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Until and May
Until May 2009, the morning business updates on BBC Breakfast and on the BBC News Channel were broadcast from one of the London Stock Exchange's studios in central London.
Until 1873, the Sedantag was moved to January 18 or Day of the Frankfurt Treaty ( May 10, 1871 ).
Until May 23, 1971, Labour Day was primarily a trade unions celebration with public rallies and marches.
Until May 28, 2008, Nepal was a constitutional monarchy.
Until 31 May 1962, they were one of the constitutive parts of the Federation of the West Indies.
Until 1960, another feast day which appeared in the General Roman Calendar is that of " St John Before the Latin Gate " on May 6, celebrating a tradition recounted by Jerome that St John was brought to Rome during the reign of the Emperor Domitian, and was thrown in a vat of boiling oil, from which he was miraculously preserved unharmed.
Until 1960, another feast day which appeared in the General Roman Calendar is that of " St John Before the Latin Gate " on May 6, celebrating a tradition recounted by Jerome that St John was brought to Rome during the reign of the Emperor Domitian, and was thrown in a vat of boiling oil, from which he was miraculously preserved unharmed.
Until the reorganization begun by Nikolai Yezhov with a purge of the regional political police in the autumn of 1936 and formalized by a May 1939 directive of the All-Union NKVD by which all appointments to the local political police were controlled from the center, there was frequent tension between centralized control of local units and the collusion of those units with local and regional party elements, frequently resulting in the thwarting of Moscow's plans.
Until the evening of 28 May, single Russian ships were pursued by the Japanese until almost all were destroyed or captured.
Until May 2009, Van Zandt County was a completely dry county.
Until 1686, the May Fair was held in Haymarket, and after 1764, it moved to Fair Field in Bow because the well-to-do residents of the area felt the fair lowered the tone of the neighbourhood.
Until May 31, 2003 Tocumen International Airport was managed by the Civil Aeronautics Directorate ( which is known today as the Civil Aeronautics Authority ).
Until May 6, 1992, there had never been a name other than Professor Stockbridge.
Until May 19, 2006 Groenlo was the official name of Oost Gelre.
Until the mid-twenties, there was a major river ford at May Avenue that was used whenever the water wasn't too deep.
Until the re-appointment to the cabinet of Lord Mandelson on 3 October 2008, the former Leader of the Lords, Lady Amos, was the last peer to sit in any other Cabinet post, as Secretary of State for International Development from May to October 2003.
Until May 1940, the Battle Fleet was stationed on the west coast of the United States.
Until 30 May 2001, the region was named as or, after its capital, České Budějovice.
Until May 2006, Sunnmørsposten was published in Broadsheet format.
Until on 9 September 1922, when Greece lost Smyrna to Turkey, it had a Greek High Commissioner ( 21 May 1919 – 8 September 1922 ): Aristeidis Stergiadis ( b. 1861 – d. 1950 )
Until the end of May 2011, FitzGerald was the Deputy Chairman of Thomson Reuters since April 2008.
Until this point, all the proceedings were still only investigative, but on May 27, 1692, William Phips ordered the establishment of a Special Court of Oyer and Terminer for Suffolk, Essex and Middlesex counties to prosecute the cases of those in jail.
Until May 2000, she was the lesbian / gay corporate relations manager for the Coors Brewing Company.
Until May 4, 2012, article 222-33 of the French Criminal Code described sexual harassment as, " The fact of harassing anyone in order to obtain favors of a sexual nature ...".

Until and 2009
Until 2009, it had also been one of two official languages of Greenland ( alongside Greenlandic ).
Until 2009, when the new constitution came into force and created the Legislative Assembly, the legislature of the islands was the Legislative Council, which had existed since the 19th century.
Until 2009, the state organization was divided into six provinces.
Until 2009, the earliest preserved representation of the menorah of the Temple was depicted in a frieze on the Arch of Titus, commemorating his triumphal parade in Rome following the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70.
Until 2009, the Arctic pack ice prevented regular marine shipping throughout most of the year, but climate change has reduced the pack ice, and this Arctic shrinkage made the waterways more navigable.
Until the summer of 2009, he was also the Chairman of the British Council and the President of Cardiff University.
Until 2009, the video rights to My Fair Lady were with original theatrical distributor Warner Bros., under license from CBS ( the video license to that film has now reverted to CBS DVD under Paramount ).
Until 2009 blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often were themed on a single subject.
Until early 2009, in spite of the decline of the cassette, logically operated deluxe models ( WM-GX788 etc.
* Until The Shadows – ( CD Compilation ) 2009 – Metropolis Records
Until the formal opening of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom on 1 October 2009, life peers created under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act were known as " Lords of Appeal in Ordinary " or in common parlance " Law Lords ".
Until March 2009, GSN licensed the entire Mark Goodson-Bill Todman library.
Until the end of 2009, SNCF have assisted Korea in maintaining its high-speed.
Until April 2009 Lufthansa inventory and departure control systems, based on Unisys were managed by LH Systems.
Until 2009, Charles Quentin Elementary School was also a school in the district open in Kildeer, right outside Lake Zurich that served students in Kildeer, parts of Deer Park and a small part of Lake Zurich, but it closed due to small size of all the students who were attending it, and the school that takes students from the area now is Isaac Fox.
Until 2009 Allegan was the longstanding manufacturing base of the Haworth ( company ) Seating Plant ; the City of Allegan lost a major UAW-organized Rockwell manufacturing plant in the early 1980s.
Until September 2009, KXGN also carried selected prime-time NBC programming in its schedule, making it the last " Big 3 " affiliate to offer programming from more than one network on a single feed.
Until 2009, the Catholic school of St. Agnes ( Pre-kindergarten to eighth grade ) was part of the Steubenville Parochial School District.
Until 2009 police protection was contracted to the Patterson Township Police Department.
Until February 2009 the Lawrence Marshall car dealership was Hempstead's largest employer.
Until the 2009 film became part of the franchise's canon, " Nyota " was one of three possibilities ; the other two were " Penda " and " Samara ":
Until Scallions ' announcement, there had been no updates on band status since March 2009.

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