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Upon and her
Choreographed by Mr. Nagrin, the work filled the second half of a program that also offered the first New York showing of Miss Tamiris' `` Once Upon A Time '' as well as her `` Women's Song '' and Mr. Nagrin's `` Indeterminate Figure ''.
Upon her death, Apollo transformed her into a sun-loving herb.
Upon her children I will have no pity, because they are children of whoredom ” ( Hosea 2: 4 ).
Upon his arrival there, his pregnant second wife, Zinaida Pasternak threw herself on the floor, weeping and accusing her husband of risking the destruction of their family.
Upon learning of his mistress ' arrest, Pasternak telephoned Liuisa Popova and asked her to come at once to Gogol Boulevard.
Upon activating the amulet, the player is informed of his / her past by his / her dead father, after which the player is transported to the town of Crossroads, and Part I ends.
Upon this, the goddess was enraged and changed her into a beast.
Upon her husband's death on April 20, 1968, Day learned that he had committed her to a television series, which became The Doris Day Show.
Upon reaching his mother, who was now living with her new husband, he informed her of what had occurred with his uncle and his plans to make a life of his own, asking her for bread and some money to live in his misery.
Upon leaving Wagoner's organization in 1974, Parton formed her own " Travelin ' Family Band ", made up largely of siblings, cousins and other family members, and touring with a number of other acts, including Willie Nelson and Mac Davis.
Upon realizing that his daughter has fully allied herself with the murder suspect, her father chooses to resign his position as Chief Constable rather than arrest her for assisting Tisdall.
Upon the death of her husband Henry on 6 July 1189, Richard was his undisputed heir.
Upon hearing Abbott in a concert in Toledo, Kellogg made it a point to meet her and encourage her to pursue an opera career and gave her a letter of introduction.
Upon completion of the album Lynne reformed the band with completely new members including his then-girlfriend Rosie Vela ( who had released her own album " Zazu ", in 1986 ) and announced that ELO would tour again.
Upon their arrival, Odin threw Jörmungandr into " that deep sea that lies round all lands ", and then threw Hel into Niflheim, and bestowed upon her authority over nine worlds.
Upon their arrival, Odin threw Jörmungandr into " that deep sea that lies round all lands ," Odin threw Hel into Niflheim, and bestowed upon her authority over nine worlds, in that she must " administer board and lodging to those sent to her, and that is those who die of sickness or old age.

Upon and death
Upon Alexander's death, anti-Macedonian sentiment in Athens once again flared.
Upon the death of Louis XIV and the abandonment of Versailles, the Paris high society became the purveyors of style.
Upon Kennedy's death, President Johnson issued an executive order on November 29, 1963 to rename the LOC and Cape Canaveral in honor of Kennedy.
Upon the death of the previous king, Tullus Hostilius, the Roman Senate appointed an interrex, who in turn called a session of the assembly of the people who elected the new king.
Upon the death of his mentor, he took the name Adalbert.
Upon Gassmann's death on 22 January, most likely due to complications from an accident with a carriage some years earlier, Salieri succeeded him as assistant director of the Italian opera in early 1774.
Upon the death of the king his father, Pandion II, Aegeus and his three brothers, Pallas, Nisos, and Lykos, took control of Athens from Metion, who had seized the throne from Pandion.
Upon Ahmad Shah's death, the Durrani chieftains only reluctantly accepted Timur's accession.
Upon the death of his predecessor Alexander in 328, more than fifty bishops gathered to choose a new leader to the Alexandrian see.
Upon his death, as he requested, he had no memorial or funeral service.
Upon the death of Gregory, the cardinals elected a new pope, Victor III.
Upon his death, he left a country doubled in size ( mostly through the addition of land in today's Ukraine, then the Duchy of Halicz ), prosperous, wealthy and with great prospects for the future.
Upon his death, his will specified that his estate be split equally between the synagogue and St. Thomas ’ Protestant church.
Upon Cyclops ' return, Xavier removed Cyclops ' memories of the death of Vulcan and his teammates, and began assembling the " Giant Size " X-Men.
Upon the death of the Dalai Lama and consultation with the Nechung Oracle, a search for the Lama's reincarnation, or yangsi ( yang srid ), is conducted.
IQ and cognition were unaffected, but declarative memory deficits were observed ( although not to the extent of that seen in Patient H. M .) Upon death, an autopsy revealed that Patient R. B.
Upon the death of Domitian, Nerva was proclaimed Emperor by the Roman Senate | Senate.
Upon Epaphroditus ' return to health, Paul sends word to the Philippians through Epaphroditus of his upcoming sentence in Rome and of his optimism in the face of death ( 1. 18b-26 ), along with exhortations to imitate his capacity to rejoice in the Lord despite one's circumstances ( 2. 14-18 ).
Upon Ivan's death, he was succeeded by his simple-minded son Feodor.
Upon his death, the king became fully deified.
Upon Yōmei's death, another power struggle arose between the Soga clan and the Mononobe clan, with the Sogas supporting Prince Hatsusebe and the Mononobes supporting Prince Anahobe.
Upon the death of his father in 858, Emperor Montoku, he became Emperor at the age of 8, but the real power was held by his grandfather, Yoshifusa.

