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Up and front
Up to this point artificial lighting in studio scenes had always been put on from the front or side-front, but in 1912 there began to be a few cases where light was put onto the actors from arc floodlights out of shot behind them and to one side, to give a kind of backlighting.
Up front, Pro Bowl guard John Niland and Rayfield Wright anchored the offensive line.
Up front, the offensive line was led by All-pro tackle Rayfield Wright.
Up front, linemen Joe Greene and L. C. Greenwood terrorized opposing quarterbacks and rushers.
Up front, 3 of the 49ers ' 5 starting offensive linemen, Randy Cross, Fred Quillan, and Keith Fahnhorst, had been selected to play in the Pro Bowl.
Up front, their line was anchored by defensive end Charles Mann, who recorded 11 of Washington's 50 sacks, and recovered a fumble.
Up front, Pro Bowl center Frank Winters anchored the offensive line, along with guard Adam Timmerman.
Up front, the line was anchored by defensive tackles Maa Tanuvasa and Trevor Pryce, who each recorded 8. 5 sacks.
Up front, their line was anchored by Pro Bowl tackle Bruce Matthews.
Up front, linemen Bobby Hamilton ( 7 sacks, 1 fumble recovery ), and rookie Richard Seymour excelled at pressuring quarterbacks and stuffing the run.
Up front, all 1958 Oldsmobiles received one of General Motors ' heavily styled front fascias and quad-headlights.
Up until this time, most artists painted horses at a trot with one foot always on the ground ; and at a full gallop with the front legs extended forward and the hind legs extended to the rear, and all feet off the ground.
Up to seven salivary glands are present in some species, emptying to the mouth in front of the oesophagus, while the stomach is associated with two gastric glands that produce digestive enzymes.
Up to the point where the Green Knight is kneeling in front of Gawain awaiting the axe blow that will cut off his head, the action has proceeded mainly in chronological order.
Up front, their offensive line was led by 2 Pro Bowlers, guard Lincoln Kennedy and center Barret Robbins.
Up front, their line was anchored by defensive tackle Rod Coleman, who led the team with 11 sacks.
Up to this day, the Waan daimyos remain divided but they provide a unified front against all foreigners.
Up front, the passenger seat also folds flat, accommodating long items like surf boards or allowing drivers to use the tray in its back to hold items like a laptop computer.
As an example of the V sign ( palm inward ) as an insult, on November 1, 1990, The Sun, a British tabloid, ran an article on its front page with the headline " Up Yours, Delors " next to a large hand making a V sign protruding from a Union flag cuff.
To promote the album, she performed in front of 55, 000 fans supporting Paul McCartney on his Up and Coming Tour at Glasgow's Hampden Park.
Up to 24 July, the front line remained relatively unchanged.
Up front, he employed a robust front line of Lambert supported by David Jack and Alex James as deep-lying inside forwards, filling the gap vacated by the movement of the centre half into defence ; Alex James in particular, with his passing supplying the front men, became celebrated as the engine of the team during the coming decade.

Up and paid
Wood's " Ben Crawley Steel Company " featured a Bevan lead vocal that was modelled on Johnny Cash, while Bevan's " Don't Mess Me Up " ( sung by Wood ) paid homage to Elvis Presley, complete with fake Jordanaires.
Up to an additional £ 55 million would be paid on UK regulatory clearance.
Up to ten credits earned at the host institution could be transferred to IUJ with no extra tuition paid to the host institution.
Up to fifty pounds was paid for tickets for the first night which attracted over seventeen hundred members of high society including all the foreign ambassadors and eight dukes and duchesses.
The strategy paid off, as " Straight Up " was followed by three more number-one hits from the same album.

Up and $
Up to three winners are selected every quarter, each given a prize of $ 500.
" The house was put on the market for a reported $ 3. 8 million, and many fans, feeling it was the end of a major era in her life and career, tagged it as a " Kingdom Up For Sale ", a line from the song " Gold Dust Woman ".
In total Bringing Up Baby was 40 days over schedule and $ 330, 000 over budget.
On its first run Bringing Up Baby made $ 715, 000 in the U. S. and $ 394, 000 in foreign markets, with a total of $ 1, 109, 000.
Up to this point, FrameMaker had been targeting a professional market for highly technical publications, such as the maintenance manuals for the Boeing 777 project, and licensed each copy for $ 2, 500.
Up to 235 full-time jobs will be created when completed with jobs paying about $ 50 thousand annually.
Hanging Up rated poorly with critics and grossed a modest US $ 36 million at the North American box office.
Berkley hosted Bravo's reality series, Step It Up and Dance, a competition featuring the exploits of ten wannabe dancers who compete against each other to win a cash prize of $ 100, 000 as well as the opportunity to work with and perform for some of the country's top choreographers .< ref >
Define $ Up =
bar: ATL from: 1876 till: 1883 color: red text :" Boston ~ Red Stockings " $ Up
bar: ATL from: 1883 till: 1907 color: red2 text :" Boston ~ Beaneaters " textcolor: navy $ Up
bar: ATL from: 1907 till: end color: red text :" Boston ~ Doves " $ Up
bar: CHC from: 1876 till: 1890 color: black text :" Chicago ~ White Stockings " textcolor: white $ Up
bar: CHC from: 1890 till: 1898 color: gray text :" Chicago ~ Colts " textcolor: white $ Up
bar: CHC from: 1898 till: 1902 color: navy text :" Chicago ~ Orphans " textcolor: white $ Up
bar: TRY from: 1879 till: 1883 color: green text :" Troy ~ Trojans " $ Up
bar: WSHN from: 1886 till: 1890 color: darkblue text :" Washington ~ Nationals " textcolor: white $ Up
bar: PIT from: 1887 till: 1890 color: yelloworange text :" Pittsburgh Alleghenies " $ Up
bar: CLES from: 1889 till: 1900 color: black text :" Cleveland ~ Spiders " textcolor: white $ Up
bar: LAD from: 1890 till: 1896 color: navy text :" Brooklyn ~ Grooms " textcolor: white $ Up
bar: LAD from: 1896 till: 1899 color: darkblue text :" Brooklyn ~ Bridegrooms " textcolor: white $ Up

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