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Uniquely and was
Uniquely, 16 acres ( 65, 000 m² ) was offered to each Free Coloured or Free Person of Colour ( gens de couleur libre, as they were later known ), and half as much for each slave they brought.
Uniquely, the size of the displacement was encoded in its most significant bits: 0, 10 and 11 preceded 7 -, 14-and 30-bit signed displacements.
Uniquely, the Tatra T603 featured three headlights, and the first prototypes had a central rear stabilising fin, though this was lost for production.
Wichita was also named most " Uniquely American " city by Newsmax Magazine.
Uniquely, the event was recorded on color motion film.
Uniquely the SAM's RF modulator was built into the power supply unit and connected via a joint power / TV socket.
Uniquely in Scotland, Livingston was from its formation designated an " Ecumenical Parish " in a joint initiative by the Church of Scotland, Scottish Episcopal Church, Methodist Church in Great Britain and the Congregational Union of Scotland ( which subsequently united with the United Reformed Church ).
Uniquely this trunk was left untouched until the presentation of the offerings during the Eucharist on Sundays, when it would be emptied and counted in a vestry by two deacons during part of the service, before a prayer of dedication to the purposes outlined would be pronounced.
Uniquely in England, Desert Quartet ( 1990 ), Frink's penultimate sculpture, was given Grade II * listing in 2007, less than 30 years from its creation by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
Uniquely among students of Caragiale's work, George Călinescu argued that the writer's main interest was not in criticizing the liberals, but actually in an overall rejection of the most embedded Junimist tenets, which, in Călinescu's view, had engendered " a lack of faith in the country's own powers ".
Uniquely, the Wirksworth Hundred was still known by the archaic term Wapentake.
The station was one of four stations featured in the Uniquely Singapore edition of Monopoly.
Uniquely for an Australian Rules club, Centrals have a very strong British migrant identity and supporter base as Elizabeth was a centre of UK migrant settlements in South Australia.
Uniquely, he was selected to play in defence, midfield, and attack for Scotland.
Uniquely it was the sole ' slow-cone ' interrupted screw mechanism to enter service after 1920.
Uniquely in Greek history, the Phocians were able to absorb huge losses in manpower, thanks to their pillaging of Temple of Apollo, a factor which was to contribute to the war dragging on indecisively until 346 BC.
Uniquely, each of these title bouts was for a different version of the world title.
Uniquely, he was honored at the Monterey Jazz Festival and the Grand Ole Opry.

Uniquely and community
Uniquely isolated for years by the Six Nations Indian Reservation to the North and the Lake to the South, it has its own independent atmosphere and does not feel attached to any one larger community.

Uniquely and with
Uniquely among mammals, these teeth are continuously replaced throughout life, with new teeth growing at the rear as older teeth fall out from farther forward in the mouth.
Uniquely in Europe, these horsemen comprised a militia cavalry force with no feudal links, being under the sole control of the king or the count of Castile because of the " charters " ( or fueros ).
Uniquely, County Donegal shares a border with only one other county in the Republic of Ireland – County Leitrim.
Uniquely, the houses were arranged to face each other across a network of pedestrian paths, with streets relegated to the rear to provide service.
" Uniquely, Carlos Kleiber combined the rigors of German analysis, form, and discipline with the expressive vitality of Latin dance, pulse, and joy.
Uniquely among insects, mayflies possess paired genitalia, with the male having two penises and the female two gonopores.
Uniquely among all the Amnesty benefit shows, Amnesty failed to find a film studio, television network, radio broadcaster, home-video distributor or record company to partner with it on the event and this compounded the substantial financial losses sustained by Amnesty.
Uniquely for a passerine of its size, the chat occasionally grips food with it feet before it eats.
Uniquely in Iran, Qom Province is coextensive with the Shahrestan ( county ) of Qom.
Uniquely, due to architectural and structural reasons, there is an elevator directly to the platform, with a faregate at that level.
Uniquely they have a methodology that introduces writing and meta-analysis with older primary and secondary students.
Uniquely of all the companions, she never travels in the TARDIS during her time with the Doctor ; her secondment to UNIT coincides with the beginning of his exile to Earth imposed by the Time Lords and the removal of his knowledge of time travel.
Uniquely, compared to other armour-piercing designs, the DS round instead of using tungsten or a similar hard metal for the core had lead, as with standard ball, but with a steel jacket.
Uniquely, this land is run by neighborhood volunteers and is generously supported by the local neighborhood organization with additional grants.
Uniquely, the vocalist had quit the band 10 minutes before the performance, and so the singer with another band stood in at the last minute.
Uniquely, he took the last wicket of Leicestershire's first innings ( Jack Firth ), and then the first three wickets of the second innings with his first three balls ( Gerry Lester, Maurice Tompkin and Gerald Smithson ).
Uniquely among Buffy episodes, none of the main characters interact with one another.
Uniquely, the vocalizations, whether on ice or in water, are made with a closed mouth-emitting no air.

Uniquely and clubs
Uniquely, he won his first four England caps while playing for four different clubs.

Uniquely and since
Uniquely amongst modern British coinage, the £ 1 coin has a mint mark: a small crosslet found on the milled edge that represents Llantrisant in South Wales, where the Royal Mint has been based since 1968.

Uniquely and .
In 1827 Ampère published his magnum opus, Mémoire sur la théorie mathématique des phénomènes électrodynamiques uniquement déduite de l ’ experience ( Memoir on the Mathematical Theory of Electrodynamic Phenomena, Uniquely Deduced from Experience ), the work that coined the name of his new science, electrodynamics, and became known ever after as its founding treatise.
Uniquely among U. S. states, Louisiana uses a codified system, the Louisiana Civil Code, based on principles of law from continental Europe instead of common law.
Uniquely among the followers of Jesus, she is specified by name ( though not consistently by any one gospel ) as a witness to three key events: Jesus ' crucifixion, his burial, and the discovery of his tomb to be empty.
Uniquely, on weekdays of Great Lent there is no public reading of the Epistles or Gospels.
* Chewing gum: Uniquely made to be chewed, not swallowed.
Uniquely for Germany, it is a linear city, owing to the steep hillsides along the River Wupper.
Uniquely, Australia has more venomous than non-venomous species of snakes.
Uniquely among the Maluku Islands, the Aru Islands have a purely Papuan fauna including kangaroos, cassowaries, and birds of paradise.
Uniquely among the Decapoda, the nauplii of Dendrobranchiata are free-swimming.
Uniquely, the value of the coins is expressed on the national side in the Greek alphabet, as well as being on the common side in the Roman alphabet.
Uniquely among hexapods proturans show anamorphic development, whereby body segments are added during moults.
File: Loxodonta africana-Roger Williams Park Zoo, USA-8a. jpg | Uniquely, elephants draw water into their trunks and squirt it into their mouths.
Uniquely among London's Underground lines, the Waterloo & City runs underground for its entire length, including both stations.
Uniquely in Greek religion, she had a transgender or eunuch mendicant priesthood.
Uniquely, it is bordered by only two other counties: County Limerick to the east and County Cork to the south-east.

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