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Van and Vliet
Don Van Vliet (, born Don Glen Vliet ;
Noted for his powerful singing voice with its wide range, Van Vliet also played the harmonica, saxophone and numerous other wind instruments.
During his teen years in Lancaster, California, Van Vliet developed an eclectic musical taste and formed " a mutually useful but volatile " friendship with Frank Zappa, with whom he sporadically competed and collaborated.
Van Vliet has been described as " one of modern music's true innovators " with " a singular body of work virtually unrivalled in its daring and fluid creativity ".
Known for his enigmatic personality and relationship with the public, Van Vliet made few public appearances after his retirement from music ( and from his Beefheart persona ) in 1982.
Van Vliet died in 2010, having suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years.
Van Vliet was born Don Glen Vliet in Glendale, California, on January 15, 1941, to Glen Alonzo Vliet, a service station owner of Dutch ancestry from Kansas, and Willie Sue Vliet ( née Warfield ), who was from Arkansas.
He claimed to have as an ancestor Peter Van Vliet, a Dutch painter who knew Rembrandt.
Van Vliet also claimed that he was related to adventurer and author Richard Halliburton and the cowboy actor Slim Pickens, and said that he remembered being born.
Van Vliet began painting and sculpting at age three.
For some time during the 1950s Van Vliet worked as an apprentice with Rodrigues, who considered him a child prodigy.
Van Vliet later admitted personal hesitation to take the scholarship based upon the bitterness of his parents ' disencouragement.
Van Vliet remained interested in art ; his paintings, often reminiscent of Franz Kline's, were later featured on several of his own albums.
Van Vliet claimed that he never attended public school, alleging " half a day of kindergarten " to be the extent of his formal education and saying that " if you want to be a different fish, you've got to jump out of the school.
While attending Antelope Valley High School in Lancaster, Van Vliet became close friends with fellow teenager Frank Zappa, the pair bonding through their interest in Chicago blues and R & B.
Van Vliet is portrayed in both The Real Frank Zappa Book and Barry Miles ' biography Zappa as fairly spoiled at this stage of his life, the center of attention as an only child.
After Zappa began regular occupation at Paul Buff's PAL Studio in Cucamonga he and Van Vliet began collaborating, tentatively as " The Soots ".
" In a 1970 interview with Rolling Stone, Van Vliet requests " don't ask me why or how " he and Zappa came up with the name.
Van Vliet enrolled at Antelope Valley Junior College as an art major, but decided to leave the following year.
" After managing a Kinney's shoe store, Van Vliet relocated to Rancho Cucamonga, California, to reconnect with Zappa, who inspired his entry into musical performance.
Van Vliet was quite shy but was eventually able to imitate the deep voice of Howlin ' Wolf with his wide vocal range.

Van and met
At Manzikert, on the Murat River, north of Lake Van, Diogenes was met by Alp Arslan.
Thus, it has been suggested that Adams is the only major figure in American history who knew both the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln, though Martin Van Buren knew Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and his mentor Aaron Burr and met the young Lincoln while on a campaign trip through Illinois.
The first guy I met, sitting right across from me at my first dinner, was Raeburn Van Buren.
He says, " When I met Danny, I said, ' This guy should be like the Mexican Jean-Claude Van Damme or Charles Bronson, putting out a movie every year and his name should be Machete.
They proceeded to Saint Paul, Minnesota, met up with Hamilton ( who had been recovering for the past month from his gunshot wounds in the East Chicago robbery ), and mustered a new gang, and the two joined Baby Face Nelson's gang, composed of Homer Van Meter, Tommy Carroll and Eddie Green.
Dillinger and Van Meter then met up with Carroll.
In 2005, Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven started an annual three night " Campout " at Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace in Pioneertown, California, close to where Lowery and Hickman met, in which they and several other bands perform, including sets by Cracker and Camper band members performing their own music.
* U. S. Route 90, Jacksonville, Florida to Van Horn, Texas, ( where it met US 80 ): Old Spanish Trail
A large proportion of the tracks on this album were co-written with Van Vliet by Herb Bermann, whom Vliet initially met up with at a bar gig near Lancaster.
At this time he met Émile Bernard and Van Gogh.
Keith has already met the executive officer, Lieutenant Stephen Maryk ( Van Johnson ), and is introduced to the cynical communications officer, novelist Lieutenant Thomas Keefer ( Fred MacMurray ).
While stationed at Fort Sill, he first met the daughter of the post Executive Officer, Katherine ( Kitsy ) Stevens Van Deusen, 9 years old at the time.
In 1992, Van Horn went to San Diego in the United States, where he met Byron Erickson and Bob Foster, editors of Egmont, the Danish publisher of Disney comics.
Van der Donck built a saw mill near where the Nepperhan Creek met the Hudson ; the Nepperhan is now also known as the Saw Mill River.
In the same year, the first court met for the county, known as Van Buren County.
Immediately following this, the band had been taken to a backstage press conference where press queries about a reunion tour were met with Eddie Van Halen saying that he needed a hip replacement and would have to record an entire new studio album before any tour.
Father Van den Broek also met Morgan Lewis Martin, who was in charge of the local canal project.
He then met European middleweight champion Luc Van Dam in London, whom he knocked out in the first round to seize the European championship.
His career as a musician began when he teamed up with Mike Curb, a friend he met in the choir at Grant High School in Van Nuys, California, to form an instrumental surf combo.
Toward the end of his life, he met Jewly Van Valin on the bridle trail, a stewardess 35 years his junior.
While in Houston Earle finally met Van Zandt, who became his hero and role model.
Cowboy met with great critical success ; in addition to furthering Van Sant's reputation as a gifted director, it helped to revive the career of Matt Dillon, who played the junkie leader of the gang.
" While it is uncertain exactly when he met the Kembles, his choice of the Brunswick area may well have been motivated by his interest in Margaret Kemble, a well-known beauty of the area, and the granddaughter of New York Mayor Stephanus Van Cortlandt.

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