Upon and writer
A Fire Upon the Deep is a science fiction novel by American writer Vernor Vinge, a space opera involving superhuman intelligences, aliens, variable physics, space battles, love, betrayal, genocide, and a conversation medium resembling Usenet.
Jo Walton wrote: " Any one of the ideas in A Fire Upon the Deep would have kept an ordinary writer going for years.
Upon seeing the film, Mann wrote to Tracy: " Every writer ought to have the experience of having Spencer Tracy do his lines.
Upon the death of the third Earl, the Earldom was inherited by the first Earl's younger son Horace Walpole ( a famous writer and friend of poet Thomas Gray ), who died without heirs in 1797.
" Upon questioning, the freelance writer indicated the column was based on an amalgam of three restaurants and could not verify the prices ," the paper noted.
* Once Upon a Honeymoon ( 1942 ), also writer and uncredited producer
Upon leaving the opera school, he worked as an extra and stuntman, and progressed through other roles including fight choreographer, stunt co-ordinator, action director, actor, writer, producer and director.
Upon Starr's retirement in 2000, he was succeeded by Daily News writer Jay Maeder and artist Andrew Pepoy, beginning Monday, June 5, 2000.
Hiring Keith Forsey ( the writer of " Don't You ( Forget About Me )") as producer, they began to put together an album which returned to the uplifting arena rock feel of their Once Upon a Time days.
Upon retiring he ran a boarding house in Nantucket, which was visited by the writer Leon Lewis, who encouraged him to write down his story of the three months he was lost at sea with the Essex survivors.
Upon becoming a successful writer, she wrote a column on women's issues for Esquire.
The third daughter, Carol Schuller Milner, was the writer, director, and producer of Creation: Once Upon All Time that debuted in 2005 to an audience of over 70, 000.
From the back cover of the backinprint, com paperback edition: A Gift Upon the Shore is a lyrical, haunting story of two women, an artist and a writer, who survive pandemic, the collapse of civilization, and a deadly nuclear winter.
Upon the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 and the formation of the Concert of Europe after the Napoleonic Wars, the Romantic writer Constantin Frantz during the Vormärz era developed the concept of a Central European federation overcoming the German dualism between Austria and Prussia.
Upon winning the Whitbread First Novel Award in 2003 he became the first writer ever to receive a Booker and a Whitbread for the same book.
Upon being pressed, he admitted that the only real difference is that he has become a better writer since that time.
Upon his return from Siberia to Estonia in 1954 he became a professional writer, not least because his law studies during Estonian independence were now of no value whatsoever, as Soviet law held sway.
Upon leaving the Roosevelt administration, Johnson, who had long been a successful essay writer for national magazines, now became a syndicated newspaper columnist specializing in political commentary.
Upon returning to Transcaucasia, Shahumyan became a teacher, and the leader of local Social Democrats in Tiflis, as well as a prolific writer of Marxist literature.
Upon the termination of the writer's strike in August, Maurice Hurley, the head writer and a co-executive producer for season 2, did a " quick script revision.
Upon his graduation from College of the City of New York ( The City College of New York ), Lehman became a freelance writer.
Upon his graduation, Whiting began his career as a staff writer for various music publishers.
Upon examining the handwritten will given McFarlane by Oldacre, Holmes reckons it was written in a very haphazard fashion, as if the writer didn't really care what he was writing.
Upon being awarded the Women's Literary Prize for Natsu no Owari, she proved herself as a writer.

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