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Unlike and its
Unlike its relatives, the aardwolf does not hunt large animals ; instead it eats insects, mainly termites-one aardwolf can eat about 200, 000 termites during a single night by using its long, sticky tongue to capture them.
Unlike the Bosphorus, the Dardanelles has fewer settlements along its shores.
Unlike its predecessor DES, AES does not use a Feistel network.
Unlike other hobbyist computers of its day, which were sold as kits, the Apple I was a fully assembled circuit board containing about 60 + chips.
Unlike other sympathetic ganglia, however, the adrenal medulla lacks distinct synapses and releases its secretions directly into the blood.
Unlike that, the speed of light is constant and only its direction changes.
Unlike the NES or Sega Master System, there were few add-on peripherals for the 7800, though its backwards compatibility feature allowed it to be compatible with most Atari 2600 peripherals.
Unlike in Hindu and Jain sources, in ancient Buddhist texts ahimsa ( or its Pāli cognate ) is not used as a technical term.
Unlike the communist parties in most other East European states, the BCP ( changing its name to Bulgarian Socialist Party ) retained majority power after the transition in Bulgaria by winning the first free national elections in June 1990.
Unlike many other statistics, a player's OPS does not have a simple intrinsic meaning, despite its usefulness as a comparative statistic.
Unlike in soccer, the convention in rugby is for the home side to accommodate its guests when there is a clash of kit.
Unlike Zealous, these British ships suffered relatively severe damage in the engagement ; Goliath lost most of its rigging, suffered damage to all three masts and received over 60 casualties.
Unlike traditional HTML with its large range of character entity references, in XML there are only five predefined character entity references.
Unlike its neighbours, Costa Rica has not endured a civil war since 1948.
Unlike its predecessor games, CoC assumed that most investigators would not survive, alive or sane, and that the only safe way to deal with the vast majority of nasty things described in the rule books was to run away.
Unlike baryonic dark matter, nonbaryonic dark matter does not contribute to the formation of the elements in the early universe (" Big Bang nucleosynthesis ") and so its presence is revealed only via its gravitational attraction.
Unlike Common Lisp, Scheme existed at the time Stallman was rewriting Gosling Emacs into GNU Emacs, but he chose not to use it because of its comparatively poor performance on workstations, and he wanted to develop a dialect which he thought would be more easily optimized.
Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.
Unlike any other national cinemas, which developed in the context of relatively continuous and stable political systems, Germany witnesses major changes to its identity during the 20th Century.
Unlike the five earlier General Councils held in Rome, which met in the Lateran Basilica and are known as Lateran Councils, it met in the Vatican Basilica, hence its name.
Unlike Dungeons & Dragons, the other approach to fantasy role-playing which traces its roots back to the 1960s and which derives from the wargaming scene, the roots of Glorantha lie in experiments with mythology, storytelling, and recreation and blending of ancient societies.
Unlike most European countries the Czech gun law allow its citizens to carry a concealed weapon without having any specific reason.
Unlike the other gas giants, Uranus has an extreme tilt that causes its seasons to be severely pronounced.

Unlike and namesakes
Unlike its namesakes, this vessel had a long Royal Navy career, being broken up in November 1862 at Portsmouth.

Unlike and however
Unlike cities and towns, however, they do not have to submit any financial statements to the state Bureau of Audits.
Unlike earlier adaptations that were set during the time in which the novels were written, however, these TV movies were set in the contemporary era.
Unlike mainstream medicine, CAM often lacks or has only limited experimental and clinical study ; however, scientific investigation of CAM is beginning to address this knowledge gap.
Unlike the IEEE, however, the ACM is solely dedicated to computing.
Unlike other reagents that participate in the chemical reaction, a catalyst is not consumed by the reaction itself ; however, it can be inhibited, deactivated or destroyed by secondary processes.
Unlike the V-2, however, the V-1 required stationary launch ramps which were susceptible to bombardment.
Unlike Eakins, however, Sartain believed in phrenology and Beaux adopted a lifelong belief that physical characteristics correlated with behaviors and traits.
Unlike a phone book, however, DNS can be quickly updated and these updates distributed, allowing a service's location on the network to change without affecting the end users, who continue to use the same hostname.
Unlike the violone, however, the fingerboard of the double bass is unfretted, and the double bass has fewer strings ( the violone, like most viols, generally had six strings, although some specimens had five or four ).
Unlike in anglo-saxon countries these are not educational programs, however ; rather, a person working towards promotion is a research assistant, employed by the department, with teaching responsibilities in addition to his research work.
Unlike the banshee, however, the Erlkönig will appear only to the person about to die.
Unlike D & D, however, the first two editions of Gamma World do not use a concept of character class, and increases in Rank do not affect the character's skills or combat abilities.
Unlike caterpillars, however, the prolegs have no grasping spines, and the antennae are reduced to mere stubs.
Unlike the Intellivoice-specific games, however, World Series Major League Baseball is also playable without the Intellivoice module ( but not without the ECS.
Unlike Hitler, however, he retained a cynical detachment from his own rhetoric.
Unlike other lanthanides, which lie in the f-block of the periodic table, this element lies in the d-block ; however, lanthanum is sometimes placed on the d-block lanthanide position.
Unlike Switzerland however ( where citizens rejected membership in a referendum ), Liechtenstein is part of the European Economic Area.
Unlike saints or angels however, they are not simply prayed to, they are served.
Unlike typical Western poetry, however, the number of unstressed syllables could vary somewhat.
Unlike digital recording equipment, however, analog VCRs do not respond to CGMS-A encoded video and will record it successfully if ACP is not also present.
Unlike computers, however, Mentats are not simply calculators.
Unlike lithium and sodium, however, potassium should not be stored under oil for longer than 6 months, unless in an inert ( oxygen free ) atmosphere, or under vacuum.
Unlike most of its neighbors, however, Paraguay's economy was controlled not by a traditional, landed elite, but by foreign companies.
Unlike Structuralists, however, the Post-structuralists questioned the division between relation and component and, correspondingly, did not attempt to reduce the subjects of their study to an essential set of relations that could be portrayed with abstract, functional schemes or mathematical symbols ( as in Claude Lévi-Strauss's algebraic formulation of mythological transformation in " The Structural Study of Myth ").

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