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Unlike and many
Unlike so many of the power-starved intellectuals in underdeveloped nations of our own day, they commanded both prestige and influence before the Revolution started.
Unlike many decorative patterns that present a static flat convention, this artist's pictures are full of atmosphere and climate.
Unlike his translation of the Pastoral Care, Alfred here deals very freely with his original and though the late Dr. G. Schepss showed that many of the additions to the text are to be traced not to Alfred himself, but to the glosses and commentaries which he used, still there is much in the work which is solely Alfred's and highly characteristic of his style.
Unlike some non-mammalian animals ( such as lizards that shed their tails, salamanders that can regrow many missing body parts, and hydras, flatworms, and starfish that can regrow entire bodies from small fragments ), once removed, human extremities do not grow back, unlike portions of some organs, such as the liver.
Unlike many former Soviet bloc militaries, discipline and morale problems are not common.
Unlike many other statistics, a player's OPS does not have a simple intrinsic meaning, despite its usefulness as a comparative statistic.
Unlike many power hitters, Ruth also hit for a high batting average: his. 342 lifetime average is the tenth highest in baseball history, and in one season ( 1923 ) he batted. 393, a Yankee record.
Unlike many Jews, conservative Christians consider Daniel ’ s visions as prophetic.
Unlike many artists who were " discovered " and recorded in their normal venues, in December 1925 or January 1926, he was taken to Chicago, Illinois, to record his first tracks.
Unlike many child actors, Mumy entered the profession at his own insistence, and his parents took pains to make sure he matured properly in his job.
Unlike with geographical maps, where many famous projections are known ( such as the Mercator projection ), the calendar projection is a matter of such triviality that no names for these exist in common circulation.
Unlike many other forms of psychotherapy, the patient is very involved in CBT.
Unlike many earlier Lisps, Common Lisp ( like Scheme ) uses lexical variable scope by default for both interpreted and compiled code.
Unlike the typical menu selections of many other Chinese cuisines, Teochew restaurant menus often have a dessert section.
Unlike many Midwestern and East Coast cities, Chicago tends to have wider streets.
Unlike many anime titles, viewers weren ’ t expected to have knowledge of Asian culture — character names, signs, and the like were primarily in English to begin with — or have seen any other anime series prior.
Unlike many other KBO their surface contains large amounts of ice ( H < sub > 2 </ sub > O ) and no or very little tholins .< ref name =" Pinilla-Alonso2009 ">
Unlike in many other Christian countries, St. Nicholas does not play a major role in Polish Christmas, but instead, is celebrated on his Saint feast day of December 6.
Unlike in many other European countries, the general image of Święty Mikołaj in Poland is basically no different to the one of the Anglo-Saxon Santa Claus ( he is said to live in the North Pole, wear red clothes and a white beard, use reindeers to pull his sleigh, or enter houses via the chimney ).
Unlike any of the planets mentioned, Io is continuously volcanically active and contains many calderas with diameters tens of kilometers across.
Unlike many other succulents, the stem is the only part of most cacti where this vital process takes place.
Unlike many NFL teams, the Cowboys do not retire jersey numbers of past standouts as a matter of policy.
Unlike the hierarchical structure, it can relate to many records and accesses them by following one of several paths.
Unlike many late-1960s clubs, which featured live bands, discothèques used the DJ's selection and mixing of records as the entertainment.
Unlike many object-oriented languages, but like Smalltalk, Eiffel does not permit any assignment into fields of objects, except within the features of an object, which is the practical application of the principle of information hiding or data abstraction, requiring formal interfaces for data mutation.

Unlike and contemporary
Unlike other contemporary scripts, such as Cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Phoenician script consisted of only about two dozen symbols.
Unlike earlier adaptations that were set during the time in which the novels were written, however, these TV movies were set in the contemporary era.
Unlike Coronation Street which had a very nostalgic view of working-class life, Brookside brought together working and middle-class families in a more contemporary environment.
Unlike later writers, no near contemporary source remarks on Macbeth as a tyrant.
Unlike the DC Universe, few of Marvel's 1940s characters have become major characters in modern publications ; Captain America is one exception, and to a lesser extent his contemporary, the Sub-Mariner, is as well, primarily because both of these characters were reintroduced to readers and to the Marvel Universe during the 1960s.
Unlike many contemporary ' saints ' of Wales, David was officially recognised by the Vatican by Pope Callixtus II in 1120, thanks to the work of Bernard, Bishop of St David's.
Unlike his contemporary, the Finn Jean Sibelius, Nielsen's reputation abroad did not start to evolve until after World War II.
Unlike contemporary minicomputers, most IBM mainframes were not equipped for character-at-a-time interrupts.
Unlike contemporary mountain men, Smith never smoked, got drunk, or used profanity.
Unlike some contemporary drummers, Bonham did not use a double-bass drum kit.
Unlike his contemporary Avicenna's scientific method where " general and universal questions came first and led to experimental work ", al-Biruni developed scientific methods where " universals came out of practical, experimental work " and " theories are formulated after discoveries.
Unlike the contemporary Chevrolet Corvette, which used fiberglass for only exterior bodywork, the Elite also used this glass-reinforced plastic material for the entire load-bearing structure of the car, though the front of the monocoque incorporated a steel subframe supporting the engine and front suspension, and there was a hoop at the windscreen for mounting door hinges and jacking the car up.
Unlike New York's early skyscrapers, which took the form of towers arising from a lower, blockier mass, such as the contemporary Singer Building ( 1902 – 1908 ), the Flatiron Building epitomizes the Chicago school conception: like a classical Greek column, its facade – limestone at the bottom changing to glazed terra-cotta from the Atlantic Terra Cotta Company in Tottenville, Staten Island as the floors rise – is divided into a base, shaft and capital.
Unlike several contemporary women writers, including " Mrs. Sigourney " and " Mrs. Stowe ", she was familiarly referred to in a less formal manner as " Margaret ".
Unlike Good Times, a contemporary show that also had an African-American cast, What's Happening !!
Unlike the League, the UN had the active participation of the United States and the Soviet Union, the world's two greatest contemporary powers.
Unlike classical ballet, contemporary ballet often utilizes ground work and dancers often perform in bare feet.
Unlike the NES, the SG-1000 initially had very little to differentiate itself from earlier consoles such as the ColecoVision and contemporary computers such as the MSX.
Unlike so many other contemporary Iranian poets, Sepehri does not have a political agenda.
Unlike other standard bearers ( such as signifers ), the aquilifer probably did not wear an animal skin, instead going bareheaded ( no contemporary depiction of an aquilifer shows him with a headdress or helmet ).
Unlike other contemporary languages such as Pascal, C or BASIC, PL / M had no standard input or output routines.
Unlike sales of the contemporary 4-door Cortina, Capri sales in Britain were to private buyers who would demand less discounts than fleet buyers allowing higher margins with the coupé.
Unlike contemporary peace officers, these lawmen generally pursued other occupations, often earning money as gamblers, business owners, or outlaws — as was the case with " Curly " Bill Brocius, who, while always referred to as an outlaw, served as a deputy sheriff under sheriff Johnny Behan.
Unlike many other contemporary organists, Reincken died wealthy.

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