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Unfortunately and for
Unfortunately, however, and for reasons to be discussed in the following chapter, no rate relationships can be made completely nondiscriminatory as long as all or some of the rates must be set above marginal costs in order to yield adequate revenues.
`` Unfortunately, there is still little demand for broccoli and cauliflower ''.
Then, he said, `` Unfortunately, only one lamechian linguist exists, and he is too old for this expedition.
Unfortunately, the family was left unprovided for after a conflict between the local Nizaris and Imani Khan Farahani, who had been married to one of the late Imam's daughters Shah Bibi and who had been in charge of the Imam's land holdings.
Unfortunately for Constantinople, Alexios III's misgovernment had left the Byzantine navy with only 20 worm-eaten hulks by the time the Crusaders arrived.
Unfortunately for internal politics, it was not.
Unfortunately, he never came back to Portugal ; he died in the region and is credited for bringing to Lisbon the first pepper that ever came out of those parts.
Unfortunately for Antony, many of his ships were undermanned ; there had been a severe malaria outbreak while they were waiting for Octavian's fleet to arrive.
Dr. Wink said, " Unfortunately there are a few people who may believe what she says, and I'm sure it's only a few, but I think it's quite irresponsible for somebody to be trying to encourage others to do something that is so detrimental to their health ".
Unfortunately for Gallus, this order was delayed by Eusebius, one of Constantius ‘ eunuchs, and as a result Gallus was executed.
" Unfortunately for his memory the theologians whose advice he took were ultimately discredited and the malcontents whom he pressed to conform emerged victorious ," writes the historian A. H. M.
Unfortunately for the newly born industry, the results were unstable, as components sometimes experienced thermal shock when they were cooled too quickly.
Unfortunately for James, this diplomatic negotiation with Spain proved generally unpopular, both with the public and James's court, with ' Arminian ' divines providing a unique source of support for the proposed union.
Unfortunately the structures for the creation of standards in North America seemed to prevent manufacturer collaboration as a route forward and ANSI were not interested in creating PBX interworking standards.
Unfortunately, the evidence for this new form of carbon was very weak and was not accepted, even by his colleagues.
Unfortunately for Baresi, his early international career coincided with the peak of Gaetano Scirea's stint as Italy's first-choice sweeper, and Baresi was continually left out of the squad.
Unfortunately, this course of action appeared to be the product of Honorius ' indecisive character and he suffered much criticism for it both from contemporaries and later historians.
Unfortunately for the offense, this advantage can sometimes become a disadvantage.
Unfortunately, this has become the only Japanese language version for which 35mm materials are available to Toho, and it is unclear what happened to the uncut original version's 35mm elements.
) Unfortunately for TSR, this version of the rules became notorious for the number of editorial mistakes, including cross-references to rules that didn't appear in the boxed set.
Unfortunately, the mother died soon afterwards ; Telemann's marriage lasted only for 15 months.
Unfortunately, Caprino was unable to secure funding for the project, so he ended up making the planned folk tale sequences as separate 16 minute puppet films, bookended by live action sequences showing Asbjørnsen.

Unfortunately and over
Unfortunately this icon has been over the subsequent centuries subjected to repeated repainting, so that it is difficult to determine what the original image of Mary ’ s face would have looked like.
Unfortunately, all Lorenzo's careful planning fell apart to some degree under the incompetent Piero II, who took over as the head of Florence after his father Lorenzo's death.
Unfortunately, before he could begin his reign, Gracianus took hold of the crown and made himself king over Dionotus.
Unfortunately, the exodus, which totaled over 275, 000 ethnic Portuguese, also led to a huge loss of professionals, productive machinery, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers.
Unfortunately, the film was a box-office failure, though it has gained a strong reputation over the years since its release.
Unfortunately, over the past years they ’ ve had many questionable programs.
Unfortunately, The Magic Box was not premiered until the Festival was nearly over, and only went on full release after it had finished.
Unfortunately one of the columns in this model has fallen over.
Unfortunately, harmonic vibrations from the nearby Union Pacific Railroad main line has weakened the unreinforced masonry structures over the years.
Unfortunately, while Morgan had deeded the central 100 foot band to the Chicago and Mississippi, he never got around to turning over the remainder of the depot grounds to the railroad.
" Unfortunately, the dike system was unable to withstand the flood waters of 1972, which rose higher than those of 1936, washing over the dikes and dealing a severe blow to an already reeling economy.
Unfortunately the clinical trials were cut short after over 30 cases of necrosis.
Unfortunately for Frederick, a part of the Catalan-Aragonese nobles of Sicily favoured King James, and both John of Procida and Roger of Lauria, the heroes of the war of the Vespers, went over to the Angevins, and the latter completely defeated the Sicilian fleet off Capo d ' Orlando.
Unfortunately, Vaughan's relationship with Mainstream soured in 1974, allegedly in a conflict precipitated by Fisher over an album cover photograph and / or unpaid royalties.
Unfortunately the practice of constructing and maintaining a requirements trace matrix ( RTM ) can be very arduous and over time the traces tend to erode into an inaccurate state unless date / time stamped.
" Unfortunately, before his tenure as university president was over, his cancer returned.
Unfortunately, the charismatic Minah Angong ( better known as Mak Minah ) died just three weeks after winning over the hearts of a whole new audience at the RWMF 1999.
Unfortunately, the glass-smooth and shallowly-curved plastic handset proved difficult to retain between cheek and shoulder for hands-free communication without slipping, and this problem was never corrected over the life of the phone.
Unfortunately, at the time of his arrest the manuscripts were thrown overboard at sea over Brittany shores.
Unfortunately ( for Zeon ), they did not possess enough troops to maintain control over all of this territory and thus were forced to defend key manufacturing and material centers.
Unfortunately, the Oracle herself is eventually taken over by Smith, granting him her power of foresight, or omniscience, as well as reality-bending powers equivalent to those possessed by Neo, such as the ability to fly.
Unfortunately, she suffers the exact opposite misunderstanding when he offers to prepare a " beetloaf " for a dinner party with the limited assortment of culinary ingredients available, and she believes he is going to save dinner by providing a much more sensible meatloaf, but she is won over when she samples the new dish and finds it tasty.
Unfortunately, the only space port that's capable of launching said ships has been taken hostage by the demonic invaders, who have placed a force field over it, causing it to malfunction.
Unfortunately, the E60s proved unable to safely achieve speeds over 90 MPH leaving Amtrak without a practical replacement for the GG1.

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