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from Brown Corpus
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Under and unusual
Under the constitution, North Korea has an unusual legal system based upon German civil law and influenced by Japanese legal theory.
Under Miles, Blue Note was known for their striking and unusual album cover designs.
The recording and publishing of 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea was an unusual one: it did not employ the movie's cast, and years later, a 12-inch 33⅓ rpm album of the film, with a nearly identical script, but another different cast, was sold by Disneyland Records in conjunction with the re-release of the movie in 1963.
Under Rule 203-1-Departures from Established Accounting Principles, the departures are rare, and usually take place when there is new legislation, the evolution of new forms of business transactions, an unusual degree of materiality, or the existence of conflicting industry practices.
Under unusual circumstances, long-term investors will settle for lower yields now if they think the economy will slow or even decline in the future.
Under Ordunio ’ s direction, “ Global Village ” ascended to greater heights and created more unusual sounds and experiments of music, such as the night a slow movement from a Mahler symphony and a Bruckner symphony were heard simultaneously.
Under proportional representation, it is not unusual for a government, lacking a clear majority in the Legislative Council, to rely on the voting support of independent members and / or minor parties, such as The Greens, to pass legislation.
Under the " evolving standards of decency " test, the Court held that it was cruel and unusual punishment to execute a person who was under the age of 18 at the time of the murder.
Under the name Theatre Kingston, the company began to gain a reputation not only for the high quality but the unusual nature of its productions.
In his 1870 science fiction classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne wrote about a hunting expedition using a very unusual form of bullet:

Under and circumstances
Under the circumstances, I had difficulty keeping up with the conversation on the phone, but when I hung up I was reasonably certain that Francesca had wanted to remind me of our town meeting the next evening, and how important it was that Hank and I be there.
Under the circumstances, however, the team considered it would provide the most useful information at this point.
Under no circumstances could we mistake one for the other ; ;
Under normal circumstances Casey was a little fussy when people told him what to do with pictures he had taken.
Under the circumstances, the only protection for the relatively small manufacturers is to engage in exactly the kind of conspiracy with the giants for which the latter were convicted.
Under normal circumstances, he had a certain bright-eyed all-American-boy charm, with great appeal for young ladies, old ladies, and dogs.
Under the particular historical circumstances of the growing Church in the early centuries, the succession of bishops became one of the ways, together with the transmission of the Gospel and the life of the community, in which the apostolic tradition of the Church was expressed.
Under suitable circumstances the value of the coefficient is given by the expression.
Under some circumstances, the signal radiated from the electron guns, scanning circuitry, and associated wiring of a CRT can be captured remotely and used to reconstruct what is shown on the CRT using a process called Van Eck phreaking.
It was said that Chiang Kai-shek replied: " Under no circumstances!
Under some circumstances, some creditors, otherwise the United States Trustee can request for the court converting the case into a demolition under chapter 7, or appointing a trustee to manage the debtor's business.
Under exceptional circumstances, a redive may be granted, but these are exceedingly rare ( usually for very young divers just learning how to compete, or if some event outside the diver's control has caused them to be unable to perform ).
* Under certain circumstances, deletion of data representing certain facts necessitates deletion of data representing completely different facts.
Under normal circumstances, people entering into such transactions are risk-averse, that is to say that they are prepared to accept a lower expected return for the sake of avoiding risk.
Under the most favorable circumstances, a total solar eclipse can last for 7 minutes, 31 seconds, and can be viewed along a track that is up to 250 km wide.
Under the circumstances, Olid proposed a truce to which Las Casas agreed, and he did not land his forces.
Under some circumstances, and in some technical contexts, transcluded sections of text may not require strict adherence to the " context neutrality " principle, because the transcluded sections are capable of parameterization.
Under such circumstances, peasant disorders were endemic ; even the citizens of Moscow revolted against the Romanovs during the Salt Riot ( 1648 ), Copper Riot ( 1662 ), and the Moscow Uprising ( 1682 ).
Under typical circumstances ion ranges will be between 10 nanometers and 1 micrometer.
Under such circumstances, it was not possible for Milch, Udet or Kesselring to produce a formidable strategic bombing force even had they wanted to.
Under these circumstances, during much of the Siege of Leningrad ( 1941 – 1944 ), Lake Ladoga provided the only access to the besieged city because a section of the eastern shore remained in Soviet hands.
Under these circumstances, Soriano was initially very receptive to an offer from a Milwaukee-based group headed by car salesman Bud Selig.
Under the circumstances, the Brewers ' 1970 season was over before it started, and they finished 65 – 97 ( a one-game improvement over 1969 ).
Under some circumstances one moving charged particle can exert a force on another without any return force.

Under and resident
Under the French, the country formed the Territory of Guinea within French West Africa, administered by a governor general resident in Dakar.
Under the treaty, the Cambodian monarchy was allowed to remain, but power was largely vested to a resident general to be housed in Phnom Penh.
Under its original land grants, the Mexican government provided for resident Indians to continue to occupy such lands.
Under the Dutch Empire, Ambon city was the seat of the Dutch resident and military commander of the Moluccas.
Under the law, a capable adult Oregon resident who has been diagnosed, by a physician, with a terminal illness that will kill the patient within six months may request in writing, from his or her physician, a prescription for a lethal dose of medication for the purpose of ending the patient's life.
Under the participation exemption, capital gains realised by a Belgian resident company on shares in a Belgian or foreign company are fully exempt from corporate income tax, provided that the dividends on the shares qualify for the participation exemption.
Under new rules, introduced in 2009, foreign nationals being adopted by Canadian citizens can now acquire Canadian citizenship immediately upon completion of the adoption, without entering Canada as a permanent resident as under the previous rules.
He is the only resident playwright of the theatre ensemble SITI Company, for whom he wrote Orestes, bobrauschenbergamerica, Hotel Cassiopeia, Under Construction, and soot and spit ( the musical ).
Under the British Nationality Act 1981, a resident of the Falkland Islands was classed as a British Dependent Territories citizen unless he or she also had a connection with the United Kingdom ( UK ) itself ( such as through having a UK-born parent or grandparent ).
Under the district asylum system it received patients resident in the city and county of Dublin and the counties of Louth, Meath, Wicklow and the town of Drogheda.
" Under a subcontracting agreement, a U. S. citizen or resident alien contractually agrees with an employer to provide a specific number of workers for a certain period of time to undertake a defined task at a fixed rate of pay per worker ".
Under Article III, Section 5, members of the Legislative Assembly must be bilingual in both Spanish and English, must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States, and have resided on Puerto Rico for two years.
Under its first resident superintendent, Walter E. Fernald ( 1859 – 1924 ), an advocate of eugenics, the school was viewed as a model educational facility in the field of mental retardation.
Under Abbas, Isfahan became a very cosmopolitan city, with a resident population of Turks, Georgians, Armenians, Indians, Chinese and a growing number of Europeans.
Under this scheme, the four resident male teacher training college in London ( St Mary's, Strawberry Hill ; Borough Road, St. Mark's and St. John's ; and Westminster ) were formed into a group under the supervision of University College London ( UCL ).
The Minidoka War Relocation Center was in operation from 1942 – 45 and one of ten camps at which Japanese Americans, both citizens and resident aliens, were interned during World War II. Under provisions of President Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066, all persons of Japanese ancestry were excluded from the West Coast of the United States.
Under Florida law, the homestead exemption is only available to US citizens, permanent resident aliens, or others who are legally able to form the intent to remain permanently under immigration laws.
Under the Act, British citizens resident in the UK and British companies registered in the UK must be treated on the same basis as Indian citizens and Indian registered companies unless UK law denies reciprocal treatment.

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