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Unlike and video
Unlike digital recording equipment, however, analog VCRs do not respond to CGMS-A encoded video and will record it successfully if ACP is not also present.
Unlike most other video game consoles of its time, the Neo Geo does not use tilemap background layers.
Unlike daytime serials which are shot on video in a studio using the multicamera setup, these evening series were shot on film using a single camera setup, and featured much location-shot footage, often in picturesque locales.
Unlike Gamescom and other video game trade fairs that allow the public to attend, E3 was invitation-only in 2007 and 2008.
Unlike the systems being developed in Europe, the new system would offer high-quality 2D graphics, and could be used for one-way fixed or menued displays ( teletext ), two-way systems based on modems ( videotex ), or they could combine the two, allowing information to be sent to the customer in the video signal, and returned via modem.
Unlike on short-haul service, Business Club seats are located in a dedicated cabin, are physically wider, have a greater seat pitch, and are equipped with leg-rests and in-seat video on demand.
Unlike " real " video game steering wheels, the Jogcon was designed to fit in the player's hand.
Unlike the Spectrum however, one of the blacks is actually " transparent ", so the MSX video picture could be overlayed on another video signal, for example one from a video disk.
* Unlike the video formats specified in international standards such as MPEG-2 and the format specified in the JPEG still-picture coding standard, there is no document that defines a single exact format that is universally recognized as a complete specification of “ Motion JPEG ” for use in all contexts.
Unlike in many such music videos, there was no digital manipulation involved ; the video was shot at the end of filming days with Mann and actors who were asked to stay in place.
Unlike in anime or dubbing roles, in a video game the voice tracks are often recorded separately due to the way individual voice tracks are selected and played depending on a player's progress.
Unlike many other video circuits of the age, it does not offer dynamic RAM refresh capabilities.
Unlike previous home video releases, which all used the 1992 reissue title print ( The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective ), this DVD restored the original 1986 title card, which had previously not been seen since the original 1986 release.
Unlike analog video formats, the digital video formats do not suffer generation loss during dubbing, but can be more prone to complete loss.
Unlike the Panasonic, the Sony HDR-TD10 has the 3D lens built in but it can still shoot a normal 2D video.
Unlike SVGA and higher color depths, Mode 13h, part of the MCGA set of video modes, has 18 bits of color, 6 per channel.
Unlike most fighting games, or video games in general, there are no characters in this game that are " bad " or " evil ".
Unlike most other games, computer and video games are often single-player activities that put the player against preprogrammed challenges and / or AI-controlled opponents, which often lack the flexibility and ingenuity of regular human thinking.
Unlike most video games of the time, Wario is fully invincible throughout the course of the game, and will not lose lives.
Unlike DVD, Blu-ray supports SMTPE HD resolutions of 720p and 1080i / p with a display aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a pixel aspect ratio of 1: 1, so widescreen video is scaled non-anamorphically ( this is referred to as " square " pixels ).
Unlike some other early formats such as Cartrivision, the VCR format does record a high-quality video signal without resorting to Skip field.

Unlike and games
Unlike in most other role-playing games, eventual triumph of the players is not assumed.
Unlike its predecessor games, CoC assumed that most investigators would not survive, alive or sane, and that the only safe way to deal with the vast majority of nasty things described in the rule books was to run away.
Unlike previous games, which had relied purely on General MIDI for music, Hexen is also able to play tracks from CDs.
Unlike the Intellivoice-specific games, however, World Series Major League Baseball is also playable without the Intellivoice module ( but not without the ECS.
Unlike many contemporary texts on the topic, he does not engage the games in the text with moralistic arguments ; instead, he portrays them in an astrological context.
Unlike any other system at that time, the Odyssey² included a full alphanumeric membrane keyboard, which was to be used for educational games, selecting options, or programming ( Magnavox released a cartridge called Computer Intro!
Unlike most other games released at the time, including its primary competitor, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 requires an OpenGL-compliant graphics accelerator to run.
Unlike its namesakes, however, this AFL was able to command sufficient financial resources to survive ; one factor in this was becoming the first league to sign a television contract — previously, individual franchises had signed agreements with networks to televise games.
Unlike other first-person games of the time, System Shock features true 3D environments, and allows the player to look up and down, duck, go prone, jump, mantle, and lean to the side.
Unlike previous collections, this does not come with any printed documentation ( instead including PDF files containing the original manuals for copy protection purposes ), and the " Runs on Windows XP " blurb on the box is justified by an included copy of freeware application DOSBox, leaving many to see this edition ( and the simultaneous releases of the Police Quest, King's Quest and Space Quest collections ) as a cash-in to measure the viability of future games in the series.
Unlike many other strategy games available at the time of its release, Myths combat does not focus on the collection of resources and the building of armies.
Unlike previous games, however, Kyle does not exclusively select Light or Dark side powers in the single-player, instead receiving a selection of both.
Unlike most other text adventure games, the room descriptions of Suspended do not mention the directions of possible exits, which makes the map vital to playing.
Unlike previous Battle. net-enabled games, Warcraft III introduced anonymous matchmaking, automatically pairing players for games based on their skill level and game type preferences, preventing players from cheating and inflating their records artificially.
Unlike most writers, his pieces did not recount games in epic terms or offer insights gleaned from interviews with players.
Unlike Nintendo, Sega, Sony, or Microsoft in later decades, the hardware manufacturers in this era lost exclusive control of their platforms ' supply of games.
Unlike the 2010 Winter Olympics when CTV left the Olympic rings on the on-screen logo after the games were over not until removing them in January 2011 and re-adding them again a few months later, CTV quickly removed the Olympic rings on the screen bug the following day after the closing ceremony.
Unlike the previous year, however, the Bulls ' playoff run was shorter and less dramatic as they were eliminated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games.
Unlike the earlier 2D LucasArts games, the player is informed of objects or persons of interest not by text floating on the screen when the player passes a cursor over them, but instead by the fact that Manny will turn his head towards that object or person as he walks by.
Unlike future Mario games, players cannot jump on enemies and squash them, unless they were already turned on their back.
Unlike other lacrosse leagues which play in the summer, the NLL plays its games in the winter and spring.
Unlike in previous Mario games, coins are not used to get lives ; instead, they are used to play games in a special area that awards lives and other power-ups.

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