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Unfortunately and young
Unfortunately his father died of tuberculosis when Lebesgue was still very young and his mother had to support him by herself.
Unfortunately for the Vandals, Gunthamund followed in the footsteps of his immediate family and died rather young, in his mid-forties.
Unfortunately his sister said he was too young to play with Bolden.
Unfortunately the evil old couple also trick Caroline and their lawyer into the same procedure, and both end up stuck in old dying bodies unable to speak while the witch doctors walk off with their young bodies.
Unfortunately, there can be little doubt that the early married life of the young Queen was scarcely a happy one.
Unfortunately for the Norwegian, the setup wasn't as good and he had problems with handling again which, along with a stalled engine on the start of SS5, resulted in a disappointing fifth place, behind young Finn Jari-Matti Latvala.
Unfortunately for Rimmer, while he is giving young Rimmer the idea, the conversation is overheard by Thickie Holden ( who sleeps in the next bed ) and he is able to patent the idea before young Rimmer can, therefore putting everything back to how it was at the start of the episode.
Unfortunately, a young priest finds them, but it turns out that the priest is none other than the fourth member of their party, Bheid.
Unfortunately for young Mary Ann, the help came too late: her body affected by the hunger and illness she suffered as a captive, she died soon after being taken by the chief's family.
Unfortunately for the young Henry, by the time he had reached adulthood, Maryland had become engulfed by the American Revolution and by 1776 was at war with Britain.
Unfortunately, his rise to prominence coincided with the appearance of a young Brett Lee, with whom he was often in a battle for a third fast-bowler spot in the lineup behind Glenn McGrath and Jason Gillespie holding the other two positions.
Unfortunately, he died at young age before having received the full transmission and essence of the Kagyu teachings.
Unfortunately for Cronin, San Jose had two very competent goalkeepers in front of him, 2003 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year Pat Onstad and Jon Conway, and the young keeper did not get any playing time in the 2004 season.
Unfortunately for Pomfret this last sentiment led indirectly to his death at the young age of 35.
Unfortunately, the emergence of fellow young defender Gary Ablett forced Dalglish into reshaping his defence and Venison was the player who lost his place in the team as a result.
Unfortunately for the young actor, most of his scenes were later cut from the film.
Unfortunately for Maggie, she had forgotten to ask for perpetual youth, but Selene gave her an elixir that would keep her young.
Unfortunately, after the vast amount of time that has passed, all that remains of the once young universe are dead stars and black holes ... and Wan-To desperately surviving on the energy provided by proton decay.
Unfortunately for the language, he died at a young age in the influenza pandemic of 1918.
Unfortunately, many young children who have been infected with these larvae, causing ocular larva migrans in the eye, have been misdiagnosed to have retinoblastoma and have had their eyes erroneously removed.
Unfortunately, the demonic beast takes possession of the friendly, decent young servant that free-spirited Maureen Whitman has been in love with for years.
Unfortunately, Mayor Manuel dela Serna was replaced by his vice-mayor, the young and eloquent Manobo Joel D. Humabad, Sr., during the election of 1992.
Unfortunately, his duties distance himself from his wife, Yoko, who always ends up being neglected, and his son, Tsugumu, who has a congenital blood disease and has a high risk of dying at a young age.

Unfortunately and King's
Unfortunately for Parr, the King's health improved, and the Regency Bill never passed.
Unfortunately for Warner Bros., the song ( which mentions the Rodney King case ) came out just before the controversial acquittal of the police charged with King's beating, which sparked the 1992 Los Angeles Riots and the confluence of events put the song under the national spotlight.

Unfortunately and kingdom
Unfortunately for the rest of the proud kingdom, the Engine then proceeded to become sentient and captured and assimilated its creator, then began to change the countryside for the worse.
Unfortunately, and foreseen by no one, when they arrive at Finn's stronghold they find that many of Finn's thanes are also Jutes, particularly one Garulf, who seems to be the rightful heir to the kingdom conquered by Hnæf's people ; and these Frisian Jutes are at blood feud with Hengest and his band, because Hengest supports the conquering Danes, if for no other reason.
Unfortunately, she becomes infected and dies, making it possible for Safti to become the ruler of a kingdom that he will presumably reform.

Unfortunately and was
Unfortunately, it was Muzak, which automatically is piped into the public rooms, and which nolens volens had to be endured.
Unfortunately, `` Poised For Violence '' was not the happiest vehicle with which to make the point.
Unfortunately the Nepōhualtzintzin and its teaching were among the victims of the conquering destruction, when a diabolic origin was attributed to them after observing the tremendous properties of representation, precision and speed of calculations.
Unfortunately, the family was left unprovided for after a conflict between the local Nizaris and Imani Khan Farahani, who had been married to one of the late Imam's daughters Shah Bibi and who had been in charge of the Imam's land holdings.
Unfortunately for internal politics, it was not.
Unfortunately, the drawings are long gone ; no recording was made.
Unfortunately, the lead actress Merle Oberon suffered a near-fatal accident and the movie was never finished.
Unfortunately, Charboneau was out of baseball by 1983 after falling victim to back injuries and Barker, who was also hampered by injuries, never became a consistently dominant starting pitcher.
Unfortunately for Gallus, this order was delayed by Eusebius, one of Constantius ‘ eunuchs, and as a result Gallus was executed.
Unfortunately, however, the routines in the 1541 disk operating system to enable disk copy were removed as it was intended to be a stand-alone unit.
" Unfortunately, the rest of the season did not go as well, and The Great American Race was his only victory that year.
Unfortunately, when Wyn died 1968 the company was sold to a consortium headed by a bank.
Unfortunately, because the ISA bus was originally locked to the processor clock, this meant that some 286 machines had ISA buses that ran at 10, 12, or even 16 MHz.
Unfortunately, Fourier died soon after, and the memoir was lost.
Unfortunately, as this software was not developed by his own IT developers, GSI-TECSI was unable to make it evolve.
Unfortunately, the evidence for this new form of carbon was very weak and was not accepted, even by his colleagues.
Unfortunately for Baresi, his early international career coincided with the peak of Gaetano Scirea's stint as Italy's first-choice sweeper, and Baresi was continually left out of the squad.
In December 1914, French aviator Roland Garros asked Saulnier to install his synchronization gear on Garros ' Morane-Saulnier Type L. Unfortunately the gas-operated Hotchkiss machine gun he was provided had an erratic rate of fire and it was impossible to synchronize it with a spinning propeller.
Unfortunately, at this critical juncture, he was unable to procure the necessary supercomputer time to continue his work.
Unfortunately, the fatal Miles accident was attributed at least partly to the unproven aerodynamics of the J-car design, as well as the experimental chassis ' strength.

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