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Until and then
Until then, foreign-language films were honored with the Special Achievement Award.
Until then, all those who have died are " asleep.
Until then, the song was sung in Australia as a patriotic song.
Until then much of the Roman world outside of Italy supported Pompey and his allies due to the extensive list of clients he held in all corners of the Republic.
Until 2007, Gate House held secretive first-year initiation ceremonies called Traditionals, which involved writing slogans on campus buildings in chalk, singing songs to the all-women's residence ( who would then sing back to them ), and leading first-years around the house blindfolded.
Until then, the Brewers had a rivalry with the White Sox, which had become known as The I-94 Series, as both teams are just a short drive from Interstate 94.
Until the formation of a national council in 1961, supporters and local groups had no formal voice in the national organisation, which until then had been led by the self-appointed executive committee.
Until then, the dancers must match pressures without moving their hands.
Until then, previously issued FIPS place codes, renamed " Census Code ," will continue to be used, with the Census bureau assigning new codes as needed for their internal use during the transition.
Until then, Hong Kong is expected to have higher overall economic figures yearly.
Until 2004 ( in 2005 – 2007 the Jaguars went back to wearing white at home for early season games ) and then 2008, the Jaguars would always wear their white jerseys for afternoon games at home during the first half of the season.
Until then, only a small percentage of the population were literate as only wealthy individuals and institutions could afford the materials.
Until then I'd never met what I'd call a real rock ' n ' roll hero before.
Until then, Malta had very few industries except the cotton, tobacco, and shipyards industry.
Until the 1960s, nucleons were thought to be elementary particles, each of which would not then have been made up of smaller parts.
Until then, Valéry had, briefly, earned his living at the Ministry of War before assuming the relatively flexible post as assistant to the increasingly impaired Lebey, a job he held for some twenty years.
Until then Japan had strictly guarded the trade in tea plants.
Until then, papal documents were issued mainly in Latin in Acta Apostolicae Sedis since 1909.
Until then, the Red Army was often required to improvise or go without weapons, vehicles, and other equipment.
Until then, a king who ruled by the grace of God had been the center around which everything turned.
Until then most units could not be mobilized within one year, should the need arise.
Until then, some parts of it had been Prussian while others belonged to Bavaria.
Until the 13th century, the village farming communities were mainly on the northern plains around Anuradhapura and then Polonnaruwa, but they later shifted to the southwest.
Until then, they are Liphovela.

Until and indicated
Until recently, fossil findings indicated that grasses evolved around 55 million years ago.
Until the discovery of the foundation stela in 1936, it had been assumed that the extreme decoration indicated a later date than was in fact the case.
Until April 2009, these cards indicated that they had been approved for " all audiences " and often included the movie's MPAA rating.

Until and point
Until this point Austria and Switzerland had been the traditional and more popular destinations for winter sports, but by the end of the 20th century and into the early 21st century, France, Italy and the Tyrol began so see increases in winter visitors.
Until this point, the cinemas of France and Italy had been the most globally popular and powerful.
Until Henry's time, Cape Bojador remained the most southerly point known to Europeans on the unpromising desert coast of Africa, although the Periplus of the Carthaginian Hanno the Navigator described a journey farther south about 2, 000 years earlier.
Until this point, they are easily confused with mudpuppies, and can be differentiated often only through toe number.
Until that point I thought I had a Jewish background.
Until about 400 years ago, however, motion was explained from a very different point of view.
Until this point in development, twinning is possible.
Until 1979 a points bar was also used, meaning that a point would not be allowed if it travelled over this bar, a somewhat contentious rule through the 75 years it was in use.
Until recently in the British House of Commons it was required that a member raising a point of order while the House is voting be wearing a hat so they could be easily seen, and two opera hats ( the kind associated with stage magic ) were kept in the House for members to don on such occasions.
Until this point, all computers constructed were dedicated to single tasks, run in batch mode.
Until 1960s, Tracy was a highly active railroad town on the Chicago & Northwestern Railway as a concentration point for numerous branchlines in the area serving heavy agriculture.
Until the 1980s Lexington was the headquarters and main distribution point for Mattingly's / Matco Stores, which was purchased by P. M. Place Stores.
Until 1818, when the West Point Foundry was established by Gouverneur Kemble, Cold Spring was a small settlement nestled on the shores of the Hudson River near the river's narrowest point.
Until 1991, the animated series that aired on Nickelodeon were largely imported from foreign countries, and some original animated specials were also featured on the channel up to that point as well.
Until this point Radio Margaritaville was solely an online channel.
Until the adoption of Christianity by Constantine Christian art derived its style and much of its iconography from popular Roman art, but from this point grand Christian buildings built under imperial patronage brought a need for Christian versions of Roman elite and official art, of which mosaics in churches in Rome are the most prominent surviving examples.
Until the late 19th century, first-angle projection was the norm in North America as well as Europe ; but circa the 1890s, the meme of third-angle projection spread throughout the North American engineering and manufacturing communities to the point of becoming a widely followed convention, and it was an ASA standard by the 1950s.
Until 1986, the General Knowledge round was in two stages: the first stage had the contestants answering three general knowledge questions each from the same set of categories with 2 points for each correct answer, then it was on to stage 2 which was the quick-fire stage, which lasted 90 seconds, with one point added for a correct answer and one point deducted for an incorrect response or none at all, and only one player could answer each question.
Until that point, nothing had ever been originated in 1. 78.
Until that point " DJs " mainly used D. A. T.
Until this point, all the proceedings were still only investigative, but on May 27, 1692, William Phips ordered the establishment of a Special Court of Oyer and Terminer for Suffolk, Essex and Middlesex counties to prosecute the cases of those in jail.
Until some point in the mid twentieth century most Pākehā considered themselves to be both British and New Zealanders.
Until Ford, a car's components always had to be fitted or reshaped by a skilled engineer at the point of use, so that they would connect properly.

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