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Unlike and Bond
Unlike most of Fleming's work, this storyline does not appear in any of the James Bond films.
Unlike the later James Bond films, Danger Man strove for realism, dramatising credible Cold War tensions.
Unlike James Bond, Drake is often shown re-using gadgets from previous episodes.
Unlike James Bond, he never carried a gun, rarely used far-fetched gadgets, never got the girl, and rarely killed anyone on screen.
Unlike many deathtrap scenarios, Bond remains under constant supervision, and he does not use ( or have ) a device or outside help to escape.
Unlike the majority of Bond films, Never Say Never Again was not produced by Eon Productions, but by an independent production company, one of whose members was Kevin McClory, one of the original writers of the Thunderball storyline with Ian Fleming and Jack Whittingham.
Unlike some " Bond girls ", Chiles good naturedly says that " being a Bond-girl is a fun way to be remembered " although she jokes that being asked to sigh " Oh, James " is annoying as " you can ’ t live up to people ’ s fantasies ".
Unlike the British broadcasts of the James Bond films, the franchise was not presented in production order.
Unlike the later Bond novels by John Gardner and Raymond Benson, which are not of ( although still based upon ) Fleming's continuity, such is not the case with Pearson's book, along with the continuation novel Colonel Sun, by Kingsley Amis, ( to which Pearson refers ).
Unlike Wood's first novelization, which showed a significant difference to the actual film, in James Bond and Moonraker, Wood writes a virtually direct novelization of the screenplay.
Unlike the previous Young Bond novel, SilverFin, which had its U. S. edition edited to remove descriptions that were considered too racy for younger readers, Blood Fevers U. S. edition was unedited.
Unlike the one from the James Bond series, this one shoots out extremely powerful explosive bullets instead of a one-hit fatal fragmentation bullet.

Unlike and films
Unlike the musical films of Hollywood and Bollywood, popularly identified with escapism, the Soviet musical was first and foremost a form of propaganda.
Unlike Aleksandrov, the focus of Pyryev ’ s films was life on the collective farms.
Unlike The Movies, some dedicated machinima software programs, such as Reallusion's iClone, have licenses that avoid claiming ownership of users ' films featuring bundled assets.
Unlike most Western directors, Peckinpah tended to concentrate on the early 20th century rather than the 19th, and his films portray characters who still believe in the values of the Old West being swept away by the new, industrial America.
Unlike his prior films ( or any that would follow ), The Straight Story was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures after a successful debut at Cannes, was given a G rating by the MPAA and is the only Lynch film for which Lynch himself did not have a hand in the screenplay ( although it was co-written by his recurring associate, Mary Sweeney ).
Unlike M-G-M's imposing feature films, which always boasted strong story values, The Hollywood Revue of 1929 was a plotless parade of variety acts.
Unlike other Academy Awards, the Foreign Language Film Award does not require films to be released in the United States in order to be eligible for competition.
Unlike many American male actors, Keitel has appeared nude in several films, including full frontal nudity in Bad Lieutenant and The Piano.
Unlike expressionist films, Kammerspielfilme are categorized by their chamber play influence, involving a lack of intricate set designs and story lines / themes regarding social injustice towards the working classes.
Unlike previous Star Trek films, The Voyage Home was shot extensively on location ; many real settings and buildings were used as stand-ins for scenes set around and in the city of San Francisco.
Unlike his previous films, Cries and Whispers uses saturated colour, especially crimson.
" Unlike previous cinematic depictions of Jesus ' life, Pasolini's film does not embellish the biblical account with any literary or dramatic inventions, nor does it present an amalgam of the four Gospels ( subsequent films which would adhere as closely as possible to one Gospel account are 1979's Jesus, based on the Gospel of Luke, and 2003's The Gospel of John ).
Unlike the soundtracks to other blaxploitation films ( most notably Isaac Hayes ' score for Shaft ), which glorified the ghetto excesses of the characters, Mayfield's lyrics consisted of hard-hitting commentary on the state of affairs in black, urban ghettos at the time, as well as direct criticisms of several characters in the film.
Unlike substantive transparency and negative color films, Kodachrome films did not incorporate dye couplers into the emulsion layers.
Unlike feature films, which were routinely censored in the script, the animated shorts were passed upon only when completed, which made the producers exceptionally cautious as to restrictions.
Unlike many gay filmmakers, Van Sant — who had long been openly gay — declined to use same-sex relationships as fodder for overtly political statements, although such relationships would frequently appear in his films.
Unlike previous films, Blood Vengeance is set within the official Tekken storyline and is set between the events of Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.
Unlike his later films, it has many scenes with dialogue, and offers a droll, affectionate view of life in rural France.
Unlike crime thrillers, crime films usually offer a more serious, grim and realistic portrayal of the criminal environment, emphasizing character development and complex narratives over suspense sequences, chase scenes and violence.
" Unlike other critics, Milne thought the new plot was refreshing: " With the possibilities of the characters the previous Halloween films well and truly exhausted, Season of the Witch turns more profitably to a marvellously ingenious Nigel Kneale tale of a toymaker and his fiendish plan to restore Halloween to its witch cult origins.
Unlike Frankenstein and Dracula, and other, later Universal horror films, this film had no sequels, but rather was semi-remade in the 1940's b-film The Mummy's Hand ( 1940 ), and its sequels, The Mummy's Tomb ( 1942 ), The Mummy's Ghost ( 1944 ), The Mummy's Curse ( 1944 ), which were later spoofed in 1950's Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy.

