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Up and time
Up to this time and for the next eight years, the services provided disabled persons consisted mainly of training, counseling, and placement on a job.
Up until that time it had been possible to make cutters for making gear teeth, but they were good for only one sharpening.
Up to nine larvae can develop in the oviduct at any one time.
Up to the time of the revolution the promise was, " to be true and faithful to the king and his heirs, and truth and faith to bear of life and limb and terrene honour, and not to know or hear of any ill or damage intended him without defending him therefrom.
Brubeck experimented with time signatures throughout his career, recording " Pick Up Sticks " in 6 / 4, " Unsquare Dance " in 7 / 4, and " Blue Rondo à la Turk " in 9 / 8.
Up until this time Elijah has only the word of God to guide him, but now he is told to go outside the cave and " stand before the Lord.
Up until this time, although he had been defacto monarch, he had retained the title of Crown Prince.
Up to this time, both the sun goddess Amaterasu and the god were enshrined in imperial residence.
They rented a villa on the road to Casablanca and during that time Orwell wrote Coming Up for Air.
* Kurl Up and Dye: This is a skit from its later years which featured several of the cast-members in a beauty parlor where they'd gossip .. from time to time Gailord Sartain would appear in drag as one of the fussy women.
Up to that time, British iron manufacturers had used considerable amounts of imported iron to supplement native supplies.
(* Orton's original title, conceived some time before Lahr's book, was to have been Prick Up Your Erse, erse being a pronunciation of arse.
Up to this time Jacob Grimm had been actuated only by a general thirst for knowledge and his energies had not found any aim beyond the practical one of making himself a position in life.
Up to the time he became Germany's Foreign Minister, Ribbentrop aggressively competed with Neurath's Foreign Office and sought to undercut Neurath at every turn.
Up until this time, with the exception of Strawbridge, none of the missionaries or American preachers was ordained.
Up to this time, North Korean politics were represented by four factions: the Yan ' an faction made up of returnees from China, the Soviet Koreans, native Korean communists, and Kim's own group, those who had fought guerrilla actions against Japan in the 1930s and 1940s.
Up to 50 % of patients with MS will develop an episode of optic neuritis, and 20-30 % of the time optic neuritis is the presenting sign of MS.
Up to this point in time, Christian asceticism had been solitary or eremitic.
Up to that time, propellers were literally screws, of considerable length.
Up to 11 policemen at a time had tried to control all this traffic, many of them standing on small wooden platforms positioned in key locations around the platz, but with varying success.
Up to this time, he had scarcely been engaged in active service, and this was due mainly to his disapproval of the policy of the government, and especially to his sympathies with the American colonists in their struggles for independence.
Up to around 450, 000 gallons ( about 11, 000 bls ) of crude oil spilled over the Sabine River when the tanker Eagle Otome which was carrying the shipment struck two chemical-carrying barges due to loss of engine power on January 24, 2010, at 10 AM local time.
Up until this time, Odo was unaware of his people and his ancestry.
Up to this time Shinto had been largely a clan (' uji ') based religious practice, exclusive to each clan.

Up and UCLA
The George and Ira Gershwin Lifetime Musical Achievement Award was established in 1988 by UCLA to honor the brothers for their contribution to music and for their gift to UCLA of the fight song " Strike Up the Band for UCLA ".
Pregame shows by the Band aim to build crowd energy and enthusiasm with traditional UCLA songs like Strike Up the Band for UCLA, Sons of Westwood and The Mighty Bruins.
For the football pregame show, the UCLA Marching Band traditionally opens with the Bruin Fanfare and Strike Up The Band for UCLA!
It was adapted from their showtune " Strike Up the Band ," and was presented to UCLA at an All-University Sing held in Royce Hall during the Fall of 1936.
* George and Ira Gershwin originally wrote the tune for ' Strike Up the Band for UCLA ' in 1927 Los Angeles Times story on March 20, 2008, California Section, page B2
* Strike Up the Band for UCLA was another leitmotif of the school teams from the time it was donated to the school by George and Ira Gershwin in 1936.

Up and had
Up to now, Gorton had been looking for trouble, and now that he was trying to get away from it, trouble started looking for him.
The group had no major hits in 1980, but by 1981 they released two Top Ten hits with " Oh No " (# 4 U. S .) and their first upbeat single in almost five years, " Lady ( You Bring Me Up )" (# 8 U. S .)
Up to 2006 the United Nations Joint Logistics Centre ( UNJLC ) had an operation in Congo to support humanitarian relief agencies working there, and its bulletins and maps about the transport situation are archived on the UNJLC web site.
Up to 1913, most American film production was still carried out around New York, but because of the monopoly of Thomas Edison's film patents, many filmmakers had moved to Southern California, hoping to escape the litany of lawsuits that the Edison Company had been bringing to protect its monopoly.
Up to this point artificial lighting in studio scenes had always been put on from the front or side-front, but in 1912 there began to be a few cases where light was put onto the actors from arc floodlights out of shot behind them and to one side, to give a kind of backlighting.
Up to that point, Cleveland's political career had been honorable but unremarkable.
Up until the mid-3rd century, the Roman state ’ s payments appear to have been unbalanced, with far more products sent to Britain, to support its large military force ( which had reached c. 53, 000 by the mid-2nd century ), than were extracted from the island.
Marrow was also interviewed in the Brent Owens documentary Pimps Up, Ho's Down, in which he claims to have had an extensive pimping background before getting into rap.
Up until the Colts ' back-to-back titles, the Giants had been the premier club in the NFL, and would continue to be post-season stalwarts the next decade losing three straight finals.
John Lahr wrote a biography of Orton entitled Prick Up Your Ears, a title * Orton himself had considered using, in 1978.
Flynn later articulated his own views on the Close Up television programme in an interview with Paul Henry, suggesting that the Sunday Star-Times had grossly misrepresented his opinions.
" Samuel Pepys used it in his diary entry of 28 February 1660 " Up in the morning, and had some red herrings to our breakfast, while my boot-heel was a-mending, by the same token the boy left the hole as big as it was before.
Up to his death he refused to comment on the incident and in other opportunities he denied explicitly that he had been opportunistic by joining the NSDAP in 1933 ( albeit he conceded joining the Nazi Foreign Ministry to dodge his 1940 draft by the Wehrmacht ).
Later on, when Nemo finally did reach Slumberland, he was constantly being woken up by Flip, a character who originally wore a hat that had ' Wake Up ' written on it.
Up until the fourth tour in 1877, led by Lillywhite, touring teams had played first-class games against the individual colonial sides, but Lillywhite felt that his side had done well enough against New South Wales to warrant a game against an All Australian team.
In 2002, she had a minor role in Waking Up in Reno.

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