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Upon and return
Upon return of the file to the local board, petitioner was again ordered to report for induction and this prosecution followed his failure to do so.
Upon his return at imperial behest to Vienna in 1780, he wrote one German singspiel Der Rauchfangkehrer or ( The Chimney Sweep ) which premiered in 1781.
Upon his return to Athens, Aegeus married Medea, who had fled from Corinth and the wrath of Jason.
Upon his return, the Buddha says, among other things, that Pasenadi is " a friend of virtue, acquainted with virtue, intimate with virtue ", while the opposite is said of the aggressor, King Ajatasattu.
Upon the return from Babylonia and the restoration of the Temple, YHWH will once again dwell in the new Temple as he had in the Temple built by Solomon.
Upon return the air in the area was still filled with toxic smoke from the World Trade Center fires that persisted until January 2002.
Upon retirement, a popular plan was to return to live in Croatia ( then Yugoslavia ) to buy a more expensive property.
Upon Cyclops ' return, Xavier removed Cyclops ' memories of the death of Vulcan and his teammates, and began assembling the " Giant Size " X-Men.
Upon Xavier's return to Earth as seen in the World War Hulk storyline, he begins to search for lost mutants such as Magneto.
Upon his return to China he worked as a political commissar in rural regions and was considered a " revolutionary veteran " of the Long March.
Upon his return to Peru in 1537, Almagro was bitter and eager to once and for all claim the riches of the city of Cuzco for himself.
Upon his return to the United States, Bellamy decided to abandon the daily grind of journalism in favor of literary work, which put fewer demands upon his time and his health.
Upon Epaphroditus ' return to health, Paul sends word to the Philippians through Epaphroditus of his upcoming sentence in Rome and of his optimism in the face of death ( 1. 18b-26 ), along with exhortations to imitate his capacity to rejoice in the Lord despite one's circumstances ( 2. 14-18 ).
Upon his return, he regained the lost ground resulted from the First Council of Nicaea, established alliances with other groups such as the Meletians and expelled many opponents.
Upon his return home, Coppola and George Lucas searched for a mansion in Marin to house the studio.
Upon his return to Britain in 1779, Vancouver was commissioned as a lieutenant and posted aboard the sloop surveying coastlines.
Upon their return to Atlanta, the couple take up residence in the bridal suite at the National Hotel while their new home on Peachtree Street is being constructed.
Upon his return to England, Chapman became involved with the Dangerous Sports Club ( an extreme sports club which introduced bungee jumping to a wide audience ).
Upon Marlow's return to Europe he seems embittered.
Upon his return to the London temple, Crowley requested the grade papers to which he was now entitled from Miss Cracknell, the acting secretary.
Upon his return to the astronaut corps in Houston, he played a key role in training Apollo crews to be geologic observers when they were in lunar orbit and competent geologic field workers when they were on the lunar surface.
Upon return to the campus, the ritual of the " shakedown " takes place ( dismounting and then repeatedly jumping up and down ), a necessary procedure after a unicycle ride of nearly twenty miles.
Upon the Ottomans ' return in 1478, a large number of Albanians fled to Italy, Greece and Egypt and maintained their Arbëresh identity.
In his Essay Upon Several Subjects Concerning British Antiquities, written just after the Jacobite rising of 1745 he described how the politics of Scotland were not based on loyalty to Kings or Queens as Jacobites had said but on royal land grants given in return for loyalty.
Upon their return home, the Jags were greeted by an estimated 40, 000 fans at the stadium.

Upon and United
Upon ratification, it became the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution on December 6, 1865.
Upon returning to the United States, he became a researcher and professor at the University of California, Berkeley, where he focused on individual differences in learning, especially the influences of culture, development, and genetics on intelligence and learning.
Upon reaching Salzburg, however, they found that he was not available and, disillusioned, returned to the United States after spending only 15 days of their planned three years in Europe.
Upon completion of his Presidential term, his commission was reactivated by Congress and Eisenhower again was commissioned a five-star general in the United States Army.
Upon ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, a country has a ten year period to make claims to an extended continental shelf beyond its 200 mile exclusive economic zone.
Upon graduation, Giuliani clerked for Judge Lloyd Francis MacMahon, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York.
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States ( 9 / 11 Commission ), chaired by former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, was formed in late 2002 to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the attacks, including preparedness for, and the immediate response to, the attacks.
Upon returning to the United States, however, he left the LDS Church, influenced in part by Mormon feminist Sonia Johnson.
Upon independence the United States had to protect its own merchant vessels.
Upon attaining state power these Fronts were often transformed into nominal ( and usually electoral ) " National " or " Fatherland " Fronts in which non-communist parties and organizations were given token representation ( a practice known as Blockpartei ), the most popular examples of these being the National Front of East Germany ( as a historical example ) and the United Front of the People's Republic of China ( as a modern-day example ).
Based on the success of The Man with No Name trilogy, Leone was invited to the United States in 1967 to direct Once Upon a Time in the West ( C ' Era una Volta il West ) for Paramount Pictures.
Upon graduating, Smith worked for the New Orleans Item, with United Press in London, and with The New York Times.
" Upon the group's return to the United Kingdom, Blur ( Albarn in particular ) were upset by the success rival group Suede had achieved while they were gone.
Upon boarding United 175, Shehhi and 4 other hijackers waited 30 minutes into the flight to make their attack, which then allowed Shehhi to take over control as pilot, and at 9: 03 a. m., 17 minutes after Mohamed Atta crashed American 11 into the North Tower, 23-year-old Shehhi crashed the Boeing 767 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.
Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States ' First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed " Poor Niagara!
Upon hearing of this atrocity, the president of the United States, who is running for re-election, feels compelled to take drastic measures against drug trafficking ; his challenger, J. Robert Fowler, has rallied the public behind the administration's failures in the War on Drugs.
Upon its launch, CNN was the first channel to provide 24-hour television news coverage, and the first all-news television channel in the United States.
Upon returning home, both his politics and rhetoric became markedly more radical ; it was around this time that Mobutu began criticizing Belgium and the United States ( the latter for not doing enough, in Mobutu's opinion, to combat white minority rule in southern Africa ), introduced the " obligatory civic work " program called salongo, and initiated " radicalization " ( an extension of 1973's " Zairianization " policy ).
Upon her recovery from a nervous breakdown in 1968, Clooney signed with United Artists Records in 1976 for two albums.
) Upon entering office, President Woodrow Wilson segregated the United States Navy.
Upon her death, flags across the United States were lowered to half-staff in honor of the “ most idolized woman in America .”
Upon passing the GI Bill extension President Obama stated his support of the fighting forces of the United States by saying ; " Over the last eight years, they have endured tour after tour of duty in dangerous and distant places ," ... " They've experienced grueling combat, from the streets of Fallujah to the harsh terrain of Helmand province.
Upon release in November 1968, the album received largely positive reviews and reached number 1 on the charts in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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