Unlike and File
File: Doublepoints2. JPG | Unlike crochet, knitting requires specialized needles to create circular rounds.
File: Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad open observation car 1917. JPG | Unlike other lines with open observation cars for non first class passengers, the D & RGW operated theirs for an additional 25 cent charge.
Unlike with the Tax File Number ( TFN ), the ATO has publicised the formula for checking and creating valid ABN checksums.
Unlike the Death Master File, the SSDI is available free online from several genealogy websites.

Unlike and was
Unlike most such sports rivalries, it appeared to have developed almost spontaneously, although this was not exactly the case.
Unlike Susan, she was traveling light ; ;
Unlike the models mentioned above, Christie's Poirot was clearly the result of her early development of the detective in her first book, written in 1916 but not published until 1920.
Unlike the plum pudding model, the positive charge in Nagaoka's " Saturnian Model " was concentrated into a central core, pulling the electrons into circular orbits reminiscent of Saturn's rings.
Unlike other hobbyist computers of its day, which were sold as kits, the Apple I was a fully assembled circuit board containing about 60 + chips.
Unlike officeholders, the citizen initiator was not vetted before taking up office or automatically reviewed after stepping down — it had after all no set tenure and might be an action lasting only a moment.
Unlike most of the early LAN systems, AppleTalk was not built using the archetypal Xerox XNS system.
Unlike paintings, their sale was very rarely documented.
Unlike the Israelite worship assembly, which was only able to look on during Temple worship as the Levitical Priest sang, played, and offered animal sacrifices, in the New Testament, all Christians are commanded to sing praises to God.
Unlike these states, which were ruled by local nobles who acknowledged British suzerainty, Ajmer-Merwara was administered directly by the British, until 1858 by the East India Company and after 1858 by a chief commissioner who was subordinate to the Governor-General of India's agent for the Rajputana Agency.
Unlike the original RAT program rockets, the RAT-C was considerably larger to accomplish the extended range needed and was to be fitted to larger warships.
Unlike many artists who were " discovered " and recorded in their normal venues, in December 1925 or January 1926, he was taken to Chicago, Illinois, to record his first tracks.
Unlike similar constructed languages like aUI, Blissymbolics was conceived as a purely visual, speech-less language, on the premise that “ interlinguistic communication is mainly carried on by reading and writing ”.
Unlike other eastern Indonesian islands, such as Ambon, Solor, Ternate and Morotai, the Bandanese displayed no enthusiasm for Christianity or the Europeans who brought it in the sixteenth century, and no serious attempt was made to Christianise the Bandanese.
Unlike its predecessor games, CoC assumed that most investigators would not survive, alive or sane, and that the only safe way to deal with the vast majority of nasty things described in the rule books was to run away.
Unlike earlier texts like Recipes for Fifty-Two Ailments, which was excavated in the 1970s from a tomb that had been sealed in 168 BCE, the Inner Canon rejected the influence of spirits and the use of magic.
Unlike previous wars, which were often fought mainly from fixed lines and trenches, World War II was a highly mobile war, often fought in cities, forests, or other areas where mobility and visibility were restricted.
Unlike Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek was socially conservative, promoting traditional Chinese culture in the New Life Movement and rejecting western democracy and the nationalist democratic socialism that Sun Yat-sen and some other members of the KMT embraced in favor of a nationalist authoritarian government.
Unlike the situation in Germany, Henry I of England used the investiture controversy was to strengthen the secular power of the king.
Unlike the report of 918, on this occasion the title mormaer is attached to a geographical area, but it is unknown whether the Angus of 938 was in any way similar to the later mormaerdom or earldom.
Unlike in the Silver Age, his powers developed over several years, only coming to their peak when he was an adult.
Unlike the 1541, which was limited to GCR formatting, the 1571 could do both GCR and MFM disk formats.
Unlike Proto-Norse, which was written with the Elder Futhark alphabet, Old Norse was written with the Younger Futhark alphabet, which only had 16 letters.

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