agreed in public about the inflation rate to be delivered by the central bank, where the central bank had full independence to run monetary policy to deliver that, and where the central bank's Governor was held accountable for the inflation outcome.
Under the microscope, the mold phase will look like a typical Penicillium, with hyaline, septate and branched hyphae ; the conidiophores are located both laterally and terminally.
" Under typical statistical assumptions, the mean or average is the statistic for estimating location that minimizes the expected loss experienced under the Taguchi or squared-error loss function, while the median is the estimator that minimizes expected loss experienced under the absolute-difference loss function.
Under typical physiological conditions, this results in an efflux of K < sup >+</ sup > from the cell, which leads to cell membrane hyperpolarization ( a decrease in the electrical potential across the cell membrane ) and a decrease in cell excitability ( a decrease in the probability that the cell will transmit an action potential ).
Under conditions typical for plasma modification purposes, the ion energy in electrodeless HF discharges is about an order of magnitude lower than in RF discharges.
Under the current standard, a typical 75 gallon gas storage water heater can have an energy factor as low as 53 %, while under the 2015 standard, the minimum energy factor for a 75 gallon gas storage tank water heater will be 74 %, which can only be achieved by using condensing technology.
Under typical conditions it becomes a less compelling basis for inferring strength.
Under Gallienus the senatorial aristocracy ceased to provide the senior military commanders, its typical members being neither interested in military service nor good at command.
Under the new system, the USGS ranks the level of activity at a U. S. volcano using the terms " Normal ", for typical volcanic activity in a non-eruptive phase ; " Advisory ", for elevated unrest ; " Watch ", for escalating unrest or a minor eruption underway that poses limited hazards ; and, " Warning ", if a highly hazardous eruption is underway or imminent ( Table 1 ).
Under the typical terms, the tenant / buyer chooses the home and seeks a landlord / seller to serve as an investor.

Under and circumstances
Under unusual circumstances a resident individual may be granted an extension of time to file a return.
Under the circumstances, I had difficulty keeping up with the conversation on the phone, but when I hung up I was reasonably certain that Francesca had wanted to remind me of our town meeting the next evening, and how important it was that Hank and I be there.
Under the circumstances, however, the team considered it would provide the most useful information at this point.
Under no circumstances could we mistake one for the other ; ;
Under normal circumstances Casey was a little fussy when people told him what to do with pictures he had taken.
Under the circumstances, the only protection for the relatively small manufacturers is to engage in exactly the kind of conspiracy with the giants for which the latter were convicted.
Under normal circumstances, he had a certain bright-eyed all-American-boy charm, with great appeal for young ladies, old ladies, and dogs.
Under the particular historical circumstances of the growing Church in the early centuries, the succession of bishops became one of the ways, together with the transmission of the Gospel and the life of the community, in which the apostolic tradition of the Church was expressed.
Under suitable circumstances the value of the coefficient is given by the expression.
Under some circumstances, the signal radiated from the electron guns, scanning circuitry, and associated wiring of a CRT can be captured remotely and used to reconstruct what is shown on the CRT using a process called Van Eck phreaking.
It was said that Chiang Kai-shek replied: " Under no circumstances!
Under some circumstances, some creditors, otherwise the United States Trustee can request for the court converting the case into a demolition under chapter 7, or appointing a trustee to manage the debtor's business.
Under exceptional circumstances, a redive may be granted, but these are exceedingly rare ( usually for very young divers just learning how to compete, or if some event outside the diver's control has caused them to be unable to perform ).
* Under certain circumstances, deletion of data representing certain facts necessitates deletion of data representing completely different facts.
Under normal circumstances, people entering into such transactions are risk-averse, that is to say that they are prepared to accept a lower expected return for the sake of avoiding risk.
Under the most favorable circumstances, a total solar eclipse can last for 7 minutes, 31 seconds, and can be viewed along a track that is up to 250 km wide.
Under the circumstances, Olid proposed a truce to which Las Casas agreed, and he did not land his forces.
Under some circumstances, and in some technical contexts, transcluded sections of text may not require strict adherence to the " context neutrality " principle, because the transcluded sections are capable of parameterization.
Under such circumstances, peasant disorders were endemic ; even the citizens of Moscow revolted against the Romanovs during the Salt Riot ( 1648 ), Copper Riot ( 1662 ), and the Moscow Uprising ( 1682 ).
Under such circumstances, it was not possible for Milch, Udet or Kesselring to produce a formidable strategic bombing force even had they wanted to.
Under these circumstances, during much of the Siege of Leningrad ( 1941 – 1944 ), Lake Ladoga provided the only access to the besieged city because a section of the eastern shore remained in Soviet hands.
Under these circumstances, Soriano was initially very receptive to an offer from a Milwaukee-based group headed by car salesman Bud Selig.
Under the circumstances, the Brewers ' 1970 season was over before it started, and they finished 65 – 97 ( a one-game improvement over 1969 ).
Under some circumstances one moving charged particle can exert a force on another without any return force.

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